Petrus Kalon

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Gang ...
Clan Ravnos
Position None
Prestige Committed
Barony Arapiraca-AL
Political Impulse Militant
Path Mayaparisatya ••
Player Dayvisson Alves



Petrus Kalon.

Alias(es): Cigano (Gypsy, in English)

Real Name: Petrus Torres Kalon

Apparent Age: Early 30s.

Concept: Occult chaser.

Physical description: A robust, 1.75m tall Caucasian male with tanned skin and cunning brown eyes. He usually wears an exotic white cotton shirt paired with dark jeans and black leather shoes. Also, he's always using a great number of sterling silver jewelry like rings and necklaces.

Relevant Mechanics: Petrus displays a very human aspect with ruddy skin, corporal heat and even pulse; although he never winks and mortals usually feel a bit disturbed when Petrus is around. Nevertheless, he is pretty versed for his "age" and seems to know a little about any topic one brings to a conversation, even when the topic is other supernaturals.

Anarch Reputation: "Wild Card"

Character Information

Known History

Unknown History: (The following information isn't public domain but it's neither a secret. Consider this information is available IC only if your character possess enough Ravnos Lore)

Mid 1950s: Meets his machiavelic sire in Pernambuco state (Brazil);

Late 1950s: Taken as ghoul after his grandfather's death;

All 1960s: Traveling over half Brazilian territory doing dirty jobs for his sire;

Early 1970s: Accepted inside occult societies to better pursuit his sire's compulsion;

Mid 1980s: Petrus receives the Embrace but remains under blood bond;

2001: Petrus survives the Week of Nightmares, while his sire is destroyed;

Known History: (This information is available IC to those with Anarch Lore)

2006: Petrus meets Aquilles in Caucaia, Northeast Brazil, and becomes a member of his gang;

2007: Committed to the Cause;

2009: Petrus goes to Alagoas state and helps Phillip D'Angola to take control over that area (many Anarchs over the country arrive later, creating the Free State of Alagoas);

Early 2010: Petrus returns to Pernambuco and volunteer himself as Anarch Ambassador;

Late 2010: Moving to and fro between Caruaru and Camarilla domains, Petrus instigates the local Anarch to kick the Sabbat out of Paulista city thus creating a new and bigger free state.

2011: The presence of deformed moon beasts at Paulista city hinders the Anarch's plans to get control of the territory, then half of Caruaru Councilors moves to the city with a misterious newcomer in order to strenghten Anarch presence over the domain. Corruption spreads among the mortal population for a couple of months before the infamous and well-respected Councilor Malakias get caught dominating Councilor Arthur Andrade to attack a Camarilla Elisyum thus starting a potentially fatal three-front war against the Tower and the Sabbat. Malakias is considered a traitor and is destroyed and Petrus places a call to arms on both Brazilian and USA forums after Arthur escapes to Paulista sporting suspicious behavior; this call receives support from the Sons of Odin, Nobody Important, several commited Brazilian Anarchs and a few Ravnos from the Tower. Together, this formidable group proved able to enter deep into enemies' territory killing anything in their way, rescuing a torpored Arthur Andrade and destroying the moon beast's "hive".

Arthur Andrade was found innocent from Petrus accusations of being a traitor. Offended, Arthur challenges Petrus for an Arena but never attended and wasn't seen again since.

2012: (to be updated soon) ...

Current Activities: Petrus is currently associated with the oldest and wisest Anarchs in Arapiraca, a crew headed by a Kindred who allegedly witnessed the Treaty of Thorns be signed. He secluded himself for six months in order to better learn how to overmatch a local infernal threat.

Merit Details: Petrus is a pretty focused leech, not easily distracted by anything or anyone.

Anarch Reputation: "Wild Card"


Previously Wild Cards, then Coalition, currently Companhia do Aço.

Petrus Kalon and Marcelo Aguiar: Wild Cards.



Marcelo Aguiar (Deceased)


Philip D´Angola

Void (Deceased)

Nobody Important

Anabel Bransford

Nicholas "Nick" Night

Kit Dillon

Svidi the Ironhorse



Arthur Andrade


Iago Vurdon de Corazon (Iago Kalon)


Iris Gitano, Caio Mendes.


Dijian Ravnos [1]

Character Inspirations

A John Constantine/ Mister Y amalgam, from the Trenchcoat Brigade (Books of Magic Graphic Novel).


Dust in the Wind by Paula Fernandes [2]

The Escapist by Nightwish [3] (just cut the long intro)


"I know you feel strong in mind and will, but I assure you your confidence will be your end." – Nick Night, to Petrus.

"Just avoid risking yourself needlessly. We bid our unlives only when the stakes are high enough regardless of odds." – Petrus, to Anabel Bransford.

"I made no mistake. I'm not a foreigner among my brothers. You are." – Petrus, to Irish, Independent Gangrel.

"Liberty is the guardian of duty, because it reclaims right. ... Man has the right to do his duty, and he has no other right. O man! thou hast the right to resist even unto death any who prevents thee from doing thy duty." – Eliphas Levi


Strange things happen where Petrus goes. People say he carries something cursed with him.

Petrus almost Wassailed after the barony of Caruaru felt to the Sabbat. He repents for resigning and leaving the city after his charges against Arthur Andrade and the suspicios Enoque were denied.

Petrus was Acknowledged in Recife once. He negated this status in a public letter to the local Camarilla months later.

Petrus is Mason, Rosicrucian, Wicca and all that strange mambo jambo. He seems to have an obsession for magic.

Petrus has survived an Independent Assamite Elder in a one-to-one fight. He doesn't say how he achieved such a feat but the scars he gained in this fight do reveal how close he got to Final Death.

Petrus is afraid of Werewolves.

The mortal-like appearance of Petrus is actually feigned. A simulacrum created by the unique gifts of his blood.

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