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This seemingly innocuous Mega Church is located in Lake City, Florida. It's average congregational size numbers close to 2000, pulling in worshipers from all over North Florida. They also broadcast their sermons on Sunday mornings on local channels, extending their reach further. At one time, they were a minor church, turning off possible converts with the name "End Time Ministries". Revelations is still a core of the belief of the flock however, as their congregation are convinced that 'the End is nigh."

There is an even deeper sinister side to this church, as it appears that the upper echelons of the church know about the supernatural, even if they don't know details. Twice, they've entered Gainesville, flyering their message of salvation, each time with a captured Sabbat vampire to be 'cleansed of his demons' in public spectacle. Each time they've been thwarted by the Anarchs, and the Masquerade preserved, but at great length.

Assaulting them directly is nearly impossible, as the Churches retainers, allies and contacts, as well as it's influence is enormous. These fanatics are a pinnacle reason to make sure that the Masquerade is kept, less they be loosed full-bore onto the Movement.

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