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Gang None
Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Prestige 0
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Sympathizer
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Gville ST Staff



What, you were expecting Brad Pitt? I'm old!

Alias(es): The Prof, Professor

Real Name: Maury; last name unknown but to him

Apparent Age: late 60s, early 70s

Concept: Jewish Scholar/Colombo

Physical description: An old Jewish man, with a hunchback and club foot.

Relevant Mechanics: Slimy, infested.

Note: this is an NPC played by the ST staff of Gainesville, FL

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Prior to Gainesville becoming a Barony, Maury was the Nosferatu Primogen of the city under a string of Princes. When the Camarilla fell, he did his part for King and Country, but when things completely went belly-up, he descended into the Sewers, and waited out the storm. Seeing that the Anarchs had taken over, he played the part of 'middle man', ensuring that the Campus was still Camarilla held (and thus not losing access to it's influence and information), and negotiated a truce between himself and the gangs, pledging not to hinder them, and work with them against the Sabbat, so long as he's allowed to live in peace otherwise.

Current Activities: Being the PR guy between the Camarilla on the UF Campus, and the Anarchs of greater Gainesville.

Merit Details:

  • Long Fingers: Not much remains outside of his grasp.
  • Slimy: He's conscientious of it, and carries a beach towel with him to put down on chairs, and extra handkerchiefs when he shakes hands, or has to touch anyone or thing.

Background: Where to begin? Ah yes... originally, from the wonderful borough of Brooklyn, after retirement, I did like all good Jews, and went on a migration. To beautiful Boca Raton! Guess I ran across someone who could use my amazing scholarly skills, and viola. Here I am. Stronger than I was before the embrace mind ya, but... it's a trade off.


None. A status carrying member of the Camarilla.



Delilah Monroe


Erkan Mahir






Character Inspirations

Practically every 'older' Peter Falk character; the infomerchant, and Grand-Uncle Nos.



Ah, Kids dese days...


  • Maury doesn't just play both sides of the fence, he plays all sides, above, under and within.
  • Maury prefers to be in water than walking around on land.
  • He's got a bit of a fatherly relationship with both the local Nosferatu and mortal children.
  • Maury's a master at bridge, and he plays the game at least once a week.
  • Maury's keeping his 'Loyal Opposition' leanings very close to the vest, and works often with certain Anarchs
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