Lyra Fraizer

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Gang 8th & Odd
Clan Toreador
Position Baron
Prestige None
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse None
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Emily




Real Name: Lyra Fraizer

Nickname(s): Ly Ly

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: A sexually-charged Toreador always up for a good time

Physical description: Long, wavy brown hair; green eyes; extremely pale; septum piercing; usually wearing dramatic black clothing

Relevant Mechanics: Has a magical metal right leg

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

1992: Lyra is a student at the University of California Berkeley. She is embraced by her sire, a TA for a class she was taking.

1994: The relationship between Lyra and her sire has soured. She is spending more and more time with a group of kindred who started an artist compound in the Pacific Northwest. They encourage her to take up metal work and smithing.

1995: Lyra joins the kindred nest in the Pacific Northwest.

1998: Lyra rarely leaves the compound as elder members become more and more controlling.

2006: Lyra is able to leave the compound, but she must leave all her materials, installations and belongings behind. She sets out to create large metal installations across the country. She sells commissioned weapons and BDSM accessories to make ends meet.

2016: After traveling the country for 10 years, Lyra decides to settle down. She chooses to live in Gainesville, as it reminds her of Berkely. She begins to make genuine friendships for the first time since leaving the compound.

2017: Lyra Forms a gang with several other female members of the city. The small group of young Anarchs do not know much about what a gang is suppose to be or what they are suppose to do but now they are a gang and will figure it out together.

Current Activities: After some unsavory activities, Lyra has purchased property with the intent to create a haven for her gang.

Background: A shy, naive girl was embraced by an asshole. She turns to a group that supports her, but it ends up being more like a cult. She finally breaks free and travels the country, living her second life exactly how she wants to.


8th & Odd: A gang created to unite the female Anarchs of Gainesville FL, except well, not all the gals wanted to join and some were already in gangs so... three young Anarchs decided to get together, make a girl gang, and figure out the rest along the way. Lyra is a founding member.


Poppy: A loud, outgoing, and colorful Gargoyle. Founding member of 8th and Odd.

Tera Jacobs: A happy-go-lucky Gangrel who is loyal to her friends. Founding member of 8th and Odd.


Nairi Riad: Nairi was one of the first kindred Lyra met in Gainesville. Lyra respects and reveres her opinion. Lyra regularly teases Nairi by flirting with her.

Cameron Clark: Although Cameron is a part of the St. Augustine Camarilla, Lyra is quite fond of her. They met on Halloween at the annual party. Occasionally, Lyra will visit her while she is in St. Augustine, and they bond over their Toreador tendencies.

Delilah Monroe: Lyra and Delilah like to get into mischief together. Swapping bodies, doing drugs, and scaring people with tarot cards is a typical Friday night.



Her fine arts TA from Berkley. His current whereabouts are unknown.





Character Inspirations

Goth Fullmetal Alchemist


All the songs on the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines soundtrack played simultaneously.


"You don't just punch the butt...THIS is how you properly fist someone."


  • Lyra is romantically interested in women exclusively.
  • Lyra feeds mostly on dumb frat boys.
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