Lydia Trent

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Gang Strange Fellows
Clan Toreador
Position None
Prestige None
Barony None
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Angela Allen



Lydia, 2018
Lydia Trent

Alias(es): DJ Renaissance (Fame x4)

Real Name: Lydia Trent

Apparent Age: 22

Concept: Passionate trance artist.

Physical description: Lydia stands at about 5'5" and the first thing usually noticed is her short, bright red hair. In the past, she kept her hair longer and magenta, but recent nights have persuaded her to change this. She has blue eyes and a gentle smile. Her clothing is very relaxed unless attending an event.

Known History

Julian Baynes
Lydia and Julian

Lydia arrived in Springfield, IL in October of 2001. Her sire sent her away from California's Bay Area to escape a crazed Toreador-Anti. Lydia quickly fell into place in the Springfield domain, then under the reign of Tiffany Cole. She served the Domain under the reign of the several princes to follow Prince Cole: Lance Stefan, Dale Murphy, Jash Conroy, Saul Good, Verity Valerious and finally Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt. She made numerous new friends and created some of the best music in her life with them. Among them, Julian Baynes the former Springfield Harpy; Clarence Williams, a man whom she would come to call her brother; Swan, Clarence's retainer; Faith Ester Williams; Seth Gordon; Curtis Greer; Isabelle Deveaux; Jenna Phillips; Nora Williams; Catilin Williams; and David Atticus.

During her time in the Springfield Domain, she would rise from mere citizen to Primogen, a position that she held for nearly five years before handing the job off in 2011 when she declared her intentions to join the Anarch movement. Fed up with the rampant inhumanity of the Camarilla at large at the time, she and Julian Baynes formed the gang, The Strange Fellows. A month later, the Prince of Springfield, IL, Desmond Lockheart, asked that all Anarchs leave the city. For now, Lydia calls Southern Illinois.

Lydia has created and played in several musical entities in her time including the band Contorted Rose with Clarence, Faith, Seth, Isabelle and Catilin as members. She also played keyboards for Clarence's band, Lunatic Fringe and even performed in a Requiem for the late Madame Guil, written and arranged by Andrew Truffaut. Her performance earned her the prestige of *Inspirational from Katherine de Montpellier. Her own personal project is under the guise of DJ Renaissance, a trance artist who owned the club Industry in Springfield, IL until her departure.. (Fame x4)

Sadly, as what happens with the passage of time, all of Lydia's gang have met their untimely ends with the exception of Julian. The culmination of this and bad relations within the movement have seen Lydia come to call herself Independent. She has just recently resurfaced on the clan communications, but what is her agenda..?

Former Gang

Strange Fellows

Echo and the Bunnymen - People Are Strange



  • Alex Castille
  • Ashling Brone (NPC)


  • Rebecca Elaine Stills (NPC)


  • Kael Trent
  • Remmington Red
  • Sugar
  • Elliot Trent
  • Eddie Trent


  • David Richari (NPC, Deceased)
  • Alexander Trent (PC, Inactive)

Other Family

  • Luck (Cousin, PC, Inactive)
  • Musette Belclaire (Cousin, PC, Inactive)

Character Inspirations



"Lydia, you walk like a damn thug." - Sebastian DeMarco-Cole


  • Julian Baynes is her childe.
  • Lydia and Julian are blood bound.
  • She knowingly associates with Sabbat members.
  • Despite claims to the contrary, Lydia is rather amused that Jon-Apolo de Soult refers to her as the 'Whore of Babylon.'
  • If you listen closely to the background tracks of her music while using Auspex, you can hear the tortured screams of children and animals.
  • Has a 9 1/2 Inch Staticus
  • Elliot and Eddie aren't her real childer but she adopted them after her broodmate died.
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