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Gang The Ghosts
Clan Assamite
Position None
Prestige 5
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Tariq el-Haqim ••
Player Lex Lopez



Upload Logan

Alias(es): Let's just leave it at 'yes'.

Real Name: Maalik Adham Nusair

Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Wandering Dervish

Physical description: When concealed via Obfuscate he seems unassuming. His features not very distinct and of average height. When his true visage is revealed he stands at about 6 feet with skin as dark as the most ancient members of his clan. There is a cold look about him, the way a bird of prey stares at a body of water, awaiting the slightest sign of prey.

Relevant Mechanics: Cold Breeze

Character Information

The Assamite known as Logan is a mystery among all his people, clan and movement alike. No one is sure where He came from, if who he claims to be is truly who he says, and even members of his clan have their doubts as to the true history of this very old assassin. The three best words to describe Logan, are stoic, soft spoken and passionate. While the Assamite may dress in relatively modern (and expensive) fashions Logan tends to keep his appearance simple if not generic as it helps him move about more easily during his missions. The Movement has boasted his support for many years now, and in truth many of the anarchs victories in the pass years can be directed back to the designs of this individual. On more than one occasion the anarchs have pushed him into a leader ship role, which he promptly declines. Seeing his role in the anarchs as a talented warrior and tactician but not to rally the masses. While many in the movement see Logan as a hero they are also weary. His actions boarder on fanatic some times. Once he begins the stages of a plan, or becomes involved in a mission, it seems that’s all he can focus on. Any who try to drive attentions else where raise his ire. A trait that has been known to cause issue with his fellow anarchs. However his tunnel vision aside Logan is undeniably loyal to the cause. Any anarch that knows him will admit that if it weren’t for Logan stepping up for them at one point or another, they would not be around to continue the fight.

Known History

Basic Timeline: 2006 - His arrival is shrouded in secrecy, however when he did he made quite the name for himself among the local anarchs for his deep understanding of tactics, specifically related to urban warfare.

Current Activities: He comes and goes, appearing sporadically around New England where there are Assamites. He usually spends a few nights with them only to vanish again.

Merit Details: Bruiser

Natural Leader


Catlike Balance

Powerful Gaze



The Ghosts






Character Inspirations



"I'll kill the next person to call me Baron. How's that for putting it to vote."


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