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Gang The Upstanding Gentlemen
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige Committed
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Militant
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Joshua W.




Alias(es): "The Brit," "The Limey," "That British Brujah Bastard"

Real Name: Lexington Parker

Apparent Age: 26.

Concept: The snarky, Cockney, streetwise bastard. A blend of "The Opposition" and "The Merchant" stereotypes in Dark Epics.

Physical Description: Lean and wiry; short light-blonde hair; grey/green eyes; clad in a scant layer of fine stubble; 5' 8"; various small scars on his face from fights during his time as a mortal.

Relevant Mechanics:

  • Fame x1: From the moment he and his gang first stepped into the New Confederacy's territory, Lexington's been getting shit done. From helping the local Movement members with their problems, to making an appearance at the Samedi's party (and subsequently having to deal with the Ivory Tower's haughty members), Lexington's begun to rapidly make a name for himself.
  • Enchanting Voice: Maybe it's the charm of the accent he sports, or maybe it's something more. Either way, when Lexington talks- people can't help but listen.
  • Natural Leader: Lex seems to just step up when he's had enough waiting around, taking charge with ease- even if he'd prefer someone else do it.
  • Dynamic Personality: Lexington seems able to work just about any crowd he can, making friends in a new setting very rapidly.
  • Common Sense: From all those childhood years spent on the streets of the East End, Lexington's aptitude for knowing the answer to 'Will this get me killed?' is uncanny. That, or maybe he's just more concerned for his life than action.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: 1962 - 1988: Lexington's human life in the East End of London. Not much is known, other than he ran with a bad crowd through his mortal years.

May 27th, 1988: Lexington is found unconscious, roughed up, and forever changed by the Malkavian known as 'Batman' in Central Park, New York, New York.

1988 - 2008: Batman and Lexington remain in New York City for a while, before deciding to travel southward and experience what other Kindred societies have to offer.

2008: Lexington and Batman arrive in Charleston, South Carolina, and meet one John Marshall. Lex sees a bit of himself in the young man he calls "Newbie," and the three quickly form bonds that leads to the founding of a gang.

September, 2011: Lexington, John, and Batman all arrive in Gainesville, Florida for the first time, and decide to stay a while. Lexington notes the absence of a guiding hand in the underworld scene, and quickly begins making himself known within those circles.

October, 2011: Lexington is seen attending the Samedi party in St. Augustine, rubbing elbows with quite a few prestigious Camarilla members. He is rumored to have gotten into a scuffle with one Tanner Douglas, then-Harpy of St. Augustine.

November, 2011 - May, 2012: Lexington and company meet new faces and get situated in their new Barony. They continue to help out- risking life and limb for the Barony time and time again. In a particularly spectacular act, they manage to take down multiple of the self-proclaimed "Angels-" a group of Kindred working closely with Meade Ministries to sow discord and destroy the vampiric populous of Gainesville. Lexington is also seen in St. Augustine, trying to patch things up there after a few incidents. Things apparently didn't go so swimmingly, but the Prince and Lexington seem to have an understanding of one another, as Lexington is seen at a Brujah Rant in St. Augustine. Following the "Angel" problem, and the destruction of Lochlan Paige, Jordan Cooper steps down as Baron, and some in the city proposition Lexington for the position of new Baron. As he begrudgingly starts to warm up to the idea, the position is swiftly and unexpectedly filled by one of his clanmates, Tiffany Wester- much to Lex's surprise, relief, and just a little bit of disappointment. But, the next night, it's business as usual.

May, 2012: The Thunderbolts show up in Gainesville, and Lexington shows up with multiple members of the Barony at his back- including, apparently, two childer that were until now unmentioned- to confront this possible threat to the city. The moment the Thunderbolts take to ground for the night and the Barony leaves it's gathering place, Lex isn't seen in his usual haunts- presumably teaching his newer childe the ways of the Kindred.

June, 2012: Following a street race to blow off some steam after learning about what the Thunderbolts had done in town, all hell breaks loose for Lex, and many loyalties are called into question. He disappears from all of his usual haunts now, never seen on the Later Gator anymore. Lexington seems to go into hiding, almost, and every meeting so far is kept short and to the point- no more held in the jovial manner which Lex seemed accustomed to.

July, 2012: Lex makes appearances sparingly, and always in the company of their gang, dubbed "The Stacked Deck." He doesn't say much, other than snarky comments sprinkled with lots of scowling. Rumors circulate that Lex has been spending a lot of time on his own, behind closed doors- presumably teaching his newer childe the ways of Kindred society.

August, 2012: Lexington makes appearances in both Gainesville and St. Augustine- attending a Brujah-ran tournament in the latter, making it all the way to the semi-finals. After the short vacation, the smile on his face quickly wears off as Lex loses more mortal contacts to gang war. Lexington acts more distant in recent nights, and seems constantly irritated- though at what is anyone's guess. He still maintains an unknown pattern of meeting with his mortal allies, no longer using one place as his "main spot."

September, 2012: Lexington helps to uncover a mysterious plot against the Anarchs of Gainesville involving what was originally thought to be the Giovanni, but is put into torpor early on in the month.

October, 2012: Lexington wakes to shit hitting the proverbial fan all month, and met with most of the members of the Barony with a very hesitant and wary stance. With enemies on the rise both within and without, Lexington's biggest problem comes in the form of questioned loyalties.

November, 2012 - December, 2012: At a large gathering with many visiting Anarchs from all over- and some Camarilla members- Lexington is seen in person by people other than his gangmates for the first time in two months. He seems very reserved, but somewhat jovial. Perhaps the Brit is going back to his old self?

January, 2013 - April, 2013: A new year arrives, and with it- new issues, new enemies, and new faces. Bonds are forged, broken, shaken, and everything in between- but it seems like something has changed in regards to this Anarch. In some ways, he seems more tempered and even-keeled, but seems to have regained some of the passion he once had in terms of showing others what the Movement is all about.

April, 2013 - present: Lexington has an extended run-in with the Giovanni when they decide to bunker down in Gainesville, ending in his disappearance. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Current Activities: Unknown. Lexington has been missing for quite some time, presumably due to the Giovanni influx.

Merit Details:



Lexington supposedly banded together with quite a few members of the Barony in a gang known tentatively as "The Upstanding Gentlemen." The members seem to be in flux often, changing nigh-nightly, and it's been hard for others to get a read on just how large this gang is, or who it includes.


Alexander Winner

John Marshall




Edmund Sullivan

Jimmy McTavish


With friends like his- who needs enemies?


Unknown. To hear Lexington tell the story, it was "some Lick what surprised him in Central Park at night."


Dante S. Romanov




Character Inspirations

John Constantine - Hellblazer (Wardrobe inspiration.)

Castiel - Supernatural (Wardrobe inspiration.)

Street urchins. (Attitude/dialect inspiration.)

Crowley- Supernatural

Balthazar- Supernatural

"Gentleman" Johnny Marcone- The Dresden Files

Snatch (Yeah...pretty much the whole movie.)

That little bit of misguided anarchist revolutionary youth that hides within us all.


((OOC: This soundtrack is pretty hefty because it's actually a pretty good 'timeline' in regards to Lexington. Enjoy!))

Rebel Yell - Billy Idol

I Love Being Me - Cockney Rejects

Fuck You - Lily Allen

A Better Place, A Better Time - Streetlight Manifesto

Power - Kanye West

Anarchy in the U.K. - Sex Pistols

Love Me Or Hate Me - Lady Sovereign

More Human Than Human - White Zombie

Get Up! - Korn (Ft. Skrillex)

Free Your Hate - KMFDM

This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race - Fall Out Boy

This Is War - Thirty Seconds to Mars

No One Gets Left Behind - Five Finger Death Punch

Gainesville Rock City - Less Than Jake

The Best It's Gonna Get - Celldweller

On The Rise - Neil Patrick Harris/Felicia Day

The Hard Sell - Coheed and Cambria

Warrior - Disturbed

Far Away - Jose Gonzalez

Demons - Imagine Dragons


By Lexington

"Fuckin' 'ell."

"What the fuck is anthropology?"

"What, y'want a quote for your 'new student interviews' article? Piss off, there's my quote."

Batman: "Gentlemen. Lady. It appears my services will be required tonight."
Jordan Cooper: "Oh, God... is he really-"
Lexington: "Yep. S'gonna be one'a those nights..." - Snippet of conversation on Batman's appearance while Sabbat were assisting the Barony.

"Alright, look, let me explain. You're a guy with a gang of your own. You an' your boys wanna take that gang over there's neighborhood, right? There's two ways you go about it. One, the nice route; you know, 'Hey, can I borrow a cuppa sugar,' 'Oh, how's y'mum,' that fat lot of stuff. Or two, you bow the fuck up an' tell 'em 'Look, cunts, this is our fuckin' turf now, piss off.' But what that lot don't know is you got a ball-peen hammer behind your back that you're gonna smack 'im with, regardless of the approach or the outcome. You go route two, hey, he smacks you 'side the breadpan like he planned, an' takes your shit. Route one, though? Eventually, that ball-peen becomes a claw hammer. Then he trades out the claw hammer for a sledge, an' eventually he's just ridin' a steamroller over y'bloody arse an' there's not shit-all you can do about it. Either way, and the long and short of it- you're fucked."

"Here's the thing- you want them to play this thing like they're playing chess. Most of them don't have the patience for that." "Then, I suppose, try checkers." "Yeah, that's great and all... but they're all too dumb for checkers. They'd look at a piece, go 'What the fuck is this? This takes too long.' And they'd play Pogs, instead, 'cause that involves smashing one bit onto another bit to win."

About Lex


  • Lexington used to ride the Lator Gator every night in Gainesville.
  • Someone once proposed to Lexington via a billboard.
  • Lexington does not always speak with a Cockney accent- making some believe it's a front.
  • Lexington and his childe, Johnny, have a constant psychic link.
  • Lexington is dead, murdered in the midst of a war with the Giovanni.
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