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Gang Rock County Mayhem
Clan Toreador
Position None
Prestige Know It All, Foot In Mouth, and Wizard
Barony Rock County, Wisconsin
Political Impulse Responsible Freedom
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Player Name



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Alias(es): Perhaps... (Assamite only: Redheaded Stepchild)

Real Name: Had one once

Apparent Age: Mid 20's

Concept: Paranormal investigator

Physical description: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'10" caucasian with average build. Not an overly pretty person but makes up for it with Charms and Wit. He has been seen wearing a wide assortment of clothing styles from boardroom business to lab coat and sneakers. Recently he is known to wear his gang vest unless he is doing personal things that he doesn't want them blamed for.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Traveled to the domain of Kenosha Wisconsin earlier in 2006 from Tennessee. Was an upstanding and skilled citizen of the Camarilla. Was one of a small number of Toreador that lived in the turbulent city. He lived his nights doing what he could to work with the court and visiting dignitaries. Being that Kenosha is located between Milwaukee and Chicago; two large and famous domains of the Camarilla there was no shortage of visitors. As time went on he Found himself filling the court position Keeper of Elysium. As the years rolled on there were many battles fought some within and some outside the city due to power struggles in the midwest. Regimes rose and fell but the important things stayed the same hidden from view. One position lead to another till He had fulfilled the duties of each one excluding that of Prince. Happy and sad times would come as the waves of lake Michigan new friends would show up while others would fade away or worse die.

The Year of fire was a turbulent time. He spent most of his nights by the side of Dasai going into battle fighting Infernalists and demonic spawns of hell. Fulfilling his ordeal to Clan Assamite to prove Himself in a not so openly known ordeal. That year ended with the removal of great evil and the revealing of great truths that took more friends from his side. As time would go on He would openly call Dasai a good friend even though he had joined the Rebellion. The heart of Toreador are complex things; emotion, passion, the hunger of the beast has strange effects on these things. What some feel is love is only the yearning to help those that suffer as one wishes for their own suffering to be yielded by another.

We come to the year 2015 the place Milwaukee annual January event. After spending an entire year doing what he could to lose status in the Camarilla Josh formally resigns his acknowledgement from the camarilla and Joins the Anarch movement where he has had friends for sometime. His vocal opposition to the judgements of the Justicars is already known but many in the midwest still seek him out for his friendship and knowledge. As the event weekend went on many different and new conversations had with people known and unknow brought something new to flourish within himself. This calling for freedom and purpose that needs to be made in others as well. With this new revelation and Dream to follow He found that which had eluded him all these years of his unlife. The compassion from another for himself. Thus began a time of his most whirlwind actions of humanity and emotion. her name was Castella Brooks a fellow member of clan Toreador. One would think and many did what did she see in him? He would find this emotion stirred by the lovely and compassionate Castella Brooks to be more than his fractured mirror could handle. He left his drive behind for the freedom of the future for the happiness of the present and dedicated himself to bettering his mind and beast so that he could find his way with her.

It was too short lived as are many things in kindred happiness. A lady of the Camarilla courts and an Anarch upstart would not find a peaceful love in the jihad of the midwest. As with many things the good times were great and the bad times eventually came. This point in time was called Ainbeartach; a member of the Blackhand working across the midwest influencing domains with his many talents. As help was sought from clan to alleviate the outside influence Castella Brooks was lost to the laws of the Camarilla. With a most certain fate ahead of her and the crumbling mental and emotional state of him due to loss. A fellow family member of clan Toreador; Prince Ruth Stivaldi helped Josh find a way to vilify himself. Since that time he has once again returned to his drive of freedom for the future along with taking up the stance of clan is family. He surrounds himself now with the allies of old and those with strong internal purpose.

Current Activities: His most recent noticeable activities have been a successful public auction at the 2017 Milwaukee annual event. At this event he opened his private collection of rare and supernatural items collected over the years to public bidding. Also included were items from other interested parties that wanted to cash out old merchandise. The other was his first appearance outside the midwest at a large kindred event namely Glitter and Gloom 2017. Seen talking with many different kindred ranging from various collections of anarchs to highly reputable members of the Camarilla. Always seeming to have an opinion for any topic and information or a willing ear to most attendees. Still attempting to move the ideas of the midwest Anarch decisions upon appointing Voices across the United States to help give the movement a loud and informed voice of what we all want to see for our fellow kindred.

Merit Details:

Background: Occult Historian that openly helps those that have the courage to ask for it. Information, weapons , and other shiny things are for sale or acquisition.


Mayhem, Rock County Chapter position: Chaplin


Rachel Dubham

Masako Hara

Ruth Stilvadi

Amber Cargill Du Lac


Kira Gallo

Castella Brooks (Forever and always)


Amita Marwan



Stone Law


Mathias Warren


Ali Marwan

Sebastian Han

Hannah Martin

Elisabeth "Ellie" Schroeder



Christopher Matthew

Julius Cole

Cricket Mariott


Michael Gunn

Cassius Warlord of Moundsville

James Abbott

Nicholas Giovanni


Irish aka The Middle portion of the Wall O' Karsh

Drake Law (Rip)

Zphonco Davinovich (Rip)

Johnny Miller aka Jeremiah Lee (Rip)

Jeremiah Nevermore (Rip)

Isabella Rodriguez (Rip)

Leonius Agrippa (Rip)

Simon Iscariot (Rip)

Dasai (Rip)

Francis Meravian (Rip)

Clarence (Rip)

Lydia Trent

Ellenor Dears (Rip)

Too many to name...


The ones that have died I'm glad that they are gone. The ones that are still alive I probably still do business with.


Veronica Huntsman (npc)


Why would I curse others to live a hateful existence as ours?


Adopted: Kira Gallo

Character Inspirations

Greg Sanders from CSI

Dr. Raymond Stantz from Ghostbusters

Det. Harry Lovecraft from Cast a Deadly Spell


Five Finger Death Punch: Jekyll and Hyde

Five Finger Death Punch: Wrong Side of Heaven

Twenty One Pilots: Heathens

Halestorm: Freak Like Me

Skillet: Not Gonna Die

Fall Out Boy: My songs know what you did in the dark

Fall Out Boy: The Phoenix

Halestorm: Mayhem

The Pretty Reckless: Heaven Knows

Theory of a Deadman: Bad Girlfriend

Saliva: Click Click Boom

Linkin Park: Somewhere I Belong

Zedd: Clarity

Martin Garrix: Don't look down

Foo Fighters: The Pretender

Icon For Hire: Make a Move

Skillet: Stars

Royal Deluxe: I'm a Wanted Man



He is a Malkavian or an Assamite and only posing as a Toreador

He is a rare bloodline of Toreador and Malkavian that is why he is batshit nuts.

He is a rogue Thaumaturgist.

He works for clan Tremere as a member of a special propaganda division.

He is a rogue Necromancer.

He works for family Giovanni.

He claims he's not a Necromancer just that he uses the mortal Necromancy of divination.

He is an Infernalist.

He has a Pit Lord of Hell on speed dial but has to pay long distance charges.

Has been investigated for infernalism three times and has been acquitted each time apparently.

A Gangrel named Baret claimed him.

He claims a way of life that follows a purpose that is the bedrock of Humanity.

Claims to foresee the future, always says the end days are coming.

He claims to be a Historical Noddist and says the Sabbat have it wrong.

He has a bookcase full of rare books that keeps falling on him.

Has sat in Milwaukee Elysium and had conversations with Archer of the Sabbat.

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