Jordan Cooper

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Jordan Cooper

Gang The Sons of Odin
Clan Ventrue
Position Deceased
Prestige Committed
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Stephen Thomas





Sometimes goes by Coop.

Real Name:

Jordan Cooper

Apparent Age:

Appears to be in his mid to late thirties.

Physical description:

White Male, 6ft 2in tall, 185 lbs, green eyes and brown hair.


The Emissary, from the Anarch Guide.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:


Not much is known about Jordan Cooper before he came to Gainesville. He claims to be from Washington DC where he was a lobbyist for the NCA (National Casino Association). He came to Gainesville to escape the oppression of the Camarilla in DC.

Recently some information has come to light about the ways in which Jordan left the Cam. It appears that his sire has a rather harsh temper and any who attempt to disobey his orders are often found devoid of their free will. When Jordan attempted to bring this information to the Prince and others in the city, no one cared. They claimed that was acceptable behavior of an upstanding member of the Cam. Jordan was enraged and threw away his standing that he worked so hard to obtain, and left the Cam and became independent.

It is still unknown how he came to be an Anarch.

Current Activities:


About 8 months after arriving, Jordan, built a Casino called the EL Cortez. It is the first Casino in Gainesville and Jordan has offered safe haven to anyone in need.

Jordan has recently opened another Casino in Georgia and has a third Casino slated for opening in Mississippi, however he claims that it is many months from being finished.

Jordan has been aiding the Anarchs in their conflict against the Hunters and Lupines recently. The wolves seem to be dealing, however Meade Ministries are far more than what they appear to be.

Recently Jordan claimed that a war will rage between the Cam and Anarch Movement. He has offered no information on a time frame, nor has he offered any reasoning for why he believes this war will occur. He just claims that "it will happen soon, less than 2 months time and we had better be ready."

Jordan's methods are often barbaric, and many around him are usually morally outraged by his behavior. The truth however is that Jordan is willing to sacrifice anything to ensure the safety of those around him. Jordan is not scared to manipulate the board and place people in life-ending situations, if he can ensure that his side will be victorious. Recently, Jordan has been using this strategy less and less as the nights progress.

Jordan claimed (poorly) to be a Caitiff.

Merit Details:

Enchanting Voice- Every time Cooper speaks its like beautiful music is being created.

Common Sense- Cooper appears to be very street savvy and is often a rational person.

Paragon- Recently Jordan has eluded too owning the Political Arena in Gainesville.


The Sons of Odin

Rumors have come about that Jordan has created his own Son of Odin Chapter in Gainesville.


Jordan seems to be well connected and is rarely ever seen traveling alone. However Jordan claims these as his allies.

Big D

Svidi the Ironhorse


Tiffany Wester


Delilah Monroe


Faberge Egg.jpg

Jordan doesn't speak about his past or Sire, and over the last few years has mentioned that his past could catch up to him. If it does Jordan appears ready to fight or run, depending on the circumstance.

Jordan received a gift when his Casino opened, a Serpentine Faberge Egg (Crafts x5). When he received this gift, he immediately sought to hide the egg in the underground vault, and left the party. This was a shock to the rest of the Anarchs in attendance.

300px-Uncrossed gladius.jpg

Jordan has successfully opened other Casinos around the country. He has also opened many nightclubs in Gainesville and Starke.

Most recently Jordan has claimed the territory of Starke, FL. After removing all Giovanni holdings in the area, Jordan begun moving his business into the city.

Because of the recent attack on the EL Cortez Hotel and Casino, Jordan has been in Gainesville less and less these days. It is known that he has been traveling between Gainesville/Starke and Northern Virginia.


Jordan rarely ever mentions his sire, and has only recently let some of the Anarchs in Gainesville know what Clan he is from.


Cooper has only claimed that he has sired one child, named John Russo.

Character Inspirations

Yuri Orlov from Lord of War, played by Nicolas Cage.[1]


Jordan's mental health has recently come into question.

Jordan recently made a deal that will garner him enough power to overthrow his enemies.

Jordan has stepped down from being Baron of Gainesville because he has ascended to a new position.

Jordan was not his real name...

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