Johnny Chang

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Gang Architects of Freedom
Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Barony Southern California
Political Impulse Hardliner
Path Path of Humanity ••••
Player Erik J



Johnny doesn't like to brag, but Johnny is a P-I-M-P...

Alias(es): Johnny mothafuckin' Chang, Johnny Chang superstar, The Betrayer Johnny Motherfuckin' Chang (posthumous.)

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: early 20's

Concept: pornographer, dedicated Anarch (originally just learning about the Movement)

Physical description: faux hawk, ironic t-shirt and steel-toed boots

Relevant Mechanics: 5 Appearance traits, above average Humanity, Fame x3 (pornographer)

Character Information

Known History:

Basic Timeline: Johnny came to the attention of SoCal several years ago when he was taken under the wing of the Song of the Southland. He became Baron of Santa Ana when Brer Owl stepped down, and he's remained since. He has visited various parts of the country, including (former) Prince Book's big parties in NorCal in the Spring. He was involved in the apparent death of Baron Hertzog, but exactly how is unknown.

Current Activities: During Fall 09, he travelled to the East Coast to take part in a major action against the Sabbat. From early summer until about November 09, he was on the run from the FBI involving a trumped-up charge of having a minor perform sex on camera for his porn company, Gated Community Productions. Now currently searching for ways to fight wizards and magicians.

Gang: the Architects of Freedom

Allies: Song of the Southland, [Jacen Pompeii], Krieger Klein, Vaux Saladin, Garrett Dannington, Svidi the Ironhorse, the Architects of Freedom (Sharky being the only currently active member), plus connections with others like [Dean Famularo], [Alice bint Saleem], Petronius, [Malik Finn] and [Alessandra Orion]

Enemies: the KJ, Keller (though Johnny doesn't know why), RIP (again, Johnny doesn't know why), Short Bus Stevie and Dominic (because he's a paternalistic asshole)

Sire: unknown (actually, a very few know her name as "Candy.")

Childer: none

Broodmates: none

Character Inspirations: what if a white guy was inspired by a song performed by a black man about asian martial arts?

Soundtrack: Kung Fu Fighting...List of Demands (Reparations) by Saul Williams


  • "Johnny don't do fang."
  • "What the fuck!?"


  • May not be the badass he sometimes claims to be.
  • May be too closely connected to certain powerful Camarilla Brujah.
  • There is more than meets the eye about him.
  • His relationship with Skye is more than business.
  • He really is crazy.
  • The third-person thing is just an act.
  • Johnny Chang was ashed by Joe Barclay
  • Joe Barclay Discusses the Execution of The Betrayer Johnny Motherfuckin' Chang (This recording exists ICly if you have access to FREEP, it exists in spoken word form if you have access to the Gangrel winds.)
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