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Gang The Aerie
Clan Assamite
Position Gang Member
Prestige Committed
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity
Player Dan Brackmann


Stiletto at NOLA, 2011, Dressed in "Embassy Formal"

Alias(es): John Stiletto, Stiletto, Shoe, John Stiletto ibn Hasan ibn Jabalah al Rami

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late 40's

Concept: Former lawman, skilled forger, secular.

Physical description: Average looking but athletic Caucasian male in his early to mid 40's. About 5'10" tall. Broad shoulders with alert greenish eyes, glasses, and short, receding, dark hair with slightly graying temples. He moves with an easy grace and balance. Although modified for special occasions, Stiletto prefers loose-fitting, casual clothes with lots of pockets and usually wears a pin with a small owl on it. In winter, he prefers sweaters. Of late, he has taken to wearing mostly black and yellow gold with a hint of blue or red. He frequently covers whatever he is wearing with light weight coats so as to conceal gear and weapons.

Relevant Mechanics & Visible Merit/Flaw Details:

  • Has diablorie veins when aura perceived in some areas.
  • Ambidextrous - Stiletto is equally facile with either hand and works hard to maintain this proficiency..

Public Timeline

  • April, 2010: Arrived in Carbondale, IL
  • April 31, 2010: Camarilla in Domain of Carbondale put under Ordeal
  • June, 2010: Invented the "Staticus"
  • September, 2010: Settled mostly in Mt. Vernon, IL
  • October, 2010: The Blue Herons, Lodge #1 founded
  • January, 2011: Investigated missing Anarchs in East St. Louis.
  • April, 2011: Camarilla Domain of Carbondale falls to a simultaneous angel/demon/werewolf assault. Anarch Barony of Mt. Vernon holds out.
  • August, 2011: Became involved in investigating the death of Billy Bones and helping the East Peoria Anarchs
  • September, 2011: Traveled to Roosevelt Island and fought a Carthaginian army. Met many sons of Odin and their allies. A fortnight later, traveled to Hardestadt's party in New Orleans. Was there while "The Arrangement" was negotiated. Joins the Knights Errant.
  • December, 2011: Battled in Rockland with Knight Errant
  • October, 2012 - February, 2013: Resided on the East Coast with members of Knights Errant
  • February, 2013: Returned to Mt. Vernon and reconnected with Southern Illinois Movement
  • September, 2013: Participated in the Battle in Hartford alongside Knights Errant
  • April, 2015: Knights Errant disband; Stiletto rejoins Blue Herons
  • June, 2015: Becomes Nomadic, traveling out west with a young woman in her late teens
  • June, 2018: Seen in Gainesville, GA & Gainesville, FL
  • August 17, 2018: Becomes a citizen of the Barony of Gainesville in record time.
  • September 21, 2018: Blue Herons dissolve and Stiletto forms a gang with Nairi Riad and Viridiana Mendez called The Aerie.

Known History

Background: The Southernmost Illinois (Mt. Vernon, IL) Anarchs were a fractured bunch - none of the Barons trusting the others. First was Roger Wachowski, who claimed to be Baron of Southern Illinois, a motorcycle-riding Brujah from Carbondale. Next was Grayson, the old man Caitiff Baron from Mt. Vernon. Supported by his brood and a handful of hangers-on, Grayson thought Roger was a joke. Finally, there was Lucas, the self-proclaimed Baron of Cape Girardeau, a Brujah maker of big plans who claimed his Barony only after Grayson was knocked into torpor defending Mt. Vernon from the Sabbat. Stiletto wanting to be apart from the local politics joined with Tonya and her childe Sticker to form a gang named the Blue Herons consisting of like-minded anarchs. Subsequently, Lucas was executed by Roger for selling out Mt. Vernon and Grayson to the Sabbat. The events with Lucas burned out Grayson who took up with his mentor, Uncle Buck, and became nomadic RVers. Grayson was replaced as Bishop of Mt. Vernon by a Malkavian named Kirstin.

Meanwhile, the Camarilla was trying to get organized under Prince Winston Adams, to reclaim all the territory it lost to a Sabbat siege three years ago. However, a combination of werewolves and demons (and maybe an angel or two) put paid to those plans, killing Prince Adams, and forcing the Camarilla to abandon Carbondale proper. Roger Wachowski relocated to Bloomington, IL. In response, the Anarchs of Mt. Vernon bunkered down with a nervous eye to the South. Nothing came north though.

In the meantime, Stiletto's connections with the Peoria Anarchs pulled him into a brewing conflict with the Prince there, William Dunstin. His involvement with that affair brought him to the attention of the Knights Errant, who began trying to recruit him. He had a heart-to-heart with Tonya and Sticker, and with things being calm in Mt. Vernon and Stiletto having interests in Anarch events on a broader front, the Blue Herons disbanded, allowing Stiletto to join the Knights Errant.

As a Knight Errant, in 2011, Stiletto participated in fighting Neo-Carthaginians and Baali in Washington, D.C., and met with other Sects in New Orleans. Since then, he fought beside the Knights and some other Anarchs in Rockland, before spending much of late 2012 on the East Coast supporting Phillip in his Barony. With things as stable in Annapolis, Stiletto returned to Mt. Vernon and began to bring himself up to speed on events there in the last six months. In 2013, Stiletto participated in the Battle of Hartford with his fellow Knight Errant, Erik Logan. When the Knights Errant disbanded on April 1, 2014, Stiletto originally returned to Mt. Vernon, but, by mid-2015 was seen roaming in the vicinity of Flagstaff, Arizona, in the company of an attractive, but very young, Hispanic woman.

By mid-2018, Stiletto was seen first in Gainesville, Georgia, talking to Baron Razor and griping about the nearby Camarilla. From Gainesville, GA, he apparently went to Gainesville, FL. On August 17, 2018, he was seen at a meeting of the Barony and announced his intention to reside there, whereupon he was immediately vouched for by Mul and Delilah Monroe. By the end of September, the Blue Herons had folded and Stiletto and Viridiana joined with Nairi Riad to form The Aerie. When nominated by Delilah, Stiletto ran unsuccessfully for Counselor of Gainesville, creating a cloud of suspicion. He doesn't seem bothered by the loss, satisfied to simply do his time to prove himself as a worthy resident of the Barony. He has been seen lending his martial weight to the Barony both in dealing with a sentient fungus in the sewers and battling a Sabbat incursion. Less is known about what support he may be giving behind the scenes.

Current Projects

  • What do the Nephalim want?
  • Train Viridiana
  • Otherwise he's playing things close to the vest and not saying








  • Nairi Riad - Erudite. Even-tempered. Herds cats.
  • Sonic --Bad ass. Prickly. Honorable. Hard on upholstery.
  • Suit - Politico. Mafioso.
  • Ruby - Techie Humanitarian


  • Abu Umar Yusuf al-Iqbal ibn Hasan ibn Jabalah al Rami - Head of the Forensic Institute.
  • Keiko Shinju - Japanese and Gangrel. Obviously friendly with former Baron Vesinia. Not your typical Gangrel.


  • The Man
  • The Tremere?


Sire: Hasan ibn Jabalah al Rami


  • Abu Umar Yusuf al-Iqbal ibn Hasan ibn Jabalah al Rami f/k/a Dr. Damon Niemeyer


  • Viridiana Mendez

Character Inspirations (OOC)

  • Zoe Washburne nee Alleyne with modification
  • Operation Argo
  • George Smiley





"Reputation is whatever other individuals think about you naturally; not the compliments and bribes forced upon you by a select few."

"The Camarilla is lost in medieval concepts of property, law, and social order. Even mortals have managed to evolve beyond those things."

"Well, no one's perfect." Upon finding out another vampire was a Tremere.

Billy: I just killed over forty giant mutant Asian carp down at the river.
Stiletto: Isn't that over the limit?


  • He's a Diablorist.
  • He's really a Toreador.
  • He invented the Staticus System that Anarchs use to track their status.
  • A Ventrue Prince once got down on his knees and begged Stiletto to kill him. However, Stiletto refused to do what any Prince asked on principal.
  • A gang in East Peoria used to hero worship him.
  • His gang nicknamed him "Shoe" because, in combat, he stakes opponents with a pair of four-inch heels. He claims carrying them raises fewer questions than carrying a stake.
  • He is Nairi Riad's puppet
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