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Alias(es): As long as he has been part of the Movement, John Russo has used the name "John Russo."

Real Name: As long as he has been part of the Movement, John Russo has used the name "John Russo."

Apparent Age: John Russo appears to be in his early thirties.

Concept: Mafioso

Physical description: John Russo stands a few inches over six feet tall, he has a moderate to large frame that appears neither muscular or flabby that should place him around 200 lbs. He has dark hair and eyes and an olive complexion. Despite the fact that his accent is neutral and his clothing is of the current style, he projects an air that he is not quite from the present time. Some of the more observant may attribute this odd feeling to the simple fact that for some reason Russo does not cast a shadow.

Relevant Mechanics: Flaw: Cursed: Casts No Shadow

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: John Russo first appeared to the Anarch Movement early in 2010 in the Midwest, where he established himself as a committed member of the Movement and an efficient manager of sway within the mortal world. John arrived in Gainesville the third weekend of October, reportedly to come to the aid of his Sire, Jordan Cooper. John’s arrival in Gainesville coincided with the deaths of Jackal and Mendoza, and he has been dealing with the political fallout of his involvement ever since.

Current Activities: Russo has spent most of his time in Gainesville attempting to repair the hostilities between Gainesville’s Anarch factions that resulted from the Archon-aided, Anarch motivated liquidation of Jackal and Mendoza. John has also taken several steps to try and provide some organization to Gainesville’s Anarchs, claiming that their biggest obstacle to achieving their shared goals is their inability to cooperate. In 2011, John represented the Anarch Movement, along with Bulvi and Lauren Galloway, at an inter-sect peace accord in New Orleans, which was attended by representatives of the Camarilla and the Sabbat, including Jan Pieterzoon and Sacha Vykos.

Merit Details: Enchanting Voice: John's voice possesses an odd quality to it that makes it sound unique, ethereal, and simultaneously soothing and commanding. Perhaps he inherited this trait from his sire?

Paragon (Underworld Influence): John Russo is one of South's most powerful crime bosses, and while he allows other Kindred to dabble in his arena, few can challenge his dominance.

Background: John came to the Movement after serving as a Tower Ventrue's ghoul for more than a century. Within a year of joining the Movement, he was named Baron of Gainesville. Less than a year after being named Baron, he was beaten into Torpor after a negotiation with lupines went very badly. After spending seven years in Torpor, John awoke and rapidly reintegrated into the Barony of Gainesville, and was shortly thereafter elected to the position of Councilor.

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Gang Members:




Russo does not advertise his political rivalries, but he has recently voiced frustration with a certain Ventrue by the name of Hardestadt.


  • Childre: Unknown
  • Broodmates: Russo does not believe that he has any broodmates.


  • Color:
  • Food:
  • Hobby:

Character Inspirations

John Marcone, from the Dresden Files

The Merovingian, from the Matrix Trilogy


Start a War - Klergy with Valerie Broussard

Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen

Some Kind of Monster - Patricia Wake

None of Us Are Free - Solomon Burke

The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan


“The Status Perfectus poorly defines Libertas as ‘a spiritual substance.’ It makes it sound like we are due liberty because we exude slime on an ethereal plane. Extra-planar snot is not the reason Anarchs are due their freedom.”

"Leading is a sport for the big boys, not a contest to be the least common denominator."

To Jenny: "My preference is that you not address me as “Darlin” unless you plan for us to become much more intimately acquainted."


  • Some whisper and others have outright stated that Russo’s talk of Anarch unity is nothing more than a cover to allow him to grab more power from within the Movement.
  • John has been contacting various members of the Anarch Movement for a number of tasks, each one darker and more murky then the last.
  • There have been whispers that John deeply desires to find a source of magical might to secure his place within the Anarch Movement.
  • There have been rumors claiming that John has attempted to bind himself to another individual, in a quest for power.


Gang Knights
Clan Ventrue
Position Councilor
Prestige Who Cares?
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Bryan Delius

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