John Marshall

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Gang Union of Liberty
Clan Caitiff
Position Former Baron/Councilor
Prestige Committed
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity
Player Justin S.




Alias(es): Concord

Real Name: John Marshall

Apparent Age: 20-22

Concept: The new kid that wants to survive, but also make a name for himself. Oh, he's also a lawyer.

Physical description: John is a Caucasian male that stands around 5' 9", with a fairly lean build. He has green eyes, short brown hair, and is clean shaven. His usual attire consists of some type of dark colored, short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and converse shoes. Recently, he's gone back to wearing a black newsy cap.

Relevant Mechanics: Unlike most Kindred, he has retained the color of his mortal skin and feels only slightly cool to the touch. He is always seen wearing a pair of glasses, most likely due to poor vision.
Fame x2: John has made a name for himself, in all of Gainesville, as a private attorney.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

2007?: Embraced in Charleston, South Carolina.

2008: Discovered by Batman and Lexington Parker, while still in Charleston, and joins the two as they make their way south.

September, 2011: First seen at the local Anarch hangout in Gainesville, with Lexington and Batman.
October, 2011: Attends the Samedi's Halloween party in St. Augustine, with the rest of The Bat Gang. After a battle with an Infernalist at a local church (in which he was unable to fight), they return to Gainesville.

January, 2012: Starts making visits to St. Augustine to spend time with the Camarilla, either with his gang, or other Anarchs.
March, 2012: Alongside his gang, he aids the Gainesville Anarchs in taking down three of the "Angels" (insane vampires acting as if they were servants of God), including their monstrous creations.
Summer, 2012: Begins to take a more militaristic role in the Gainesville Anarchs. He aids the Anarchs in key investigations and battles, no longer appearing to be the naive vampire he once was.
Fall, 2012: Continues aiding the Gainesville Anarchs with their investigations and the occasional battle. With the return of Joel, John spends much of his time doing research at the UF campus. Also, John takes more of an active role in being around the newest Anarchs of Gainesville.

January, 2013: Goes on missions with fellow Anarchs to find vampires that were mass Embraced by members of the Sabbat. He continues sticking around the newest Anarchs of Gainesville, but spends the most time at gatherings with his gangmates.
February, 2013: Participates in the voting block for a new baron of Gainesville. He and other Anarchs come to realize there is a new threat they will be forced to face, if they still want Gainesville to be their home.
April, 2013: Along with three other members of the Stacked Deck, he visits the Barony of Bradenton. A battle against the Sabbat happens that very night, with the Stacked Deck emerging victorious.
Summer, 2013: Counter to previous months, he is seen almost always in the company of one or more gangmates. He does not often show himself as the cordial Kindred he used to be, and appears to have become a much more hardened individual.
Fall, 2013: Around this time, he begins to keep more a low profile among the Anarchs of Gainesville. He is no longer seen in the company of his gangmates and no longer wears his cabby hat. He tends to stay away from the action, if he can avoid it. Recent events, however, have drawn him into the line of fire.
One evening, a small group of Anarchs met with a group of Independent Gangrel. Upon being attacked by one of these Gangrel, a skirmish broke out, which ended in chaos when shadows began assaulting everyone present. Aided by the efforts of Rick Calhoun, he manages to save the lives of Nairi Riad and her ghoul.
Winter, 2013: Alongside several other Anarchs, he attends an early New Year celebration hosted by the Samedi. That night, he officially left his gang, going so far as to make the notice public the next night.

February, 2014: With the disappearance of Alexander Winner, Gainesville was left without a Baron. As a result, John is voted, almost unanimously, into the position of being the new Baron of Gainesville.
June, 2014: As the efforts continue to remove the threat of The Children and their cohorts that remain in Gainesville, fellow Anarchs express their concerns about John’s loss of humanity. John officially removes himself from the position of Baron.
July, 2014: John disappears from the Gainesville scene without a word. What has happened to him is unknown.

August, 2015: John returns to Gainesville, landing in an ongoing war between fellow Anarchs and werewolves. Many notice that he acts quite different than from a year ago.
September, 2015: John attends this year's Nonclave gathering with a few fellow Anarchs from Gainesville. He keeps himself out of trouble, doing his best not to upset the Camarilla present at the gathering.
October, 2015: After attacking his mortal contacts, a werewolf attempts to destroy John, but he and fellow Gainesville Anarchs manage to slay the beast. Much to John's dismay, the werewolf trashed his car.
At the next gathering of the Gainesville Anarchs, John calls for the destruction of the werewolf menace that threatens not only their existence, but the lives of the mortal populace.

January, 2016: With new Caitiff showing up in Gainesville, John takes it upon himself to become their mentor and teacher.
March, 2016: With the discovery of a new thin blood in Gainesville being the unwilling puppet of some nefarious entity (known as the Harvester), John has taken charge of the effort to free the poor Kindred from its clutches.
April & May, 2016: After finding out that the Harvester controls a group of thin-blooded Kindred and other entities through the blood bond, John has taken part of the lead in tracking down and freeing those Kindred from the Harvester. Four of the five Kindred/entities have been recovered, so far. Whether or not the Harvester can still use them, or even cares to use them anymore, has yet to be seen.
June, 2016: The local Anarchs finally track down the location of the Harvester and engage him in combat. After killing his constructs, Harvester's body is found inside the largest construct. John takes it upon himself to personally destroy the body, ending the threat of the Harvester.

May, 2017: After three and a half years of not being part of any Anarch gangs, John officially joins up with four other Anarchs in a new Gainesville gang, named "Union of Liberty."
September, 2017: The Gainesville Anarchs track down and take the fight to a koldunic sorcerer that has been plaguing the barony for months. After killing the koldun's minions, the final battle occurs at Devil's Millhopper. With the assistance of Erkhan Mahir of the Camarilla, the Anarchs soundly defeat the koldun before it can diablerize an ancient Kindred that was sleeping at the bottom of the sinkhole. John takes it upon himself to destroy the koldun's body.
December, 2017: After participating in a local vote for a new council, John wins the third spot. The new council of Gainesville consists of himself, Tiffany Wester, and Nairi Riad.

January, 2018: Roughly a year and a half after the defeat of the Harvester, John digs up Delmond, one the thin-blooded Kindred that had been a pawn of the slaver. He quickly sets about catching Delmond up to speed with what's happened since then, in addition to working on helping Delmond overcome the trauma he received from being the Harvester's tool.
February, 2018: John works with a few other local Anarch Kindred to investigate an area of the Gainesville sewers where a fungal infestation has occurred. To their horror, they discover that the fungus can infest rats and gain control of them once they die. The party manages to escape the sewers before they are swarmed by dead rats and alert the rest of the Barony to the problem.
May & June, 2018: A Camarila Ventrue comes to Gainesville and causes problems for Tera, claiming she is his property. John joins up with the other Gainesville Anarchs in an effort to make him leave without violence, which eventually results in a rescue operation to save Tera's gangmate, Lyra, and an exploding private jet. When two of the local Anarchs wind up in torpor, John chooses to take care of them until they wake up.
July & August, 2018: The Bloodied Grail, a non-aggressive Sabbat pack makes themselves known in Gainesville, requesting asylum from their own sect. While most of the Anarchs are hesitant or outright against allowing the pack to stay, John is one of the few that advocates for them to be granted asylum, as long as the pack does its part to defend the city against threats. It takes a good while for the Barony to come to a final decision on what to do with the Sabbat pack, but eventually a deal is hashed out that allows the pack to remain as long as they assist in several ongoing matters.
September, 2018: The Panama City Beach operation's plan is finalized and put into action. Alongside most of the Gainesville Anarchs, Big D's gang, and the Bloodied Grail Sabbat pack, John takes the fight to the werewolves that took out the previous Kindred inhabitants. Two of the four werewolves are slain, with the last two fleeing the city. With the conclusion of the operation, John announces to his fellow Gainesville Anarchs that he will be remaining behind in Panama City Beach in order to help the other Anarchs regain their hold over the city and turn it back into being hospitable for Kindred, for however long such a venture takes. He removes himself from the position of Councilor.

Current Activities:

Living in Panama City Beach and helping to make it a Kindred haven once again.

Merit Details:

Blush of Health: Instead of being pallid and gaunt, like most Kindred, he retains a flush of life to his skin. His appearance is still healthy, and he only feels slightly cool to the touch.
Common Sense: In no small part to being a new Kindred, John seems to be wary about decisions that will or will not get him killed.
Eat Food: Every now and then, John has exhibited the ability to stomach normal food.
Enchanting Voice: John's voice is very appealing to the ear, being naturally resonant and commanding.


"Well, I led a pretty comfortable life, up in South Carolina. Had my whole life ahead of me, until I met a girl that changed my life forever. Now, I'm here." - An example of just how vague John can be about life before the Embrace.
John hardly ever talks about how things used to be, back when he was mortal. The most he has mentioned was that he had family and he went to law school. The past is either a sore subject or something he wishes to hide.

Events have caused John to lose a lot of the memories of his past.


Aside from Alexander Winner and Lexington Parker, John was one of the founding members of a local gang named "The Stacked Deck." During the time he's been in Gainesville, that particular gang had been referred to by different names, depending on who you ask. However, it has been confirmed that he is no longer a part of this gang. A few local anarchs still refer to him as their former gangmate and that they have his back, regardless.

As of May 2017, John joined a new Gainesville gang with four other Anarchs. This gang, called "Union of Liberty," includes Edmund Sullivan, Rick Calhoun, Duke, and Rachael.


Lexington Parker
Alexander Winner
Nairi Riad
Rick Calhoun
Edmund Sullivan
Tiffany Wester
Johnny Meadowbrook


Those who try to kill him and his friends. Specific Enemies are below.
The Thunderbolts - Status: Deceased. An Anarch gang supposedly from Valdosta, GA that attempted to take control of Gainesville by force.
The Harvester - Status: Unknown. (Its demise has been called into question.) A Tzimisce that forced several thin-blooded Kindred into being its thralls, all so it could learn their unique powers.
The Koldun who referred to himself as "Lord" & "Master" - Status: Deceased. A Tzimisce that attempted to create rifts in Gainesville Anarch alliances by manipulating/enslaving elemental & astral spirits.


A girl he met back in South Carolina. Events have caused John to lose memories of his sire.





Character Inspirations

My idea of a new vampire that starts off having little knowledge of what the world really is, but manages to grow past the naivete and innocence and become a competent, hardened vampire.


Law & Order Theme
Matlock Theme
Perry Mason Theme
Falling Inside the Black - Skillet
The Night - Disturbed


By John

"John Marshall, Esquire." - usually said before handing someone his business card
"Why is it that when I'm not around, you always get into fights?"
"How about we go with MY idea, this time?"
"I'm sorry, this isn't the Camarilla. We're Anarchs, and you don't get to order me around!"
"Men like me... well, we just want to be alive when it's all over."
"This city changes people... and not for the better."
"I have no clan, and I'm damn proud of it!"
"Hate me for all eternity, if you so desire. It is your libertas to do so."
"There's no such thing as too corrupt. Trust me, I'm a lawyer. I've seen some shit."
"We will fix you, I promise."
"Wait a minute, you're telling me that FAIRIES exist? I can believe that werewolves and mages are real, but FAIRIES? Come on."
"Yeah, I do want to kill him. But am I going to attack him without anyone else wanting to? No. Democracy."
"How am I being a jerk?"
"Seriously, I'm less than 40."
"So, what kind of Assamite are you?"

About John

"Newbie's a good kid. Or John, Concord, wh'ever th' fuck y'wanna call 'im. What? He looks like a mortal, yeah, so what? ...Look, if I catch you even fuckin' thinkin' about "testing" whether or not he's a lick or one of us, well... let's jus' say the cops ain't gonna have enough pieces to send 'ome to y'mother, yeah?" - Lexington Parker
"You act like an elder of the Camarilla, not an Anarch." - Jimmy McTavish
"Don't vote for him, he's mean." - Delilah Monroe


John Marshall is definitely the guy to go to if you're a brand new Caitiff. He'll be your mentor and make sure you're taken care of!
John is perfectly willing to take the fight to any enemy of the Gainesville Anarchs.
John is actively attempting to make himself a better person to regain his lost humanity.
Concord’s a heartless monster; he isn’t trying to make himself better.
Concord just randomly summons people to him now, but of course he’ll deny it, the jerk.
Concord's been doing some therapy sessions with traumatized Anarchs to help them recover from their ordeals.
If Concord doesn't reject his humanity and walk a Path of Enlightenment, he's going to fall to the Wassail.
No one's been able to contact Concord since he moved to PCB. Poor guy's probably dead.

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