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Gang 43rd Street
Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Hardliner
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Matt Asbell




Alias(es): Jackal

Real Name: Quintin Rhines

Apparent Age: early-20s

Concept: Idealist; Grown-up Iconoclast

Physical description: 5'10", blonde hair, and a muscular build. He could easily pass for a gangland pretty boy or a college jock.

Relevant Mechanics: Dynamic Personality - Jackal always seems to make friends and have someone in the know where ever he goes. His contacts and allies around town are far spread and he always seems to know someone.

Fame 1 - UF "Van Wilder" - Amongst the collegiate mortals on the University of Florida, Jackal is the guy that's always been around. He claims an assortment of fields of study, though he has yet to graduate in the numerous years he's been in attendance. However, Greek parties wouldn't be the same without him and he's always a familiar face in the social circles around the school.

Known History

Basic Timeline: Jackal came to Gainesville around 2006 after his time in the Atlanta Metro area went south. He was embraced by a member of the Camarilla, and brought into the fold, but, as rumor has it, a run in with the Tremere and a general dislike for Camarilla politics led him to the Movement and eventually in Gainesville. There he fell in with Mendoza and the 43rd Street Gang.

Current Activities: Jackal died in October of 2010, incapacitated by Svidi the Iron Horse and his Camarilla allies, who then watched as Jackal's childe Tiffany Wester diablerized him. One thing no can can deny, was that he did much for the movement.

Merit Details: Dynamic Personality, Fame 1 - "UF Van Wilder"


43rd Street


Big D

Delilah Monroe



  • "With a name like Oleander Raincloud, he's either got to be a Fag...or a Badass. I'm going to go with FAG!"


  • Jackal maintains his loyalties to his Sire and the Camarilla and is merely spying on the Movement.
  • Jackal's blood boils at the thought of the Tremere.
  • Jackal's reputation amongst the Tremere is just as heated as his own for the Warlocks.
  • Jackal has a tattoo of the cast of Hee-Haw.
  • Jackal secretly wishes he was a Toreador.
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