Jérôme Ouellette

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Gang Vox Occulta
Clan Toreador
Position Baron
Prestige None
Barony Norwalk
Political Impulse Radical
Path ??? ???
Player Player Name



Jérôme Ouellette, 2019


Real Name: Presumably Jérôme Ouellette, or maybe something less pretentious

Apparent Age: Young Adult (early-to-mid 20s)

Concept: Hipster Artist

Physical description: Jérôme is of average height and weight. He carries himself in a fairly laid back, *Friendly manner, and has a certain *Alluring quality about him. However, there's something about him that just feels off putting which many Kindred have a hard time putting their finger on. He often wears nice, but not expensive, clothing, usually in shades of blue. His glasses are dark blue in color.

Relevant Mechanics: Friendly x2, Alluring x2, Charming x3, Path Dead

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Jérôme was Embraced sometime within the past decade or so in North America (exact time and place is not publicly known, as he's rather tight-lipped about it).

Current Activities: Jérôme has found himself in the Barony of Norwalk, Connecticut. He has been spending most of his time at Anarch social events and occasionally harassing nearby Camarillan courts with his antics. On November 20th, 2019 he was named Baron by the Council of Norwalk.

Merit Details: Enchanting Voice, Calm Heart

Background: Before he was Embraced, Jérôme was a singer in a local garage punk-rock band, but seems to have had some sort of falling out between them. He dropped out of high school and has little formal training.


Jérôme does not currently belong to a gang.




The only thing that Jérôme has publicly stated about his sire was that he was "an asshole".


Jérôme has gone on the record to state that Embracing anyone would be "a curse for both them and me".


Jérôme has not publicly discussed any broodmates he may have.

Character Inspirations



By Jérôme

  • "Can a non-vampire be an Anarch? And if so, how many dogs would be considered 'too many dogs for the Movement'?"
  • "I mean... as long as it's to ensure that people be libertas'ing without tyrant-vomiting on other's libertas... you know what I mean?" Jérôme, to his Reeve Leander.
  • "Is there a 'Path of the Boomer'? Because I think he follows that."


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