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Gang 8th & Odd
Clan Toreador
Barony Gainesville, FL
Political Impulse Loyal Opposition
Path Humanity ••••
Player Justin S.



Ian McBane - Creative Rendering
(Credit to AlohaSushiCore's Icon Maker

Alias(es): ???

Real Name: ???

Apparent Age: Early thirties.

Concept: A new-ish Kindred trying to stay humane in a world of darkness while trying to show the lighter parts of life.

Physical description: Standing at 5' 10" with a slim, fairly athletic build, Ian is a fairly gorgeous young man. While commonly seen with near shoulder-length brown hair parted down the middle and facial hair consisting of a mustache and beard, it's not uncommon to see Ian with a different hairstyle or having shaved some of his facial hair from time to time, even if it does all grow back during the day. He is Caucasian and speaks with a British accent.

Relevant Mechanics: Unlike most Kindred, Ian is not pale. He looks fairly human and has been seen drinking/eating regular drink/food. When in the presence of animals, they do not automatically flee from him. It may be due to his gentle and kind demeanor, but everyone considers Ian pure and innocent.
Fame x1 - Having spent several months in Gainesville using his primary art, Ian has become known as a local painter for the downtown murals.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

October, 2018
Ian first arrives in Gainesville, FL. His presumed innocence and charisma makes him a favorite among the more humane Anarchs of Gainesville, despite a very odd introduction that brought his existence as a Kindred into question.

January, 2019
After getting to know the Gainesville Anarchs for some time, Ian announces to them that he is Acknowledged by the Camarilla. While the news does cause a few Anarchs to become upset, Ian is still accepted by them as an Anarch that's a member of the Loyal Opposition.

July, 2019
Ian joins the Gainesville Anarch gang, 8th & Odd, becoming its first male member.

October, 2019
(Nonclave 2019) Ian joins the rest of 8th & Odd as they travel up to Northern Virginia to hang out with Anarchs from across the country. Tera and Lyra arrive first, with Poppy and Ian arriving the next day. Apparently, Ian had gotten lost in the woods for about a day and Poppy had to find him. Regardless, the gang attends a fire hosted by Gangrel and assist with a local Daeva problem, but Ian was only seen at the Gangrel fire.
At the end of the month, Ian attended the Samedi after-party in Palatka, FL. He was a delight, as usual, until the evening turned sour with the intervention of a Sabbat attack. A group of the gathered Kindred went to fight the Sabbat while the other half of the group went to recover "Stygian steel" coins to keep them from the Sabbat's possession. Ian went with the second group and they successfully recovered the coins. After the fighting, the coins were offered to anyone who had participated as payment for services rendered. Ian sided with fellow Anarchs in protesting the coins being used as payment, as everyone was painfully aware that the coins were wraith souls. Eventually, they backed down, but were clearly upset. Despite this, the evening ended with no violence among the party goers.

Current Activities: Living the good life in Gainesville, bringing the joy of art to the people in downtown.

Merit Details:
Blush of Health - Unlike other vampires who become pallid and gaunt, Ian has retained a flush of life to his skin.
Eat Food - Oddly enough, Ian never lost the ability to eat normal food and drink normal beverages.
Inoffensive to Animals - While animals generally fear and loathe Kindred, Ian has proven to be an exception.
Sanctity - Ian seems to have some kind of saint-like quality and is seen as pure and innocent.

Background: You'd have to ask Ian.


8th & Odd


Lyra Fraizer
Tera Jacobs
Calder McNeil


Of course not!


Wouldn't you like to know.




None that he knows of.

Character Inspirations

Pretty much every character Russell Brand has played in movies.


Fuck You - Lily Allen
Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Rey
Happiness - We Banjo 3


"You're a loony."
"I could really use a smoke and a stiff drink right about now."
"I don't like hurting people; it makes me feel awful."
"When a non-supernatural person cleans up something supernatural and can link it back to our kind of supernatural, that's a breach of the Masquerade."
"Oh come on, you love me."
"Wait, am I seriously the only one still without an eye? Why's everyone cheating?!"
"Ah, it got in my eye hole!"


Ian is some kind of seer, but doesn't like to talk about it.
Ian swears that he met an Indian spirit dragon and had a delightful conversation with it.
Ian is pretty much a Disney princess.
Ian will not hesitate to call you on your rudeness if you insult his gangmates' sense of fashion.
Ian ripped out his own eye so he could experience seeing into the Mirrorlands. That's pretty hardcore!

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