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The Hurricane Coast Free States

This loose affiliation of Anarch Baronies are the second great experiment of the Anarchs in North America.

The Southern United States has a long history of dislike of overriding authority from on high--especially if that authority isn't seated in the South. Politically, this culminated in the US Civil War in the 19th century, and it's after affects are still being felt today. As much as this war was about slavery, it was about what authority the federal government has over the individual state governments. Needless to say, this mirrors much of the political struggle the Anarch Movement has had against the Camarilla.

The Hurricane Coast is an example of what happens when the Camarilla gets caught napping. Loosely held by the Camarilla for most of the last hundred years, it was of no real import. No one was brutally repressed, but no one really found their way into the upper echelons of the Tower. That was until the early 90s. Several kindred, led by a Caitiff by the name of Jenny, had been inspired by the stories they had heard of the Anarch Free States in California.

Big D, the Ventrue Anarch trucker has been instrumental in the building of the Hurricane Coast Free States. With his gang, they've ran material and 'troops' quickly and quietly all along the I-10 corridor from Florida to Mississippi. His ambition is to have the entirety of Interstate 10 as a Anarch freeway, but knows that this might be decades in the making, if it ever happens at all. This is especially true with the Camarilla domains of New Orleans & Phoenix on the route, as well as Texas which is torn between the Tremere and the Sabbat.

The Movement has realized the importance of this region to the Camarilla, namely as it's a large swath of coastline that's uncomfortably close to Mexico. Using their control here as a trump card to leverage considerations from the Ivory Tower is high in the minds of the gangs along this stretch of Interstate 10. The Camarilla may have great sway in Coastal Texas, Louisiana and on the central coasts of Florida, the center region between them are Anarch Territories now.

Map of the HCFS

The various cities controlled are as follows:

Biloxi/Gulfport, MS

Jenny, a Caitiff, started the slow change of power in the South here. Inspired by the Anarch Free States in California, they began to train, to gather resources, and to recruit, until they were ready to take down the relatively weak Camarilla Prince of Biloxi, where the Southern revolution began. They struck at the end of 1999, taking advantage of the mortal fears and confusion of "Y2K", dragging then Prince O'Neal out of his Haven and staking him for the sun. The sudden and decisive strike sent the rest of the Court fleeing or into hiding.

Currently, Biloxi is run by the Council of Nine. Jenny herself is not a part of it, preferring to travel the so-called Hurricane Coast offering her aid to any who ask. Several of her initial rebels are on the Council however. Politics in Biloxi can be quite fractious, but ultimately they have managed to remain responsive to external threats, especially the Sabbat.

The Gulfport-Biloxi Metropolitan area is the largest in mortal population of the Hurricane States, and is a de facto 'capital'. There's a certain amount of ego and pride the Anarchs have here being the 'first' to take a city for themselves, something that often rankles Anarchs of other cities in the HCFS.

Mobile, AL

Not long after the taking of Biloxi, inspired by Jenny and her Council, and if the rumors are true, led by Jenny herself, the city of Mobile, AL, fell in a brutal series of street fights and mortal gang wars. The Anarch rebellion then quickly spread east, to the Florida panhandle and even into parts of Georgia.

Mobile is a traditional Barony, led by a surprisingly gritty Toreador by the name of Robin. Second of the Hurricane Free States to come into being, it was sieged successfully by Jenny from Biloxi. Fighting here was particularly intense, as it had been an important southern port occupied by the Sabbat, who the Camarilla had unsuccessfully fought to stalemates over the previous few decades. The Rebellion hadn't considered the Anarchs a threat, especially in light of having held off Camarilla incursions before. What they hadn't considered was that the Anarchs, while having less mortal influence to bring to bear as the Cam, had enough to cover themselves and the Masquerade, and unlike the Camarilla, they didn't have any problem with actually being on the ground themselves burning out pack after pack after pack. The end of the Sabbat happened relatively quickly when the first strike of the Anarchs was to by-pass the shovel-heads and mid ranking Sabbat and strike directly at the Lasombra Bishop who'd taken up a haven on Dauphin Island in Mobile Bay. While the body count was high, and many Anarchs died in the battle, when the vinculum to the Bishop was broken, the various packs began fighting amongst themselves. This only sped their demise as the Anarchs used to similar cell type fighting tactics, picked off the squabbling packs one by one.

Robin, the current Baron, is a tactically sound minded Toreador who's continued to pacify the city. He also has a bit of a soft spot, and has successfully converted a pack of shovel-head Sabbat into an Anarch gang who are more passionate about their Libertas than many other Anarchs (there's no more fanatical follower than a convert).

Dothan, AL

Everyone seems to know someone in Dothan. It's just an odd small town that way. Not really a 'barony', it's a decent middle ground for the various baronies of the HCFS. One gang of politically minded Brujah have set up shop here to have as their own feeding ground and haven. Whenever there's a need for the various Anarchs to meet up, Dothan gets offered up as it's relatively close to the 'middle' of the various Anarch Domains.

Columbus, GA

Columbus is situated in and around Ft. Bragg and the College of the Americas where the US Government trains officers for other nations armies. This Anarch Domain is under the purview of the Stolen Hours game located IC in Macon, GA. They use it as an NPC Barony, and any interaction with this area should go through those STs.

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola is a relatively quiet city on the westernmost part of the peninsula of Florida. Known primarily for it's naval air base which is home to the Navy's Blue Angels, it's the last stop in the Sunshine State on Interstate 10 before entering Alabama. There had been a small, quiet Camarilla domain here for some time. After the fall of Biloxi and Mobile (and with Anarchs on the march east), the neonate Prince who'd only given lip service to the Justicariate to begin with, and far removed from it's closest Camarilla neighbor, did the tactical thing, and abdicated his Praxis and let the city go. That isn't to say that he removed himself from the city or from power however. No, this Brujah, James Farragut (yes, mortal descendant of Admiral David Farragut) stayed nearby and turned his coterie into an Anarch gang. For the better part of the last decade, he's been the 'conservative' voice of the Anarchs in the area, but has slowly built a cult of personality around him. Many don't trust him, knowing he's a former Prince, but his actions to stem several maritime invasions of Sabbat have earned him a grudging respect from the more extreme Anarchs in the area.

During it's time as a Camarilla Domain, Pensacola's population was always small. Few from the Ivory Tower cared for this sleepy city for good or ill, or sought it out as havening grounds. That has changed with the turnover of governance. Now it's population swells with Anarchs, part of what keeps former Prince James in check. More than a few are former military, and still know folks who serve, which allows them a slow but steady trickle of military hardware that gets 'lost' from the Naval station.

Pensacola has recently seen some strange upheaval, which has drastically changed its internal functions... but even that is in flux. Stay tuned for more...

Panama City Beach

PCB as it's referred to, is oft called the 'capital of the Redneck Riviera', and it holds a similar distinction for the Anarchs. Less a barony, and more a liberty station for traveling Anarchs to go to so that they can let their hair down, and not concern themselves with the Jyhad for a few nights. Popular amongst mortal college students as a Spring Break destination, as the mortal revelers population swells and ebbs, so do the Anarchs who follow them in for a good time.

The de facto 'Baron' is a modern day Bacchus Brujah named Marty B who claims to have come from somewhere in Canada on Spring Break in the 90s, and never left. Embraced during that fateful weekend bender, and now in a perpetual eternal Spring of his own, he's less 'in charge' so much as he's the guy who throws the party every night. He keeps in fairly close cahoots with the Followers of Set in the area, allowing them to ply various illicit trades as necessary to keep both moral and kindred populations 'happy'. What few know is that behind the scenes, there's a war brewing between Marty's gang and the Followers for control over PCB. The Setites see Marty as too high and distracted to mount a cohesive defense, and were he alone, they'd likely be right. Thing is, if Marty goes away, or loses his Libertas to the Setites, the Hurricane Free States will likely turn the party zone into a battlefield tout de suite.

Gainesville, FL

See the page for the Gainesville: Won't Back Down game.

Valdosta, GA

(NPC, part of Gainesville's territory) This once sleepy town along I-75 about halfway between Gainesville, FL and Macon, GA started as a nominal Camarilla Domain made mostly of neonates aping what they'd seen from more 'civilized' Camarilla cities. Tired of the pomp and circumstance, and realizing they'd never get any attention from the larger domains... the court simply dissolved. What remained of the Kindred there were Anarchs of the more 'modern' definition--violent, disillusioned, and without direction.

There is no leader in Valdosta by any stretch, and violence between the gangs here is intense. They teeter on the edge of Masquerade breaches on a near nightly basis, and it's only a matter of time before they attract the attention of 'someone' else that will have to deal with them. Some rumblings amongst neighboring Anarchs is that a joint 'force' of gangs from elsewhere should come in and establish some peace before the Camarilla, Hunters, Sabbat or worse comes in to pacify them.

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