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Gang A Team
Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Prestige None
Barony San Antonio, TX
Political Impulse Radicals
Path Humanity
Player Brendan Thompson



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Alias(es): Gremlin

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 24

Concept: Beastmaster

Physical description: Gremlin is a small pudgy man who's a solid 4 ft tall. He wears simple blue Jean's that are made just for his small body and a black shirt with a tiny werewolf decal that says "hear me roar" with holes in the back to make room for a pair of huge batlike wings that span 15tf easily if extended out. Upon his head is a bed of messy hair and atop it is a set of goggles that seem to have a switch and bulky side piece as if the lenses can change. On his back is a silver sledgehammer that seems to shine in the moonlight. On his left wrist is a chain bracelet and on the other hand is a plain silver band on his ring finger that also shines in the light of the moon. He also wears a single silver earring on his right ear that again shines in the moonlight.

Relevant Mechanics: Short, Speech Impediment, Patagia, False Reflection

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Gremlin has been a member of the movement since 2015 but in 2019 resurfaced in San Antonio after having went on his own personal break from vampire society

Current Activities: Currently Gremlin can occasionally be seen in the streets of San Antonio introducing new arrivals to the members of the local barony so that they may find their place. Otherwise he is a simple man that welcomes anyone and everyone to come to him with stories and welcomes talks about all walks of life.

Merit Details: False Reflection, Patagia, Retractable Wings



Gremlin joined The A Team in early 2019 after seeing the brotherly bond each of the members shared as it reminded him of his horde of critters.






Mike Grimes

Cassius Moore





Character Inspirations


The Downtown Fiction Freak


"Nos gotta Nos"

"Down here in Texas we have this thing called Southern Hospitality... until we get pissed off, then its Southern Hostility. Its pretty much the same thing except with less talking and more Double Barrel Shotguns"

"I will murder people over this dog, I just thought I should put that out there"


"The nice thing is just a facade, hes secretly a horrible monster"

"Gremlin has more pets than he has friends... because people don't make sense"

"Gremlin once cut off his own leg rather than hurt an animal"

"Gremlin got his name because he breaks technology and not in the good way"

"Gremlin is actually just a manifestation of the unknown powers of Budo"

"Gremlin is actually just a ghoul controlled by his numerous pets"

"Gremlin is actually 2 even smaller Nos in a Trenchcoat"

"Gremlin was part of the super soldier program but was tossed to the side as a failed result. Little did they know that he was in fact the successful result."

"G.R.E.M.L.I.N. Greasy Reptilian Ecolover Makes Life Interesting Now"

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