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Gang None
Clan Unknown
Position None
Barony Bay City
Political Impulse Autarch
Player Dan B.


Alias(es): Caspar Esfahani, Ghost, Nomadic Ghost, N.G., The Last Margrave

Real Name: No smart Anarch discusses their real name.

Concept: Maritime Salvage Businessman

Relevant Mechanics:
This depends on the House Rules

Merit Details:

  • No discernible merits

Flaw Details:

  • No discernible flaws


  • General physical description: Casper is a moderately-tall, fit Caucasian man in his 50's. His round face is boyish with thin lips and prominent cheekbones crested by a slightly receding hairline of close-cut, salt and pepper hair. His skin appears weathered and windswept, and his hands are heavily calloused. He smells of fine tobacco and musky cologne. He dresses primarily in dark blues, greys, and blacks, sometimes accented with a splash of orange.
  • Mannerisms: Caspar is generally polite and urbane. Though more often soft-spoken, reserved, and serious, Caspar occasionally indulges a dry wit and a fondness for puns. If irritated, his remarks can get cutting.
  • Clothing ashore: He is always well-groomed and tailored. Often this means expensive bespoke suits, silk ties, French-cuffed shirts, Italian shoes, stylish hats, and subtle jewelry). Sometimes this means a more casual elegance, with sports jackets and blazers, open-collar shirts, and sport slacks. He commonly affects accessories such as a gentleman's cane, fine cigars, or a pocket watch.
  • Clothing around other sects: When expecting to deal primarily with the Camarilla or the Sabbat, he often seems to dress down for the occasion; something he calls 'going Anarch chic.' These outfits tend to be more casual or even somewhat militant-looking. Customarily he appears in open-collared shirts or t-shirts paired with jeans, cargo pants, or even shorts. The choice of footwear is usually sneakers or even boots.
  • Clothing aboard ship: Caspar dresses more functionally and comfortably with deck shoes or sneakers, comfortable pants, and open-collared shirts (or even t-shirts) as appropriate to the tasks he is performing. Sometimes he wears a sport coat if he wants to dress up this look. Conversely, if he's really working, he wears a wetsuit and other diving gear as appropriate.

Public Timeline

  • August, 2011 - September 7, 2012 -- Arrived in Peoria & joined Margraves of Orange
  • January, 2013 -- Got into an argument about bringing weapons into Elysium with Peoria's new Keeper.
  • April, 2013 -- Began clean-up project of Harrison Homes.
  • May 12, 2013 -- Joined FREEP
  • 2014 -- Most Margraves of Orange killed by another group of Anarchs - Leaves Peoria in disgust
  • July 12, 2015 -- Joined new FREEP again
  • October, 2018 -- Seen fighting alongside the Anarchs in Palatka, Florida
  • December, 2020 -- Began attending Anarch Socials in Bay City, Michigan

Known History

Caspar is a private individual who does not speak much about his life before the embrace or even the Movement, but he's mentioned naval service, commercial shipping, salvage diving, and oceanography. He's also made passing references to California, the Gulf Coast, and various other ports of call.

On September 7, 2012, on the eve of Arthur Chandry's seizure of the praxis of Peoria, Caspar appeared on the Camarilla side of the Illinois River. During the chaotic court that followed, it came out that he was recently arrived in the area of Bloomington, IL, and was looking for better contacts with the East Peoria Anarchs and even the Peoria Camarilla. He eventually found a place in the local Anarch society, joining a local gang named the Margraves of the Orange. But then the Margraves were all killed, possibly by other Anarchs in the gang known as Mayhem. Now, deeply suspicious of most others, Caspar has retreated into a nomadic hermit who has little contact with his own kind.

In 2018, Caspar was seen in St. Augustine at a Halloween gathering at which he was recruited to participate in a battle in the city of Palatka. He did so, carrying himself well. After that, he wasn't seen again until December 2020, when he began being seen at Anarch Socials in Bay City, MI.

Current Activities:

  • Nothing observable



  • Autarchs tend not to have gangs


  • Margraves of Orange, Peoria, IL

Known Relationships


  • None


  • None known, but he probably has some somewhere. His sire is likely none too happy with him.


  • Ruby - One of the leaders of Bay City and a facilitator for the Movement
  • Jayce Luna


Sire: Caspar hasn't said


  • None mentioned


  • None mentioned

OOC Information



Character Inspirations (OOC)

  • Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Dirk Pitt from Sahara
  • Jack Aubrey from Master & Commander
  • Otto von Bismarck
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