Exeine Vervain

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Gang None
Clan Tremere
Position Baron
Prestige 2
Barony Victorville
Political Impulse Constructionist
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Scott



Scott as Exeine

Alias(es): Ex. Ex Hex.

Real Name: Exeine Vervain

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: Hot-Blooded Anarch Thaumaturge

Physical description: Exeine looks to be a skinny young punk kid. His hair color and piercings can vary from night to night. He is always covered in spikes or leather, pins and patches, and is never far from his emerald glasses and lucky underpants. He smells of pot and musk, and can't help but stand out in a crowd. Most licks would never guess that the mouthy kid is actually a Tremere.

Relevant Mechanics: Always quick to laugh, or blurt out something dirty, it's hard not to like Ex. His seeming *Sanctity* can get Kindred and Mortals alike to listen to him when they otherwise wouldn't, and frequently keeps his head -just- above water.

Character Information

Known History

Exeine came to California from the Midwest. He is known to have butted heads with his Clan, and a variety of Camarilla Princes in the past before finally deciding to give them all the finger and join the Movement. He faces a hard existence as an Anarch Thaumaturge. Exeine will probably never be fully trusted by his fellow Anarchs because of his Clan, and he will certainly never be well-liked his fellow Tremere. More or less on his own, the short-tempered witch has only just begun to carve out a name for himself.

Current Activities: After entering Southern California, Exeine immediately started to aggressively support gay rights, legalized pot and immigrants rights movements. He is known to supply what tricks of Blood-Magic he can to his allies within the movement. He participated in a raid on an Infernalist cult alongside Uncle Remus and Sean Dempsey, and was wounded badly by a reckless, stupid move by Sharky. He remained in Torpor for months.

When he recovered, Exeine snapped back with a vengeance. His bad attitude survived the explosion Sharky caused fully intact. Exeine was named Baron of Victorville, and now watches over most of the High Desert.


The Patchwork Knights





Anka Hethsloppe




None known

Character Inspirations

Exeine is equal parts Elvira, Harvey Milk and Poison Ivy.


"Boyfriend" by Best Coast

"Hustler" by Simian Mobile Disco

"Take It Off" by The Donnas

"Superball" by Aimee Mann


"Fuckin' for real, NEVER substitute bellengra with Hamburger Helper. Thaumaturgy and skillet food do -not- mix. No joke, it took me a week to kill the thing that slithered out of the pot."

"You know, I really want to stand here and keep talking, but I'd rather just take you home. Let's get out of this shithole and make out."


  • Exeine has a massive crush on Uncle Remus, and will lose his shit on anyone that messes with him.
  • Exeine still has *some* ties to his Clan and the Camarilla. If he didn't, he'd be dead.
  • Exeine is a member of the Earth Liberation Front, and has participated in acts of terrorism against polluting companies and their CEO's in the past.
  • After many years of stumbling around half-baked, Exeine is giving sobriety a chance. SoCal Anarchs are taking bets as to how long this will last.
  • He has a temper just as bad as the Brujah.
  • Exeine is crazy.
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