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Gang The Sons of Odin
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Springfield, IL
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity
Player Player Name


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Alias(es): Esteban

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late 30's

Concept: Backpacker and Adrenaline Junkie

Physical description: Red Haired and fair skinned Caucasian. 6’0 tall with a lean but athletic build. Usually dressed for the road with army jacket and jeans, sunglasses and some kind of hat. Most of his clothes look like they came from the swap meet, and he always wears a loud Hawaiian shirt. Sons of Odin nomad patch on jacket. Often playing his harmonica or sketching, he fidgets restlessly if he spends too long at rest.

Relevant Mechanics: Anarch Reputation: Face; Infamous Sire: Krieger Klein

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Embraced some time in the past couple years somewhere in the Appalachians. Became active in Springfield area in late 2009.

Current Activities: Traveling the countryside, visiting and making friends wherever he can.

Merit Details: Known for his uncanny sense of balance, and for miraculously surviving idiotic stunts.

Background:A backpacker, jack of all trades adventure junkie during life, Esteban claims to have traveled the globe as a mortal, living in hostels, working when he needed to then moving on to the next town. Embraced somewhere along the Appalachian trail in the late 2000's by the notorious Krieger Klein "Because I told him some good stories!" Esteban was ill at ease as a Kindred at first, and had to be rescued from 'accidental' death several times by Krieger and Svidi.

Eventually he came to accept his situation and calm down a bit, although he continues to enjoy dangerous stunts of all sorts, usually involving a crashed vehicle of some kind. He traveled with Svidi and his two childer, Nick and Slick to the Camarilla domain of Springfield Illinois, where they began mingling with the locals while carving out a little piece of territory for themselves. Esteban's friendly face and chatty nature helped forge a working alliance with the Camarilla of the area. Known for being friendly, engaging and willing to talk with anyone has earned him a reputation as the "Face" of the Son's of Odin.

After a brief stint as Baron of East Peoria, his restless nature got the best of him and he left the Barony to pursue adventure as a Nomad.


The Sons of Odin





Krieger Klein




Montel Shame (deceased)

Character Inspirations



"Man, I'm broke. Can I borrow a couple thousand? I bet I could double it at that Indian casino!"

"I could totally survive that."



Hates being undead, and has a deathwish.

Can't refuse a dare.

Is actually a childe of Svidi's.

Is actually Montel in disguise.

Smiling Jack stole his sunglasses.

Learned to fight by watching Black Belt Theatre.

Loses every penny he earns at Casinos trying to beat the odds.

Almost turned into a fish.

Has embraced scores of childer.

He and Bulvi hunt his lost childer for sport

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