Erik Logan

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Gang Knights Errant
Clan Gangrel
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Port Errant
Political Impulse Radical
Path Unknown
Player Keith




Alias(es): Jarl of Nothing, Skald to No One, Hedgehog, many others.

Real Name: Erik Logan

Apparent Age: Mid 20’s

Concept: Skald, Big Brother

Physical description: Erik is most often seen as a non-descript individual with dark hair, save the wicked scars all over his face and arms.

Relevant Mechanics: Bruiser, Scarred

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Erik has been most active among the Gangrel of the Mid-Atlantic for the last several decades. He joined the Movement sometime in April of 2011

Current Activities: Erik’s time is spent strengthening the domains of Williamsport and Bloomsburg, as well as working closely with his allies.

Merit Details:

Bruiser: Your appearance is sufficiently thuglike to inspire fear or disquiet in those who see you. While you're not necessarily ugly per se, you do radiate a sort of quiet menace, to the point where people cross the street to avoid passing near you.

Scarred: Whether a result of battle wounds or religious practices, your body is heavily adorned with scars. Anyone who beholds you recognizes you as someone intimately familiar with pain and violence.



Knights Errant



John Russo

Svidi the Ironhorse

John Stiletto




Jonathan Ashmore

Vincent Methos

Cassie Logan (adopted)

Jack Logan

Many others, both by adoption and Embrace.


Character Inspirations

Herger the Joyous from the 13th Warrior

Volstagg of the Warriors Three, Thor Comics

Flint Fireforge from the Dragonlance series

Marv from Sin City

Bill "The Butcher" Cutting from Gangs of New York


“Seven Days to the Wolves” – Nightwish

"Requiem for Dissent" - Bad Religion


Erik: "Go ahead, you can say it now."
Piscin: "Say what?"
Erik: "'Erik, you are wise and all knowing.'"
Piscin: "You are wise."
Erik: "Fuck it, you'll come around."

"Elysium is where Gangrel go to die."

“I am Taker, Watcher, Walker and Wyld. Shield and Stag, Blood and Fang – By way of sail and oar I have set foot on every continent. I am he who walks alone into the village and is brought tribute. Ironsoul, Ironhide, and friend to fire. Arm of the All High, Brother to Half Bloods, Father of Bastards. "

"I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. So because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth. You can build your filthy world without me"

"I hate to tell you there is no Santa Claus, Piscin, but there isn't. No Waulkrie came down from Asgard to raise Svidi - a Vampire did. No Fae folk stole Kelly from his crib and sent him back 'touched' - a vampire bit him. Kurran DeSylvia didn't burst out of Gods arse with a six gun in each hand, either. Once upon a time, they were scared breathers who wanted nothing more then to eat, fuck, shit and sleep. Same with Max and Bellflower and Me. Don't let the shades of gray blind you." - One of Erik's many tirades

"The first time, what you tried to put in was too massive for my hole to handle. This time I can only say that your technique is both innovative and impressive." - Piscin to Erik, Result of Boasts

"You are, by far, the most paradoxical combination of pessimistic curmudgeon and idealistic pride that I have ever encountered. You have faith in yourself, and you have faith in others, and I'll not believe your grumbling any further than I can throw you." - Said of Erik


Erik is completely and irreparably insane.

Some suggest that long periods of quiet from Erik are a result of him travelling with his Sire in the Frozen North.

Erik is prone to long bouts of Wanderlust.

Erik believes he can cure Piscin of her insanity.

John Russo and Erik secretly despise each other and only put on appearances over who gets to control Piscin.

Erik is really Piscin's Sire.

Erik was present at the the Nonclave battle against the great evil but favored protecting weaker kindred, specifically Piscin, rather then charging in on the front lines. Some say for all his talk, he pussied out of the real fight. Others say his duty to protect his gang instead of seek glory has driven him mad in recent nights and he's adopted a near-suicidal bent as a result.

Erik has a not-so-secret mancrush on Pitbull.

Erik was secretly the model for Sonic the Hedgehog!

Is a terrible Baron.

Erik abandoned his position of Baron to go out West and learn kool powerz.

Recently was killed, and immediately rose from the dead.

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