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Gang None
Clan Samedi
Position Independent
Prestige None
Barony None
Political Impulse Independent
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Echo



Eleanor after a long night's work

Alias(es): Ellie, but only to her friends

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Hard to tell, probably late twenties


Relatively relaxed, usually quick with a joke or some sort of ice breaker. She enjoys a good party, but that doesn't mean she can't be serious. She's Independent, but known to honor her word and her deals, especially when there's a chance for profit.

Physical description:

  • In General: Caucasian, dressed usually in button downs with ties, cravats, or some other neckwear worn loose, and sneakers or boots seem to be her preference for footwear. She always seems to have a bag with her, embroidered with symbols associated with her faith.
  • Without her Mask: Her rotting skin hangs baggily from her bones and her hair missing in patches. While all Samedi look corpse-like to some degree or another, Eleanor looks particularly aged and sickly.
  • With Mask up: She wears her hair short, close cropped, and fairly boring. She has a tendency to choose non-descript features that make it easy to blend in to the crowd. Even with a mask up, no one would call her pretty.

Relevant Mechanics:

  • Medium: Eleanor can see and hear ghosts, and sometimes, if she's being honest, she can have trouble telling them apart from the kindred she usually hangs out with.
  • Haunted: Despite her skills, there's one ghost that Eleanor just can't seem to rid herself of. His name is Richard and yes, he is a dick, but almost exclusively to Eleanor. To everyone else, he might be flirty and foppish, but otherwise he's harmless.
  • Decrepitude: Over the years, various scars have left their mark on Eleanor.

Character Information

Known History

Cleaning up for cocktails in Griffin

Basic Timeline:

  • October 2016 - Arrived in St. Augustine, supposedly as a bit of a refugee, having left Haiti after it was devastated by hurricane Matthew. She was granted Toleration from Sovereign Prince Christine Strauss and the right to reside in St. Augustine as part of the enclave of Samedi under Papa Mali.
  • March 2018 - She attended the Glitter and Gloom event and held a game of "Anarch Bingo" with small prizes to the top 3 participants. All without stepping on the toes of either the Camarilla or the Anarchs in attendance.
  • June 2019 - Attended the Atlanta court, looking to make new friends and do a bit of networking there. Granted Toleration from Sovereign Prince Charles McMillan and aided the domain by speaking with several wraiths while there.
  • September 2019 - On a mission to pass out as many Save The Dates for the upcoming nuptials of Prince Strauss and Papa Mali, Eleanor visited, and was granted Toleration by Prince Spook in Middle Georgia, then headed to Griffin and was granted Toleration by Prince Villatoro while there.
  • October 2019 - Eleanor headed up to Nonclave, where she tooled around with a wraith named Justin, made friends with a Malkavian named George, travelled to 'hell' and came back with a heck of a story. The next night she was invited to assist the Camarilla with a rescue mission that went south but eventually worked out.
Masked example of Eleanor

Current Activities:

Has a small houseboat/fishing boat that she's in the process of renovating, and as always she is continuing to dive into matters of faith and clan. She has also begun travelling some, in an attempt to network and peddle what little wares she has to offer.


Eleanor has admitted to some that she was embraced as part of a punishment for a Camarilla member who violated the tradition of Domain, and has hinted that that may be the reason she refuses to undertake the Accounting. She has also spoken with a select few individuals about her life as a mortal, and once admitted that she was, before her embrace, suffering from a terminal illness (though she has declined to detail it any further).


  • Papa Mali - Mentor, leader, ally, friend, cousin, etc. Eleanor respects the old man and even if he's not sporting an official title, she follows him as the head of her family.
  • Edmund Sullivan - Clanmate, Anarch, booze peddler. Edmund is a cousin that Eleanor enjoys hanging out with, and she has a business relationship with him as well, since he sells the distillery's booze out of his bodega in Gainesville.
  • Sovereign Prince Christine Strauss - Bold of her to count a Prince among her allies, but that's Eleanor's style. She likes the Malkavian, especially on nights when the Prince is interested in a party.
  • Cameron Clark - Cameron is one of Eleanor's favorite people to spend time with. The Toreador artist is relaxed, engaging, and surprisingly full of life for being undead. Cameron always gets an invite to the Samedi's parties.
  • Seneschal Charlotte Cartwright - Eleanor finds the Seneschal to be great fun to converse with, even if it's just to tease her with scandalous sex talk. Plus, Cameron is very fond of Seneschal Cartwright and Eleanor wants to be a good wingwoman for her friend.
  • Primogen Abraham - He may have a bit of a drug problem, but the Nosferatu Primogen has always been a reliable source of information and medication when Eleanor needs him.
  • Prince Spook - Another Prince on the list? Shocking! Spook and Eleanor attend church together, however, and this makes it easy for Eleanor to count her among friends.
  • Demosthenes Monk - Monk is a Setite and a Camarillan who doesn't take himself too seriously, which makes it easy to keep the conversation flowing. Eleanor particularly enjoys discussing faith and business ventures with him.


  • Harpy Kevin Cornell - He's not a bad guy, but he's such a pain in Eleanor's ass. Very love-hate relationship, but they both can talk shop about ghosts and it's nice to have someone to do that with outside of the clan.


  • If Eleanor has enemies, she's not aware of them at this time.


Unknown to the public


She hasn't claimed to have any, but she was recently approached about the idea.


She knows she has them, but she doesn't know much of anything about them.

Character Inspirations

  • For style: John Constantine, Crowley from Good Omens, Librarians from The Magicians




  • Eleanor drives a hearse, and rumor has it there's always a corpse in the back.
  • She's a huge fan of DJ BassFreq and his techno mixes.
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