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Gang Artarcus
Clan Samedi
Position Retired
Prestige 1
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Autarch
Path Path of Humanity
Player Corey



Alias(es): Sully, Ed, Eddie

Real Name: Edmund Sullivan

Apparent Age: Late 30's to early 40s.

Concept: Spiritual Revolutionary.

Physical description: Overweight, salt and peppered hair, smooth uncalloused hands. He has the look of a southern gentleman, and tends to be found wearing causal clothes, and Hawaiian silk shirts while topped with a straw hat. Edmund tends to be seen constantly chewing at tobacco or gum. However, those in his presence feel unhinged and out of sorts, and on top of that unsettling feeling he smells of rot, decay and earth. Edmund seems to wear a good deal of cologne though to mask this.

Character Information

That's just silly...

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • (Pre 1990) - Edmund is a professor at Memphis University. He is a sour, lecherous and ambitious man. After securing his tenure, a debate rages amongst the staff that he stole lab work, research material and and personal journals from Prof. David Wade (who has been missing in the Caribbean for the last 5 years). These claims however dismissed by the board and Edmund is cleared of the charges, after a number of bribes some suggest. A short time after the publishing of his work, Edmund disappears utterly, and is presumed dead during what looks like was a home invasion gone wrong.
  • (1993-2009) - Edmund reemerges in the Camarilla in Savannah, GA. He is a private individual, constantly looks over his shoulder, and seems to be lost and sad. There he meets Viola, a Nosferatu, and the two became friends quickly (and some whisper they were lovers).
  • (2009) - When a political dealing became sour, Edmund and Viola find themselves on deadly ground with the Ventrue of Savanna. After the dust settles, Voila is dead, and Edmund's own sire was hired by the Blue Bloods to do the dirty work. Edmund confronts the court about this, and the stature of the Ventrue Primogen protects him from the consequences of his own actions. Edmund leaves the Camarilla forsaking them and their ways.
  • (2010) - Edmund struggles on his own, lost and feeling hopeless he prepares to meet his final sunrise, but by chance runs into Big D. Edmund is swayed to the cause of the Movement.
  • (2010) - He arrives in Gainesville, FL. There he finds the dead and the Loa waiting for him, and he understands his place in the world and what he is meant to do. He joins the Movement, pledging himself to their cause. He is invited to join the gang GE, which he joins.
  • (2011) - Edmund leads a massive revolt of dead spirit slaves against Paulo Giovanni, slaying him and all of his 'loyal' retainers in the process.
  • (2011) - Edmund leaves the GE, and it disbands. Edmund becomes and Autarkis.
  • (2011) - Edmund aids the Movement with the retaking of Palatka.
  • (2011-2012) - Edmund disappears at the end of the year, and doesn't reemerge until mid Summer of 2012. He says nothing of his disappearance.
  • (2012 - early) - Edmund seems to embrace his Autarkis political stance and begins to interact with Saint Augustine's Camarilla populace and Jacksonville's Sabbat populace. Although it seems he is gathering the spirits from the cities, saying that a darkness is coming.
  • (2012 - middle) - Edmund's territory begins to flourish under the guidance of the Loa.
  • (2012- late) - Feeling that rough times are upon coming, Edmund flirts with joining another gang, The Stacked Deck. But he eventually grows frustrated with their actions in the community and rejects their offer.

Current Activities: Edmund is focused upon forming his own gang, and building the community of the Loa Worshipers.


The Red Hoods



  • David Wade, Edmund's sire, taught his childer everything wrong. To Edmund, that is a great laugh, even the parts where he nearly always died. That doesn't bother him so much. But David needs to pay for what he did to Voila.
  • The Giovanni clan as a whole is offensive to Edmund, who seems to have become an advocate for the dead, who in his view have rights and freedom too. The slavers have to go!
  • Possibly one of the residents of Savanna. He often will grumble about the Ventrue of the Camarilla.


David Wade





Character Inspirations

Les Miserable - The Students and Workers


Edmund's real face.


  • You cannot be tellin' me your backin' down from facin' the Sabbat 'elders?' We are the Anarchs! We slew the mighty durin' the first nights of the Movement! We brought low the Brujah and Caitiff 'ntdeluvians, what are a few Sabb- Did I say somethin' wro- Oh I hate my sire."
  • Ya, I can understand wantin' to kill your sire. He may have been 'n ass, a jerk an' well a murderer. But 'least he taught you everythin' correctly. Mine told me that, 'you might feel the weight of the sun, and wish to rest, but resists it, you can still go out during the day.' I went up like a funeral pyre that was soaked in gasoline. I can still still hear him laughin' madly from inside. I hate that man.


  • Edmund believed for a long time that he was a Caitiff, as another lovely miss-teaching form his sire.
  • Edmund worships the Loa, and spreads their teachings wherever he goes.
  • Due to a few social gaffs and misunderstandings, Edmund has claimed his sire taught him everything about the vampiric world wrong or backwards.
  • Edmund apparently tends to some of the grave yards, setting up candles, cloth and pours drinks into glasses at the head stones.
  • Edmund's rattle has been the subject of debate. Some assume it is made out of cow hide and has corn inside. Others have suggested that they look like testicles and it sounds like teeth. Edmund just smiles at both answers.
  • Edmund seems to be able to speak with the dead, and when confronted on the issue he says he is a powerful Medium between the dead and living.
  • Edmund also seems active in the local hospitals, he often takes graveyard sit in shifts with terminal patients. He reads to them and keeps them company in their last nights.
  • Some say Edmund is not chewing tobacco or gum at all, but a writhing mass of maggots, insects and other parasitic vermin!
  • Edmund says that when he slew Paulo Giovanni, that Mad Dog Boone helped him do the slave master in. However, no one recalls seeing Mad Dog that evening.
  • Edmund is willing to teach his powers and the powers of the Loa, so long as shrines are made in their honor.
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