Delilah Monroe

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Gang Sons of Odin
Clan Malkavian
Position Former Baron
Prestige Fortune Teller
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Meg



I've... seen things... you wouldn't believe.

Alias(es): Little D

Real Name: Delilah Monroe

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: Seer

Physical description:

Relevant Mechanics: Eerie Presence

Reputation: Fortune Teller

Character Information

Known History


Basic Timeline:

1975: Embraced in California

Between 1976 and 2000: Even she doesn't know when she became an official Anarch. Time just happened. Things just were and became.

November 2007: Came to Gainesville

April 2009: Became Baron

October 2010: Stepped down as Baron

May 2016: After nominating almost the whole town for Council, she goes off to do her own thing for a while.

February 2018: Starts attending gatherings again, spouting cryptic warnings about the future.

Current Activities:

  • Reading tarot cards.
  • Plotting how to kick out the Giovanni, etc out of the city.
  • Herding cats.
  • She probably doesn't know what she is doing, honestly.

Merit Details:

  • Oracular Ability - Delilah routinely makes use of a variety of tarot decks to discern the truth, and sometimes the future...


Sons of Odin











Character Inspirations

Luna Lovegood and Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter



  • "My job? You want to know what it's like to be Baron? Try herding cats sometime." - Delilah
  • "We're going to serve them eviction notices. If they haven't left after 15 days, we're going to burn down their businesses, their homes, whatever the fuck they own. We're not going to give them a reason to stay." In a very hushed, under-the-breath tone "...except for a few..." - Delilah, motivating her herd of cats to action
  • The Camarilla are blood-thirsty monsters just like the Sabbat. There is no real distinction in who is "better".


  • Delilah was only a puppet of Mendoza, the then real Baron of Gainesville.
  • She became Baron because no one else wanted the job.
  • Delilah was chosen by Fate; a reading of the cards named her the only candidate for Baron.
  • Her sisters have left Gainesville because they questioned Delilah's humanity.
  • There's another Baron that Delilah answers to.
  • Joe Barclay is Delilah's hero.
  • Delilah started a Conga Line at a Camarilla Party which included a couple of princes.
  • Delilah has been seen in all corners of the United States.
  • Delilah has a small army of ghouled alley cats at her command.
  • Delilah made Svidi the Ironhorse watch a zombie fashion show.
  • Delilah uses Animalism to possess a Gorilla flesh crafted to look like a human woman.
  • Delilah bakes some mean cookies.
  • Delilah once looked too deep into the cards, and lost a part of herself. Since then, she hasn't been "right".
  • Delilah never wanted to be Baron, not even for a second. Now that she no longer is one, she's far more comfortable.
  • Delilah did a card reading on who would be Baron next. After telling the city that Tiffany was chosen by the cards, some members of the movement changed their votes, giving Tiffany the win.
  • Tiffany and Delilah no longer have adult supervision.
  • She taught her dog how to turn into a bat once.
  • Delilah disappeared for a couple of years, only to appear again out of the blue due to cryptic visions recently. If you ask her housekeeper, she was "visiting the angels" during her absence.
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