Davi Falcao

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Gang The Office
Clan Gangrel
Position Councilor
Prestige None
Barony Caruaru
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player NPC-Pernambuco



Davi sporting his trademark sunglasses.

Alias(es): Dave (in LA), just Davi in Brazil.

Real Name: Davi Buarque.

Apparent Age: Later 20s

Concept: Medicine student made Stunt Man made Camarilla mole.

Physical description: A good looking, athletic guy with very few beast traits. He is 1,80m tall, weighting around 85Kg. He dresses himself casually but likes expensive clothes and shoes which denounces his comfortable financial condition.

Relevant Mechanics: Davi is known for his ascendancy over his own Beast through Animalism and that's the reason, he says, he managed to preserve his human aspect over some decades. His main beast trait are his dog-like eyes, frequently hidden under a pair of sunglasses. Davi's combat form is a muscular Rotweiller which, combined to his training in Presence, makes him the perfect choice for missions in areas with many mortals.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Current Activities: Councilor from Caruaru (North-east Brazil). Actually working along with Malakias Malk and Arthur Andrade to expand the local territory by including at least three other towns while keeping both Sabbath and Camarilla out of their business.

Merit Details: Davi is remarkably sociable for a Gangrel; besides his nice attitude, people usually has the curious impression of knowing him from somewhere. He also has an amazing balance and the Embrace seems do have magnified this talent.

Background:Well-mannered and bearer of good education, Davi was born from an oligarchic plantation family, in Brazil. When he was eighteen years old, his father required him to study medicine, in spite of his innate athletic vocation. Openly rebelling against his father would be a risk move, then he invested all his energy in convincing the old man to pay his studies in USA. As an UCLA student, he was able to dedicate himself to athletics and gymnastic outside further parent's supervision and, eventually, those activities became dominant over medicine studies and his class results started to decay. Unable to exercise your passion at college, he started to work for cinema studios as stunt man, achieving local fame after some years.

During 1944, when McNeil´s revolution exploded through LA streets, he was caught by a showdown between Anarchs and Camarilla, receiving serious wounds. After this combat ended, an unkown Gangrel recognized him barely alive (he had professional fame) and, pressed by his dying breath, decided to Embrace him and let the chaotic city judge if he was worth of the Gangrel bloodline.


The Office (LA / Orange County)


Aquilles Mekhet, Malakias Malk, Arthur Andrade, Phillip D'Angola (and many anarchs in Alagoas Free State).

Half of the clan Gangrel along Brazilian territory, including some Camarilla officers, particularly Quilla, the Ghostsinger.

In good instance with local Giovanni.

Some Camarilla members from Recife city.


The local Sabbath. Davi hunts them whenever a good opportunity arises; of course they're not happy at all.


Unknown. Possibly an independent or cammie Gangrel.


Leila Soares (NPC), Andre Aranha (cammie), Helena Cabral.



Character Inspirations

Johnny Cage from the first Mortal Kombat movie. Obviously with more claws and less martial mojo.



"Davi Falcão is an asshole who thinks that his shoes are bigger than they really are and speaks like an snobbish Ventrue." – Carcara, cammie Gangrel, showing some love for Davi.

"You should know better, there's no such thing as an elite anarch." – Davi, teaching his child everyone must be treated as equal.


He is presumably dead after the barony of Caruaru was attacked by the Sabbat in 2011.

Davi is in love with an independent Gangrel named Quilla.

Davi owes favors to the Giovanni.

Some licks comment Davi could be Baron from Caruaru if he wants.

Davi is more loyal to his clan than to the Cause.

Helping his clanmates to track territory trespassers, Davi and three other Anarch Gangrel flight from a single Werewolf, "but not before I pulled out his left hand" — Davi boasts.

Davi avoids crosses, garlic, holy water and other "superstitious stuff".

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