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Gang Nothing so crude
Clan Giovanni
Position Outside of Prefect, Clan Giovanni does not talk about positions to those not of our blood.
Prestige NA
Barony Retreat Wi
Political Impulse NA
Path Via Ossium ••••
Player miillsanthony@gmail.com



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Alias(es): I need none

Real Name: D'Jaq Ghiberti

Apparent Age: mid twenties

Concept: Necromancer

Physical description: 6"6' painfully thin, with stark white hair like Don King. He has Jacob's Ladder's of electricity travelling up the hairs. He dresses in buisness casual but wears mostly bright colors. Wears a large amount of tasteful jewely. Speaks with a Kenyan accent, and is African.

Relevant Mechanics: Fame x3 Hotel/wildlife preserve owner Admits he has been cursed by a .... well he's not sure. The curse manifests in electrical discharges between his hairs, and in a static electric shock to anyone he shakes hands with. It follows him when he uses Possession. D'Jaq admites freely that he is paid by some Tremere from back home in Africa to hand baby Tremere a card that advises how stupid it is to try anything on the whatever that cursed him.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • Arrived in the Domain of La Crosse November of 2011.
  • When Saif Al-Din took Praxis of the Domain (2013ish) a standard fee was agreed upon for D'Jaq to protect Elysium sites from Sabbat, Demon and or werewolf incursions. No contract was offered for will worker problems and this has never been tested.
  • At roughly the same time frame D'Jaq got into a heated debate with then Price Jacob Nazeeren as to whether Violence in an alternate plane of existance when it overlapped Elysium was a breach of Elysium. They quarrelled for several weeks. In the end D'Jaq paid a weregild to shut the Prince the fuck up. He has not admited wrongdoing and maintains that while Prince Nazereen can claim it was a weregild for breaking Elysium it was not. It was a no contest, I'm not wrong but I want you to shut up fee.
  • Late 2014 D'Jaq acquired another mark that follows him from body to body. Any Body he inhabits will gain a set of burn marks on the arms, shaped like circuits. The now deceased Tremere Jobe Xenu claimed that the pathways made sense and would be a working circuit. Shortly after this he began to claim he knew a skill called Soul Forging. He refuses to describe it to any humane looking vampire.
  • Early 2015 D'Jaq gets feed up with the Bullshit reguarding Camerilla members having a demon that keeps lighting everything and sundry on fire, but doing jack and shit about it because 'That's a House Horned Society problem, we need to leave it to them' D'Jaq is feed up with the inactions of Dr. Adrienne Stratton, PhD doing nothing for 8+ months. He begins to look into how to use Necromancy against the Infernal
  • Late 2016, he claims to have developed some form of Necromancy that affects demons.
  • A contract with Princes Warren De Montague, and Michael Holmes are signed to offer Elysium protection to their respective Domains.
  • Giovanni only April 4th of 2016 he is named to his current title. All others know nothing.
  • July ish of 2016 he introduces a Childre to the Court of James Abbot, Prince of the Twin Cities

Current Activities:

  • He is rumored to be working on a project in the lands of the dead, but doesn't go into details.
  • seems to be hunting for Chilre to be among clan Giovanni.

Merit Details: None worth noting

Background: Dear lord, but there are a flock of ghosts that follow him.


I'm not a mafiosa of the Family, I don't do Gangs


Marcus Giovanni Sr. Marcus Giovanni Jr. Trilbey Giovanni Maria St. John Wynnifred Dunsirn Warren De Montague Saif Al Din Rothgar Al Din Sinan Al Din Michael Holmes Kratos Ortez Joanis Brimskill Maria De Medichi


Minions of hell Is on/in the local Sabbat's so called "Pack of Smokes"


Camus Ghiberti


Wynnefred Dunsirn Admites he is actively looking to sire.



Character Inspirations



Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Would you love a monster man Hard Rock Hallelujah


My Forge is Hungry, if that doesn't terrify you then you do not know enough to be worth my time or trouble.

Am I being paid to care?


  • Is rumored to have fought and captured an elder Harbringer of the Skulls.
  • Some dementade ghost circulates tasteful pornagraphy of him.
  • Has a ghost for a wife.
  • Rumored to take contracts.
  • He has a six status Tremere named James Baylock as his attorney.
  • Was granted Personal Domain, which has been heavily and magically fortified.
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