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Gang The Wardens
Clan Nosferatu
Position Baron
Prestige None
Barony Kern County
Political Impulse Mercenary
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Josh



Creeper at the Los Angeles Anarch Event

Alias(es):The Creeper, A Pimp Named Creeper, That Buggy Guy, Mr. Oogey Boogey

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Indeterminable

Concept: Leper Messiah

Physical description:Creeper is a rotted husk of a creature. Even other Nosferatu find him repulsive, a fact which Creeper wears like a badge of honor. His flesh is like that of a corpse in advanced states of decay, discolored and swollen. His eyes are an odd shade of milky white and jaundice yellow. He typically walks with a severe limp, or supported on two canes. Creeper's fashion tastes are...unique. For normal, night-to-night business and local gatherings he is frequently bandaged from head to toe with very utilitarian clothing, albeit it's all filthy and defunct. For formal occasions, Creeper is known for his purple pimp suit combined with a dark shroud and various forms of masks to 'keep things fucking classy'. One of these suits is even made of shredded and 're-purposed' velvet Elvis paintings.

Creeper at the San Francisco Grand Elysium of 2011.

Relevant Mechanics:

  • Lord of the Flies - Creeper is surrounded by a cloud of flies at all times, making it rather difficult for him to be Obfuscated in quiet areas.
  • Parasitic Infection - Creepers body is host to a vast variety of insects, all of them unpleasant, that feed off his flesh and blood causing him great discomfort.
  • Stench - Creeper smells...Creeper smells fucking awful, but you would too if you were a rotting Nos living in a sewer.
  • Long Fingers - Oddly, despite his decay, Creeper sports very long and agile fingers which he often uses to creep out Camarilla members.

Character Information

Known History

An anonymous artists 'toned down' portrait of Creeper. She couldn't stomach drawing how bad he really looks.

Basic Timeline: Creeper first arrived in Los Angeles three years ago and kept relatively to himself, being the lone Nosferatu Anarch. Slowly but surely, Creeper began building a power base for himself in the area and a network of allies. At one point it was rumored that, because of the way the Cam was treating the Anarchs, he was prepared to declare himself Baron of Los Angeles itself. Creeper has had his hat in the political arena off and on for the passed two years, often getting into the face of a Prince himself to prove a point. During the Praxis of Adrian Serra over Dominic, Adrian personally requested Creeper to stand as a bodyguard and strong hand to Prince Serra should the need arise, which he did gladly. In recent nights, Creeper has been the loudest and most frequent voice of the SoCal Anarch movement to regularly be heard in the Camarilla Court of Los Angeles as well as a commanding voice for Clan Nosferatu.

Current Activities: Creeper is currently the Baron of Kern County, just north of Los Angeles. He has been busy setting up shop to monitor and control the infamous 'grapevine' section of I-5 which is one of the main arteries into LA. Whatever Creeper is doing, rarely is he seen above ground except for at Gatherings or visiting specific allies or sources. Most of his business is done in the fabled underground domains of the Nosferatu, which makes him notoriously hard to track.

Merit Details: See Mechanics

Background: The only part of Creeper's background that he shares publicly is how he was Embraced. While visiting the central California city of Fresno, the man who became Creeper was ambushed by an unknown Nosferatu where he was drained, Embraced, and left in the Fresno City dump. For over two weeks he hid in mounds of filth during the scorching hot summer days and undergoing the agonizing transformation into the creature he is now while feeding off rats, seagulls and other animals in the dump. When he had the strength and ability to walk again, he shambled his rotting carcass into Fresno proper, where he was found by another Kindred who took him in, educated him and introduced him to the local Nosferatu and brought him into the Anarch Movement. Aside from that, there is the infamous story of how Creeper received his unique name. Fresno, being part of the Free States, frequently had visiting Kindred from other Domains stopping in for rest and shelter in the event they couldn't make it to LA or the Northern California Domains before daybreak. As the story goes, a rather Foppish Toreador had overstayed their welcome with the local Anarchs and they wanted the Toreador gone. So, during an Anarch gathering, they placed a large X of duct tape on the floor while an unnamed Brujah said 'Do your worst' and pitched Creeper up into the rafters with Potence. The Anarchs lured the poor oblivious Toreador right onto the X, where Creeper promptly dove down, hugged and, allegedly, rode the Rotschreking Toreador around the Gather until they eventually fled in sheer terror.


Creeper has recently founded his own gang, The Wardens. The Wardens hold and secure the section of the 5 Freeway known as The Grapevine, the single most major land artery into Los Angeles. Rumor says that the move puts he and the Anarchs in prime position to squeeze the Camarilla of Los Angeles should they attempt to move against the Movement.

Section of the Kern County side of The Grapevince.


Adrian Serra - Adrian Serra and Creeper have an odd kinship, and are often found in each others company.

Creeper and Anabel Bransford at the Grand Elysium of San Francisco 2011.

Adam Petrovich - A Clanless of some note in SoCal and former employee to the Giovanni. Both he and Creeper are outcasts among the majority of the Camarilla. Their kinship really blossoms when something 'mutually offensive' needs to disappear is short order, and it always does.

Quincy and Anna - Creeper, Quincy and Anna became acquainted when they came to Los Angeles for the Anarch Grand Elysium. Fellow Nosferatu Anarchs, these two get to see and understand a side of Creeper that no one else does.

Illera - One of the few Toreador Creeper can stand, her political power and voice has helped Creeper accomplish more than a few goals. That and she supports Creepers tendency to prank Toreador that annoy him.

Anabel Bransford - Anabel is a Brujah recently arrived to SoCal. The two almost immediately fell in with one another and Anabel is now Creepers Second in The Wardens.

Pam The Cookie Gangrel - Pam and Creeper go back to Creeper's first days in the SoCal Anarch Movement. He's worked, laugh and bled alongside her on multiple occasions and is allegedly trying to find her a cute little honey to 'settle down with'.

Exeine - What's not to love about a pot toking, pole smoking Tremere who's on OUR side for a change? SERIOUSLY?!


Dominic - The former Brujah Prince of Los Angeles, unseated by Adrian Serra. Creeper wants him dead really really badly.

Jenna Phillips - Another former Prince of Los Angeles, Jenna was the source of a great deal of grief for Creeper and he'd love nothing more than to utterly humiliate her before killing her.


Unknown. Creeper makes it no secret that his Sire drain-N-dropped him. Some have postulated that his sire may be a rather notorious Kindred.


Known only to a few select Kindred, Creeper has one Childer named Necrosis and another named Virus. Necrosis has been left in the dark that Creeper is her sire until she proves herself as a Nos and Virus is well aware of her parentage. Oh, and they're both Cammies.


Creeper is not known to be in any Broods openly, however, there is much speculation that he might be in any number of famous / infamous broods such as Family Minos, The X Brood or any number of other Broods of Nos. There are also whispers that Creeper may, in fact, be founding his own Brood in an effort to become more of a physical and political powerhouse in Kindred society.

Character Inspirations

  • Beetlejuice - Really, are you that surprised?
  • Mr. Oogey Boogey from Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Zombie movies
  • Sam Kinison
  • Denis Leary
  • The Boondocks - Especially Uncle Rukus and A Pimp Named Slickback.



  • "You can kiss the fattest part of my bug infested ass!"
  • "What the fuck is that thing over there?" - Random Cammie
  • "Oh? You mean Creeper?" - Illera
  • "It has a NAME?" - Random Cammie
  • "Oh yes he does...let me show you...CREEPER, HE NEEDS A HUG!" - Illera pointing at Random Cammie
  • "Why yes, that is a 3ft. Centipede in my pocket, but I'm also happy to see you."
  • "No, no, no, it's A Pimp Named Creeper. Like A Tribe Called Quest, you say the whole damn thing!"
  • "I do not appreciate the way you're talking to me, you'd do well to watch your tone..." - Anon Ventrue in the Sewers
  • "I don't appreciate the fact that you're not drinking a nice tall glass of SHUT THE FUCK UP right now. And don't ever fucking tell me to watch my fucking tone you uppity fuck or I'll leave you down here to rot and be molested to death by rats..."
  • "NO! YOU CRUSHED BILLY!! WHY?! HE HAD A WIFE AND 600 KIDS! WWWWWHHHHHYYYYY?!?!?! BILLY! SPEAK TO ME! LIVE DAMN YOU, LIIIIIVE!" - A frequent, overly sarcastic. response to one of his bugs being crushed under foot.
  • "Yeah...fuck that guy..."


  • Creeper has close ties to the Followers of Set, and even campaigned with 3 Princes to have them allowed back into Los Angeles.
  • Creeper has an ongoing secret affair with Prince Adrian Serra
  • Creeper has blood bound Adrian Serra
  • Creeper is blood bound to Adrian Serra
  • Creeper has high level informants in every sect
  • Creeper is a 'high level informant' to every sect
  • Creeper wore his infamous 'Velvet Elvis Pimp Suit' to the trial of Tobias Hunter specifically to egg the Camarilla.
  • Some say he wore it to gain the attention of Cock Robin.
  • Some say he got a job with Cock Robin because of the suit.
  • Creeper has alternate identities in every sect
  • Creeper is actually a Tzimisce
  • Creeper is actually a Samedi
  • Creeper is actually Satan
  • The Samedi think he's even too ugly for them
  • Creeper has met a Harbringer once. He popped out of Obfuscate and scared it into Torpor.
  • Since being revealed as a no-shit, card-carrying, dyed-in-the-wool Follower of Set, Creeper hasn't been seen in Los Angeles. Hmmm, weird.
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