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Gang Ashen Talons
Clan Gangrel
Position None
Prestige OO
Barony Williamsport, PA
Political Impulse Autarch
Path Path of The Watchful Gods ••••
Player Tim


Yes, I have lots of pictures

Charles Vain by Keri Svoboda



Real Name:


Apparent Age:



Polytheistic Loner Anarch that has spiraled into and embraced the deep end.

Physical description:

It stands about six foot three, roughly two hundred and eighty five pounds. Red hair, one eye, Tattoos all over (scenes of battles, figures of supposed myth, Ogham, Gaelic over it's body and blue swirling lines on their face), this of course is when it's cleaned up. Normally their is covered in paint and soil from the earth. The smell of fresh dirt and tobacco linger around them. Horns jutting out his skull forming crimson crown of sorts.
It is usually dressed in blue jean shorts to accommodate it's wold legs and feet, a torn black shirt of bands and a faded jean vest. Wrapping it's form is a cloak of black feathers. Occasionally it sports green jeans and heavy construction boots, normally the illusion of Obfuscation is used to achieve this when around kin. Often times augmenting it's voice and details.
Charles Vain by AlohaSushiCore's


  • Comitted
  • Tested

Beast Traits

  • Wolf Legs and Feet
  • Wolf Ears
  • Wolf Teeth
  • Wolf Tail
  • Wolf Nose
  • Wolf Eye
  • Wolf Legs
  • Oversized Wolf Claws

Relevant Mechanics

OOC: I live and survive on Music, more then likely listening and re-listening to songs while analyzing them. It is where a lot of my creativity is gained.

Character Information

Charles under Mask a little less

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Current Activities:

You will rarely here about It's activities publicly unless it is directly. Keeping to the heavy woods of where It roams and occasionally popping up unexpectedly at times, it is never in one place for too long. Much like a stereotype of Clan Gangrel, it seems battle will stir them. Recently those of Kindred society has seen It in the Bahamas during the Sabbats attempted siege of Cat Island, a preliminary skirmish and then siege with the Sabbat nearing Allentown and York PA.


Charles with Mask


  • Ashen Talons




  • Mefus The Bloodied


If you ask, It has lost track.
  • Flint Charlesson
  • Ember Charlesdóttir


  • Nora Embersdóttir
  • Siegfried Flintson


  • Gn'ar of The Many Faced Gods

Character Inspirations


Ashen Talons
Z Rod


"You've always been trying to box with the gods, a shame your arms are too short."
"When I was born the seed was sown, I will not obey, my life is my own, Battle rows, which do enslave me, Exposed lies that enrage me, I don't believe in heaven, I don't believe in hell, Never joined the herd, could not adjust well, Slave and master, it's not for me, I choose my own path, set myself free. I, I go my own way, I swim against the stream, Forever I will fight the powers that be" - Alissa White-Gluz, The Eagle Flies Alone
"Eyes wide open, pupils dilate. Still here. Set to detonate. I see the swarm, the scavengers await."
"Give Me All You Have!"
"Time belongs to you and I. There's nowhere else I wish I could be. Mountains high, dark river flows, the wind will blow, our fire will burn. Rise. Again."
"Through layers of time. we'll live again, forget the past (we can't rewind), we'll be alright. Victims of time, we take our chance again. Our road is paved with pain. Keep walking. We'll find the way."
"The road now continues, north wind, be my guide, wherever I'm going the gods are on my side!"


Vain Chibi.jpg
  • It believes It can speak with Spirits.
  • It is Paranoid.
  • It is a Loner.
  • It is slowly losing It's grip on reality.
  • It is missing an Eye, as for which one... it seems to change over time.
  • It has committed Amaranth.
  • It is callous to what goes on outside of It's own whims.
  • It is in a Gangrel pack.
  • It no longer listens to the wind and the birds they bring.
  • It is long winded and has a flare for being over dramatic.
  • It is make believe and actually does not exist.
  • It avoids cities if it can.
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