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Upload The Ghosts

Concept: The ones who get the job done.

Territory: Nomadic


Known History

Basic Timeline: The Ghosts are only recently formed within the past few years. However the members have been active with in the movement for years. Even more recently the gang has begun expanding, recruiting and training becoming very prominent in the North East U.S.

Current Activities: While each have their own night to night habits, and even have been known to strike out separately to keep a handle on their missions, the group has been avid in uniting the locals, getting them back on their feet, and fortifying what little foot holds they have left and quashing all threats to the movement where ever they pop up and in what ever form. However they have also been spotted throwing monkey wrenches into the gears(or out right kicking heads in) of those who’s malevolent actions poison local domains and baronies, and even more so, threaten the well being of the kine.

Background: Originally a two man gang formed by members hailing from the remnants of Phoenix Ascended, and Bad Company. Both originally hailing from Springfield M.A.. In recent nights the gang has begun recruited new members. Reva, the newest recruit, who has helped Logan and Brody in the past, took a full time role in the gang's activities and finally joining the movement and the gang, her selection of skills has opened new doors to the gang which other wise would have been overlooked. While the gang keeps a fairly nomadic life style, The Ghosts traditionally stick to traveling between several centralized domains between Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Notably Hartford county, Westchester, and Springfield (respectively). The Ghosts seemingly manifest upon night fall, and just as soon vanishes by dawn. The most noticeable characteristic of the Ghosts is that all members seem mismatched fire and ice personalities. Often heckling each other as often as rivals and enemies. Other kindred can only ponder what twists of fate landed these anarchs as comrades in arms.


(rumored Allies)




  • It is rumored The ghosts partake in ritual "death dealing" and cannibalism.
  • There is quiet speculations the gang is actually a front and are really Sabbat infiltrators in the movement trying to recruit younger members to the Sword of Caine.
  • Accusations are about that The Ghosts have had a hand in the murder of former prince of Hartford; Victoria Rowlands.

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