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Were you in our line of work, you'd keep your face hidden too.

Concept: Supernatural auction house

Territory: "...all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory."


  • The Senior Partners
  • Alastor Rowe, Junior Partner
  • Hector Rowe, Chief Operations Officer
  • Ronald Rowe, Business Development Director
  • Hidalgo Rowe, Necromantic Services Director
  • Thaddeus Rowe, Facilitations Director
  • Malcolm Rowe, Account Executive

Known History


"The firm," as the members call it, has existed for some time, although it first came to public awareness in 2015. It held Summer and Winter Auctions, but has since transitioned to an irregular schedule with single lots instead of the previous, sprawling affairs. There has been tension with parties across the vampiric political spectrum. Issues raised vary from selling clan secrets, accusations of infernalism, and worse.

Current Activities:

Rowe & Associates holds periodic auctions of rare and unique items, lore, disciplines, etc. All are welcome to these, which are conducted remotely and such that buyer and seller need never speak or meet. Many interesting lots have sold, most recently Marcus Giovanni's library, a lupine skeleton, a still-living Black Spiral Dancer, and a copy of the notorious Chronicles of the Black Labyrinth.

In addition, their services as brokers among undead society are available on a case-by-case basis. Those interested are advised to reach out to them, as they're easy to contact and known for prompt, courteous responses.

The firm categorically denies accusations of infernalism.


  • More than let on, that's for sure. If you'd like to be one, go here.
  • Marcus Giovanni




  • Rowe & Associates does business across sect lines with clients including Princes, Archons, Barons, and very high ranking members of the Sabbat
  • Items from Rowe & Associates may be:
    • Cursed
    • Tagged with magical tracking devices
    • Possessed by demons
  • For payment, the firm accepts:
    • Souls
    • Slaves
    • Children
    • Happy memories
    • Doing "terrible things"
  • Has offices is many cities; of note, the ones in Kalamazoo were recently destroyed.
  • Rowe & Associates is a collection of infernalists after your soul.

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