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Hmmm.... death


  • Mysterious Dark Poets

Territory Held:

  • Several of the historic residential areas of Gainesville, including a large portion of the Duckpond.
  • A stretch of University that surrounds the Rack and bumps up to the Camarilla-controlled University.
  • A small spit of community boarding the Paynes Perry. The community is based around a large cemetery.


Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 2010 - The gang formed.
  • 2010 - With Delilah as Baron the gang found itself often mired in gathering places trying to keep peace amongst the inhabitants of the city (other Anarchs, Camarilla and the Giovanni). The GE attempted to always use its sway towards a peaceful outcome.
  • 2010 - When peace talks failed with the Camarilla, the gang rallied with the rest of the Movement to destroy the would be Prince and his followers.
  • 2010 - The gang receives an almost endless amount of flack and threats from the 43rd Street gang, who seem to be posturing towards the belief that they could lead Gainesville better if they held the Barony.
  • 2010 - When the leaders of the 43rd Street, Mendoza and Jackal killed an ally of the gang (and possible recruit) Theo Brogan, the gang retaliated violently with a number of others in the city.
  • 2010 - 43rd Street gang falls apart and reforms as the Vanguard, the members of said gang start intimidating, threatening and calling out against the the GE. After much negotiation, a fragile peace is secured by giving the Barony to Rocky Mephistopheles.
  • 2011 - The gang seems more at peace without the Baron title within their gang. They then slip away form the lime light to tend their closely guarded goals.
  • 2011 - Paulo Giovanni threatens Anna and Tiffany Wester, and the gang assassinates the slaver by turning his spirit slaves against him.
  • 2011 - When trouble roused its angry head in Pensacola, FL, the gang went to solve the mystery and helped to stabilize the city once more. They were successful, and have helped their Northern neighbors start over once again.
  • 2011 - The gang assists in intelligence gathering for the assault upon Palatka. During the invasion, the gang is present and fights alongside it's brothers and sisters.
  • July 2011 - The gang splits up on amiable terms, deciding that their individual goals and ideal of the gang no longer mesh.

Current Activities:

  • None, as the gang has split up.


  • The gang was formed when Anna, Delilah Monroe, and Edmund Sullivan came together. The small group seemed to have formed over similar interests, but they were not very open about what those interests were. Some suspect it might be because they are mediums, oracles, or love to share secret information.
  • The gang has almost always taken a neutral stance, wishing to talk things out. However, when pressed the gang has no qualms about fighting and with deadly force.



The Giovanni


  • Building A Mystery by Sarah McLachlan [1]
  • Carnival by Natalie Merchant [2]


  • In order to get into the gang you have to solve a riddle.
  • Only the gang's members know what the real meaning of GE is.
  • The group seems to be obsessed in some form with death.
  • Some have noticed that some of the inner relations of the Gang are stressed, and some are waiting for it to fracture.
  • Tiffany Wester seems to have gained the interest of the gang.
  • Gang meets seem to occur in a large grave yard.

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