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Formal Names: The Blue Herons, Inc. and the Blue Herons Lodge #___, Inc.

Concept: From the outside, this is another community service club like the Elks, the Lions, the Rotary Club, the Moose Lodge, etc. The Herons special charity is the families of emergency workers (police, fire fighters, and the like) hurt, disabled, or killed on the job. The Blue Herons have a small center with a bar, a community room, a parking lot and the like. Seen attending events all over Southern Illinois.

Territory: The Blue Herons formed in Southernmost Illinois, primarily in the City of Mount Vernon, but since Spring of 2015, began to be somewhat nomadic. Rumor has it that they have been seen most often in Flagstaff.



Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • October, 2010 - Gang formed and incorporated.
  • September, 2011 -- Gang disbands amicably to pursue the members various interests.
  • April, 2014 -- Gang reforms... sorta and begins being largely nomadic.
  • September, 2018 -- Gang disbands and members form The Aerie along with Nairi Riad

Current Activities:

  • None

Background: The Blue Herons were formed by some Mt. Vernon Anarchs looking for a bit more of a gang structure to the Anarchs of southernmost Illinois, and for less baggage with the internal conflicts among the local Anarch groups.



Colors and Emblems

Colors: Blue and Black

Emblem: A blue silhouette of a Great Blue Heron lifting off from a lake on black.

Symbols: The numbers 23, 57, & 64.


They are relocating to Flagstaff for some reason.

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