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Concept: Wintering hole for Anarchs looking take a rest and train for the next big run.

Territory: The search for good territory is ongoing. Years of searching the south and west have led to nothing. Now its time to try the north.


Ring Master Robin Marx The ring master is in charge of the day to day running of the gang. Chief responsibility is keeping fights to a minimum and people happy. They are also the final adjudicator in disputes and decides when someone needs to move on.

Booster Currently Vacant, Previously Molly Brown, Janet Free The booster is in charge of getting what you need. Often the one requesting is the Ring Master but anyone in the gang can ask for something. It is bad form not to offer to pay the booster not only for the item but there trouble in getting it.

Freak Show/Strong Man Currently Vacant, Previously Billy La’mor (deceased), Serpent Sal, Bertha the Bearded lady (missing, presumed deceased). Simply put the muscle.

Bozo Currently Vacant, The Bozo is in charge of negative public relations. If there isn’t at least one Anarch causing trouble the local Camys get nervous. I complicated job that requires the subtly to be an asshole without going so far as to be attacked or killed.

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • May 1st 1966: after two weeks of discussion the Big Top is formed. Robin Marx, Molly Brown, Billy La’mor and one other are the founding members.
  • 1967: Billy retires as the Strong Man and Serpent Sal takes his place changing the name to Freak Show.
  • 1969: it was a good summer.
  • 1971: Bertha joins along with Janet. Bertha and Sal begin sharing Freak Show duties.
  • 1974: Molly takes off leaving Janet in charge of being the Booster.
  • June 1976: During a Strong Man performance Billy is tragically crushed by a steam roller. Foul play is suspected.
  • August 1976: Bertha announces she is going to solve Billy’s murder. She completely drops off the radar and all methods of communicating with her fail.
  • November 1976:Janet leaves the movement to become independent Gangrel.
  • 1977: Sal announces that he is returning to his sire to be a independent Setite.
  • 1979: With only the positions of Ring Master and Bozo filled Robin decides to move on alone letting the rest of the gang make what decisions they wanted.

Current Activities: Robin is the only current gang member and is looking for a permanent residence.

Background: Crated in the late 60’s the first ten years where golden. Everything seemed to be going there way. Even without a permanent residence Anarchs were relaxing and getting ready for the next big thing. Then in the mid seventies a series of accidents and poor choices lead to one death one disappearance and two others leaving the sect.


Blood & Zen You couldn’t ask for a finer bunch of violent hippies.


Colors and Emblems

Colors: Red, Black and Gold

Emblem: A stylized big top

Symbols: 9, 6 and 654


Damn everything but the circus.- Corita Kent



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