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La Sangre de Los Angeles: Southern California

OOC Information

OWBN's first Anarch game, Muerte Libre, folded into the existing mixed-genre game La Sangre de Los Angeles. (The Giovanni game Promise, and the Sabbat game Here be Monsters folded into L.A. As well, but that's beyond the scope of this page, other than to say that the histories those games established remain intact.)

While the events in the source material serve as a guideline, La Sangre has been running since the mid-late 90's with its own divergent history. Additionally, the events from the Probationary Orange County Cam/Anarch game Imbroglio, as well as the long-running Anarch game Muerte Libre, were folded into the history of Los Angeles as well. At this point, anything you read in WW canon should be considered deep background.

La Sangre de Los Angeles takes place in the Greater Los Angeles Area, but events throughout Southern California exert their various pressures on the territory held by The Anarch's and the Camarilla there.

Los Angeles Camarilla Domain Wiki

IC Information


Los Angeles is split by Interstate 10. North of I-10 is held by the Camarilla Court of Los Angeles, south of 1-10 is Anarch controlled... mostly. Further north, The Sabbat have expanded from their territory in Ventura county into the San Fernando Valley. They've also taken significant portions of Kern County. To the East, the Sabbat hold the city of San Bernardino and significant portions of Riverside County. South of Los Angeles and Orange County, San Diego is in a constant state of flux between Sabbat and Camarilla. Although LAX falls within the Barony of West L.A, it is considered neutral for travel purposes.

Not a Freestate?

The Anarch controlled territory in Southern California does not qualify as a Free State because no overarching government has been formed uniting the various Baronies and Independent Territories. Some Baronies function as warring or isolationist city-states, while others have found the benefits of cooperation. Ironically, since Prince Ethan Neumann took the throne in Los Angeles, the status quo is the Pax Angelica (so coined by Joe Barclay.) In that time, there's been more internecine conflict between Anarch Gangs than there has been between Anarchs and Camarilla, with one or two notable exceptions.


El Hermandad

Baron: Consuela
Territory: East L.A.

Baron: Diego, aka [Brer Rabbit]
Territory: Anaheim

Crypt's Sons

Baron: Mohammed
Lieutenant: Black Mamba
Lieutenant: Monster
Liaison: Sean Dempsey
Territory: South Central to Long Beach and everything in between.

The Neck Romancers

Nothing has been heard from them in a long time. Suspected fallen in the Sabbat Siege of '10-'11.

The Boardwalkers

A small group of Carny types, scraping out a living in Venice while trying to stay under Louis Fortier's radar.

Baronies, Barons & etc.

Los Angeles

  • Barony of West L.A.: Louis Fortier (Ventrue)
  • Barony of South Central & Long Beach: Mohammed
  • Barony of East L.A.: Consuela

Orange County

  • Barony of Anaheim: Diego, aka Brer Rabbit
  • Barony of Huntington Beach: Alexander Worthington
  • Barony of Santa Ana: Rip (Territory extends south through San Clemente.)
  • Diamond Bar & environs: Red Tooth
  • Laguna Beach: Neo-Carthiginians
  • Unincorporated O.C.: Rooster (Gangrel)

It should be noted that the actual territory in Southern & Unincorporated O.C. held by Anarchs has greatly diminished since the Sabbat incursions of late 2010 and early 2011. The claims made above should be taken with a large grain of salt.


  • Barony of Riverside: Doctor Shalinsky
  • Barony of Victorville: Exeine Vervain

Other Supernaturals


There's a significant Lupine presence in Southern California. Griffith Park is off-limits to Vampires due to very bad Garou ju-ju, and the border is patrolled with extreme prejudice. Garou also hold Malibu, and Vampires also tend to avoid Topanga Canyon. It can be assumed that they are elsewhere as well.

Kuei Jin

By longstanding treaty, the Kuei Jin hold the city of San Pedro. Large Kuei Jin presence has also been observed in Westminster & Garden Grove in Orange County, and it is safe to assume, though currently unverified, that they maintain a presence in Little Tokyo, Koreatown, and throughout large swaths of the San Gabriel Valley.


Little is known about these types, but you're wise to stay away from Irvine. It's also rumored that they've taken over Disneyland.


Nobody feeds at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, or the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. Seriously. Don't do it.

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