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Under the Rock: Rockland, NY

The Rockland webpage can be accessed here: Under the Rock

IC Information

Rockland County, NY

Just a few miles from NYC exists one of the oldest Baronies in the country. For centuries, the reign of the elusive Masons of Libertas held the county secure. The Old Baron, Francois Bardonia, and his gang The Masons protected the few gangs that inhabited the county and established territories and zones for all within the Free State. The Sabbat push against it's borders from NYC and NJ, and the Camarilla's influence leaks in from across the river time to to time, but more or less it's a peaceful area.

Now, a new, much younger Baron has come forth, as asked by the people. The county's long successful and ordered structure has been done away with, and now the gangs answer to no one and chaos has been rampant throughout the streets. The Mason's have stepped back, they have abandoned their public view posts as Dignitaries to the other sects, and enforcers within the county. They make scarce appearances now and are mostly represented by their bloodlines and direct childer.

Without the strength of the elders, will Rockland fall?

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