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Williamsport, PA

For a long time, there were no Anarchs in The Lehigh Valley. Corbin Langley killed them all, for reasons lost to time.

Then, The Lost Generation moved into this small college town in the foothills of Pennsylvania. They kept mostly to themselves. Piscin's arrival in the summer of 2010, however, changed everything. She challenged the local gang's isolationist stance, traveling often and bringing news and visitors in her wake. This conflict came to a head when she and The Sons of Odin, together with the local Camarilla, attacked and defeated a The Club Kids, a Sabbat pack claiming to be Anarchs. Prince Kelly gifted Bloomsburg to Svidi the Ironhorse, who in turn gifted the land to Piscin.

With an influx of neonates recruited from the neighboring Camarilla and allies coming through to lend a hand, Bloomsburg's population continued to grow. Some of the new recruits formed a gang of their own, called The Functionally Insane. Before the year's end, the last remnants of the old regime were swept away when The Lost Generation confessed to treason and were destroyed at a Rant, with the help of neighbors from Rockland. The Functionally Insane disbanded in the early Spring of 2012, around the time that other Anarchs moved in - keeping the population fairly migrant.

This fledgling Free State struggles to maintain its autonomy. Ever since the battle against The Club Kids, relations with neighboring Camarilla territories have been diplomatically friendly, but tensions brew beneath the surface. Its remote location makes it an ideal sanctuary for refugees and new recruits, not to mention the Gangrel and other nomads who wander through unharassed. However, its removal from civilization presents challenges for feeding and supply lines...not to mention what lurks in the surrounding woods.

Recently, the Bloomsburg Anarchs claimed and expanded into the nearby city of Williamsport, which used to belong to the Sabbat and is now watched over by Erik Logan. They work nightly to entrench themselves enough to defend and expand what is theirs in the tumultous nights to come...

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