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Pensacola is a relatively quiet city on the westernmost part of the peninsula of Florida. Known primarily for it's naval air base which is home to the Navy's Blue Angels, it's the last stop in the Sunshine State on Interstate 10 before entering Alabama. There had been a small, quiet Camarilla domain here for some time. After the fall of Biloxi and Mobile (and with Anarchs on the march east), the neonate Prince who'd only given lip service to the Justicariate to begin with, and far removed from it's closest Camarilla neighbor, did the tactical thing, and abdicated his Praxis and let the city go. That isn't to say that he removed himself from the city or from power however. No, this Brujah, James Farragut (yes, mortal descendant of Admiral David Farragut) stayed nearby and turned his coterie into an Anarch gang. For the better part of the last decade, he's been the 'conservative' voice of the Anarchs in the area, but has slowly built a cult of personality around him. Many don't trust him, knowing he's a former Prince, but his actions to stem several maritime invasions of Sabbat have earned him a grudging respect from the more extreme Anarchs in the area.

During it's time as a Camarilla Domain, Pensacola's population was always small. Few from the Ivory Tower cared for this sleepy city for good or ill, or sought it out as havening grounds. That has changed with the turnover of governance. Now it's population swells with Anarchs, part of what keeps former Prince James in check. More than a few are former military, and still know folks who serve, which allows them a slow but steady trickle of military hardware that gets 'lost' from the Naval station.

Pensacola has recently seen some strange upheaval, which has drastically changed its internal functions... but even that is in flux. Stay tuned for more...

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