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PCB as it's referred to, is oft called the 'capital of the Redneck Riviera', and it held a similar distinction for the Anarchs. It was less a barony, and more a liberty station for traveling Anarchs to go to so that they can let their hair down, and not concern themselves with the Jyhad for a few nights. Popular amongst mortal college students as a Spring Break destination, as the mortal revelers population swells and ebbs, so did the Anarchs who followed them in for a good time.

The de facto 'Baron' was a modern day Bacchus Brujah named Marty B who claims to have come from somewhere in Canada on Spring Break in the 90s, and never left. Embraced during that fateful weekend bender, and now in a perpetual eternal Spring of his own, he was less 'in charge' so much as he was the guy who threw the party every night. He kept in fairly close cahoots with the Followers of Set in the area, allowing them to ply various illicit trades as necessary to keep both moral and kindred populations 'happy'. What few knew was that behind the scenes, there was a war brewing between Marty's gang and the Followers for control over PCB, being fomented by an elder Gangrel in the area. The Setites were seeing Marty as too high and distracted to mount a cohesive defense, and were he alone, they would likely have been right.

In the summer of 2014, Anarchs from Gainesville came to PCB, and got involved in the local politics. Seeing only Setites as enemies, they fell into the "Old Man's" machinations, pitting Anarch v. Setite. When the fighting began in earnest, the Setites, Gangrel, and Anarch alike were decimated to the point where none of them could effectively hold the city. Not long afterward, Sabbat fought for control over the area, until all parties were either wiped out or driven away from the city.

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