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Not long after the taking of Biloxi, inspired by Jenny and her Council, and if the rumors are true, led by Jenny herself, the city of Mobile, AL, fell in a brutal series of street fights and mortal gang wars. The Anarch rebellion then quickly spread east, to the Florida panhandle and even into parts of Georgia.

Mobile is a traditional Barony, led by a surprisingly gritty Toreador by the name of Robin. Second of the Hurricane Free States to come into being, it was sieged successfully by Jenny from Biloxi. Fighting here was particularly intense, as it had been an important southern port occupied by the Sabbat, who the Camarilla had unsuccessfully fought to stalemates over the previous few decades. The Rebellion hadn't considered the Anarchs a threat, especially in light of having held off Camarilla incursions before. What they hadn't considered was that the Anarchs, while having less mortal influence to bring to bear as the Cam, had enough to cover themselves and the Masquerade, and unlike the Camarilla, they didn't have any problem with actually being on the ground themselves burning out pack after pack after pack. The end of the Sabbat happened relatively quickly when the first strike of the Anarchs was to by-pass the shovel-heads and mid ranking Sabbat and strike directly at the Lasombra Bishop who'd taken up a haven on Dauphin Island in Mobile Bay. While the body count was high, and many Anarchs died in the battle, when the vinculum to the Bishop was broken, the various packs began fighting amongst themselves. This only sped their demise as the Anarchs used to similar cell type fighting tactics, picked off the squabbling packs one by one.

Robin, the current Baron, is a tactically sound minded Toreador who's continued to pacify the city. He also has a bit of a soft spot, and has successfully converted a pack of shovel-head Sabbat into an Anarch gang who are more passionate about their Libertas than many other Anarchs (there's no more fanatical follower than a convert).

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