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The colonization of the city of Concórdia began with the arrival of Italian and German immigrants as from 1910. Most of them came from Rio Grande do Sul. They came with their families and got settled on the right margin of river Uruguay, in search for better lands for agriculture and cattle raising. They also intended to work for Brazil Development Colonization Company in the construction of the railroad between São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. The main purpose of the construction was to define the borders between Brazil and Argentina.

Concórdia, Santa Catarina State,Brazil .

As from1922, the Mosele Eberle Ahrnonse and Co. Territorial Society started to sell pieces of land in the region, at very reasonable prices. That attracted a great number of German and Italian immigrants who were already living in Rio Grande do Sul, and who dedicated themselves to agriculture and pork raising.

Development consolidation happened only after the roads were constructed. They were needed for the commercialization of the agricultural products, and for exporting wood to Argentina through river Uruguay.

Colonizers, descending from Italian and German immigrants, brought their employees who were a mix of immigrants and the natives. The official inauguration of the city was on July 29, 1934.

Dogelo Goss Place, 1999 .

The name Concórdia (which means "concord, agreement") is due to a peace agreement established between farm employees coordinated by José Fabrício das Neves and the Brazil Development Colonization Company.


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