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Jenny, a Caitiff, started the slow change of power in the South here. Inspired by the Anarch Free States in California, they began to train, to gather resources, and to recruit, until they were ready to take down the relatively weak Camarilla Prince of Biloxi, where the Southern revolution began. They struck at the end of 1999, taking advantage of the mortal fears and confusion of "Y2K", dragging then Prince O'Neal out of his Haven and staking him for the sun. The sudden and decisive strike sent the rest of the Court fleeing or into hiding.

Currently, Biloxi is run by the Council of Nine. Jenny herself is not a part of it, preferring to travel the so-called Hurricane Coast offering her aid to any who ask. Several of her initial rebels are on the Council however. Politics in Biloxi can be quite fractious, but ultimately they have managed to remain responsive to external threats, especially the Sabbat.

The Gulfport-Biloxi Metropolitan area is the largest in mortal population of the Hurricane States, and is a de facto 'capital'. There's a certain amount of ego and pride the Anarchs have here being the 'first' to take a city for themselves, something that often rankles Anarchs of other cities in the HCFS.

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