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Welcome to Bay City Free State!

Known Kistory

Perched on the shore of Lake Huron, Bay City is known among Anarchs as an important crossroads and meeting place where numerous gangs including Mixed Nutz, the Knights, Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast, and the Sons of Odin keep clubhouses. The constant presence of numerous travelers and visitors makes determining the actual resident population difficult, especially during “the Season” when many Anarchs of all political impulses come here to “getaway.”

This up-and-coming Free State observes several of its own home-grown traditions including a monthly Anarch Social, a salon-like gathering. Various residents and gangs host the Social on a round-robin basis. On rare occasions, the Social is held in the Old Temple, the local Elysium. The conversation at the Social is rarely intense or particularly serious. Rather, the Social provides Anarchs from different groups to put faces to names and generally get to know each other in a casual and congenial atmosphere.

Recent Timeline

(Since initaitng contact with the Ann Arbor Camarilla)

  • 2019 - Contact initiated with the Ann Arbor Camarilla
  • 2019 - First Anarch Social
  • March 2020 - Bay City Riots

Anarch Social

The Anarch Social is the 4th Wednesday of every month!

{NOTE: The Anarch Social is a Discord event}

Diplomatic Relations

Bay City Free State has amicable contact with the Camarilla in Ann Arbor, but the free state has no formal alliances at this time.


Bay City is located in the crook of Michigan's "thumb" on fairly flat terrain along the shore of Lake Huron. The town has a population of just over 30,000 people. Bay City is well known in Mid-Michigan for its numerous festivals and celebrations which take place during the summer months. Among them are the River Roar, St. Stan's Polish Festival, the Bay City Fireworks Festival, and the River of Time living history reenactment. Many of these events take place along one or more banks of the Saginaw River, often in Wenonah Park on the east bank or the larger Veterans Memorial Park on the west bank.

General Points of Interest

Bay City's Historic City Hall
  • Bridges - Four modern bascule bridges allow transportation across the Saginaw River, which separates the East and West sides of Bay City. Lafayette Avenue Bridge, opened in 1938, carries M-13 and M-84 over the river. The Veterans Memorial Bridge, opened in 1957, carries M-25 over the river. Independence Bridge, opened in 1976, carries Truman Parkway over the river, replacing the earlier Belinda Street Bridge (built 1893). Liberty Bridge, opened in 1990, connects Vermont Street (on the west side of the river) and Woodside Avenue (on the east side).
  • Downtown
  • Saginaw Valley Naval History Museum - A Museum housed on the U.S.S. Edson, a retired U.S. Navy Forrest Sherman-class destroyer. The museum can be rented out for events.
  • Waterfront

Kindred Points of Interest

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Mixed Nutz Clubhouse

The Mixed Nutz clubhouse.

The Old Temple Elysium

And old Masonic Lodge in town has been declared Elysium where tense matters can be discussed or peace of mind appreciated.

Paddington House

A local Bed & Breakfast Conference Center controlled by a local autarch that is occasionally used for the Anarch Social.

Saint Cassius - The Knights Clubhouse

The Knights have made an old church, St. Cassius, into their clubhouse complete with pool tables and video games.

Saint Sarah's

St. Sarah's is a space controlled by Vérálma, an Independent, but still occasionally used to host the Social.

Sons of Odin Clubhouse

This is the local presence by the Sons of Odin

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Clubhouse

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is rumored to have a clubhouse somewhere in the Free State, but they are not forthcoming about where.

Local People

Outside Resources

A Viking longship sailing past the Saginaw Valley Naval History Museum

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