Bulvi the Wartooth

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Gang The Sons of Odin
Clan Gangrel
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Springfield, IL
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity
Player Shawn Robbins




Alias(es): Bulvi the Wartooth

Real Name: Nicholas Night

Apparent Age: 38


Physical description:

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Nicholas “Nick” Night was born August 23, 1972

Nicholas “Nick” Night joined the night December 22, 2008 at the age of 36

Before the embrace Nick was a traveler of the road (aka road warrior). Nick made money from those he could take advantage of, sometimes Nick would run guns, act as a coyote, or murder people for money.

One night while driving through a small town in Virginia he spotted a man walking along the highway. Thinking he would pick up a fast buck Nick pulled the car over and offered the stranger a ride. The man jumped in and said he was traveling west. Nick drove several miles down the road when he spotted an abandoned house. Pulling up the long drive the man said “Who lives here?” Nick said “Shut the fuck up, or I’ll fucking bust your teeth out.” Nick pulled a .44 mag out from under his long coat and said “Get the fuck outta the car and keep your dick skinners high” As they walked to the house the man started laughing; Nick cuffed the man behind the ear with his gun “Shut the fuck up.” Once inside the man walked to the center of the room and set his gear bag down. Nick looked him up and down and said “You’re an ugly mother fucker you know, and what’s up with those fucking shoulders, are you some kind of mongrel? Looks like you got some fucking club feet too, Jesus your mommy and daddy didn’t leave you much in the looks department you ugly cocksucker.” The man would only laugh. This infuriated Nick so he beat the man with his gun, after several good hits to the head Nick backed off. Nick commanded the man to stand and hand over all his money and the gear bag. The man got to his feet and began to laugh even harder, with blood leaking down the left side of his head he pointed at Nick and said “You want my shit mother fucker”. Nick had enough of this bullshit so he pointed the gun at the mans leg and pulled the trigger, with a deafening roar the gun belched out a large caliber round. The bullet tore a hunk of flesh from his leg, and sprayed blood on the wall beyond. Nick stood in amazement as the man laughed while his leg healed. Nick dropped his gun and made a bolt for the door, only to find a huge fist to the face where the door should have been.

After several hours Nick woke to find he was bound with rope hanging by his feet from the ceiling. The man was standing before him with glowing red eyes and extremely long claw like nails. Without a word the man began slashing Nick’s body. The pain was so intense Nick passed out.

When Nick woke up the second time he noticed it was light outside and remembered the man telling him to take a drink from his mead cup. Nick knew he was still alive because of the pain from his numerous wounds. He could see the floor covered in blood and what looked like twenty five rats feasting of his blood. Nick screamed for help but none came. After several hours of screaming Nick passed out again. As Nick slipped into unconsciousness he thought to himself “Well Nick if god is real I hope he will forgive me, if not fuck him”.

To Nick’s amazement he woke up a third time. He could see it was night again and the man was back. The man had hunger eyes and his breath smelled of death. The man said “Look fucker you have some big fucking balls, look at me you piece of shit! im going to give you a second chance, you better not fuck this up or I’ll have you back on this rope.” The man took Nick’s life and brought him into the night. To this night Nick travels with the Man.

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Nicholas “Nick” Night joined the night December 22, 2008 at the age of 36

Current Activities:

Currently a Nomad and waring in Bloomington IL, Son's of Odin

Merit Details:

Badass Mofo to most Anarachs


Rides with the Son's of Odin. Never backs down from war.


The Sons of Odin








Character Inspirations

Man O War


  • Sure would like me some snake skin boots


  • At war with his brother
  • Killed 1000 Setites
  • Burned down a building with children in it to kill the Sabbat using it for a staging ground.
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