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Gang Mekhet´s Gang
Clan Malkavian
Position Baron
Prestige Veteran
Barony Pinhais, PR, Brazil
Political Impulse Hardcore
Path Path of Humanity
Player Ernani
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Aquilles Mekhet.

Alias(es): Aquilles

Real Name: Aquilles Mekhet

Apparent Age: Mid 30s

Concept: Revolutionary

Physical description: 1.8m tall, dressed with jeans and boots, mohican hair style.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Aquilles é a referência anarquista na região - um dos anarquistas mais antigos do país, e líder do pack na cidade. Muito respeitado pelos seus, é o típico anarquista que os príncipes preferem ver longe de suas cidades. Tem contato direto com Jeremy McNeil, líder máximo do movimento no mundo, bem como com todos os mais importantes príncipes de seu país. Tem negócios com vários anarquistas americanos, e mantém estreitos laços com com os renomados Arthur Andrade, Dona Dica, Phillip D’ Angola e X , do nordeste, com Lè Plic, Joseph Striker, Giuseppe e Montoya, do sudeste, Bruno, de Foz do Iguaçu, e muitos outros.


Aquilles is the anarch reference in the region - one of the country's oldest anarchs, and leader of yours in the city. Very respected by his, he is the typical anarchist who the princes prefer to see away from their cities. He has direct contact with Jeremy McNeil, top leader of the movement in the world, as well as all the most important rulers of their country. It deals with several American anarchists, and maintains close ties with the renowned Arthur Andrade, Dona Dica, Phillip D 'Angola and X, in northeast, with Lè Plic, Joseph Striker Giuseppe and Montoya, from southeast, with Bruno from Foz Iguaçu, and many others.

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Some people says Aquilles has some centuries as a corpse.

Current Activities:

Aquilles is the most famous anarch in Brazil. He can be found traveling almost all the time.

Merit Details: Natural leader


Background: The most expressive anarch in Brazil, Aquilles Mekhet is a tough malkavian.


Leader of Mekhet´s Gang .


In "good terms"


Messias, Tremere, Prince of Curitiba, Brazil [deceased]


Bruce, Prince of Dundee, Scotland

Dundee is one of the oldest and certainly the most stable camarilla domains within Scotland. Ruled by the Malkavian Prince Bruce.

For many centuries Dundee was the most Northern domain within Albion. As such it has acted as a first line of defence from all sorts of horrors decending from the wilds of the Highlands.

When, recently, the Central Belt of Scotland declared itself Autarkis Dundee remained firmly within the Camarilla and offered shelter to the Camarilla kindred which fled from Glasgow and Edinburgh (now returned to the fold).

Dundee faces the North Sea and stands near Loch Tay, just North of St. Andrews and Kirkcaldy.







Character Inspirations


AnarcoPunk - Anarquia

Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles'

Matanza - Eu não gosto de ninguém

Danzig - Am I Demon

Danzig - I´m the One

The Misfits - Die Die my Darling

Garotos Podres - "Fuhrer"


Rammstein - Sonne


Rammstein - Du Riechst so gut


Aquilles Mekhet - red mode.



Was on the battlefield in João Pessoa, facing Patrick de Laman.

On the night of Patrick's destruction the dagger used to kill him was delivered to the Tremere by his hands.

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