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Gang None
Clan Nosferatu
Position Deceased
Prestige Committed
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Echo



Anna in casual dress at the Anarch Grand Elysium

Alias(es): Anna, Moira Kinross, Morana Ivanov

Real Name: Not publicly known

Apparent Age: 22

Concept: Wall-rat, info-source

Physical description:

  • Without her mask, Anna is a little more ugly than most of her clan. The Y-shaped scar on her chest is usually hidden because of some prosthetic means or due to the clothing she wears; which often consists of torn jeans and a long-sleeved, hooded shirt. Occasionally she will wear a leather jacket and a patterned scarf.
  • When masked, Anna usually looks like your average homeless bum or transient student.

Relevant Mechanics:

  • ((Unless you are a Nosferatu, or have the requisite lore, the following information is OOC Only)) Anna serves as the local Warrensmaster, and as such has the status of Trusted among her Clan. She is also capable of filling the roles of Double-O, Hivemaster, Enforcer and Face, and is well versed in the building and maintenance of the Warrens.
  • Necrophile - Anna prefers the company of corpses and other dead things.
  • Territorial - She does not like it when other people (be they Kindred, Kine, or other) are in the sewers. In her (perhaps not so humble) opinion, they are the territory of the Nosferatu, and anyone wishing to use the sewers should go through the Nos first.
  • Eidetic Memory - Anna has a decent recollection of the events of her life and can usually remember even the smaller details. This ability has proven useful on many occasions.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • September 2008 to October 2009 – Anna makes appearances at the local Anarch hangout. In the fall of 2009, these visits become more frequent, and she begins to befriend several of the Anarchs.
  • October 2009 – Mendoza questions Anna’s loyalty to the movement and discusses her history with her. Upon the arrival of an Archon to the Gainesville area, Anna disappears for a time, going to visit her sire to avoid a potential conflict. Meanwhile, the Anarchs discuss and decide that Anna is allowed to remain in Gainesville.
  • December 4, 2009 – Anna returns to Gainesville in the hopes that the Archon has left. She contacts Delilah and asks to fully commit to the Movement. After a long period of questioning by the Anarchs in which she is completely honest, she is Committed to the Anarch Movement.
  • April 2010 - Attends the Camarilla's Global Conclave in Annapolis, MD.
  • September 2010 - Attends the Camarilla's gathering in Virginia. While there, she helped to keep Piscin and Delilah out of trouble and away from the wrath of Kate Davidson. Rumor has it that she was later questioned about the situation by Archon Plaguerat.
  • October 2010 - Helped to host an Anarch Elysium in Gainesville that ended on a sour note after the deaths of Theo Brogan, Mendoza, and Jackal.
  • April 2011 - Attended the "Glitter and Gloom" event in Baltimore. While there, she helped to recruit Phillip Bankrofte to the Movement by pointing out the fact that several of his complaints with the Camarilla were not problems he'd have among the Anarchs.
  • May 20, 2011 - Nearly dies at the hands of her best friend, Delilah, but is saved by their gangmate, Edmund. Delilah had been taken over by an outside influence and forced to attack Anna.
  • June 17, 2011 - Hosts a game of 9s for the local Anarchs. After an unexpected incident involving dragon's breath rounds cuts the game short, Anna turns to Baron Void for resolution to her growing conflict with Coop.
  • September 2-5, 2011 - Attends the Camarilla Nonclave event in Virginia. While there, she attends a Nosferatu wedding and is seen having a long discussion with Phillip.
  • September 16-17, 2011 - Seen at the grand Elysium in New Orleans, she was vocal about how the Anarch representatives should be chosen and supported the idea of the Movement taking the opportunity to remind the Camarilla and the Sabbat that the Anarchs are their own sect.
  • December 2011 - Assists in a raid on the Meade Ministries bank, where the Gainesville barony recovers the torpid forms of ancient, Native American kindred.
  • October 2012 - Old debts were called in, and Anna was absconded by the Sabbat and killed in a Wyld Hunt for daring to leave the Sect. This has caused MAJOR ripples locally, as the Anarchs have seen the truest hypocrisy of the "freedom" of the Sabbat.

Current Activities:

  • Gathering information on everything she can set her mind to.
  • Trying to be a good Sweeper for Gainesville while balancing her own projects with the time required by the job.
  • Deciding what to do about the torpid kindred recovered from Meade.
  • Laying low while Meade's saint-hunting vamps are on the prowl in Gainesville.


  • Anna's background is still shadowed in some secrecy. It is not something she talks about openly, but some of the Anarchs are aware of her roots. Despite the fact that she’s jumped ship from the Sabbat, they've accepted her in and offered protection. In return, she’s given them information she normally would not have shared.


Anna was originally a member of GE, but the group split on amiable terms after deciding that their interests were no longer shared.

Currently she is without a gang, though rumors have circulated that she's been asked to join several and is considering her options.


  • Delilah Monroe – I never had trouble being honest with her, and she respected me for that and didn’t ask questions that she didn’t want the answers to. When she decided to kick all the other sects out of her territory, she said I was cool enough to stay, even if I hadn’t jumped ship.
  • Edmund Sullivan - Edmund's dark like me, what other reason do I need to like him?
  • Tiffany Wester - I'm the Giles to her Buffy, but more than that, I try to look after her and make sure she's prepared for anything that she crosses in her path. I know this life wasn't her choice, but I think she's done a great job in making the best of it.
  • Phillip Bankrofte - I've got a soft spot for the Malk. He reminds me of myself, but at the same time he's a much better person than I am so in some ways I look up to him.
  • Svidi - He's a good friend and an extremely loyal Anarch. He and his gang have been there to support the Gainesville barony every time that we have asked, without expecting anything in return. I know some people get rubbed the wrong way by him, but I will always trust Svidi to have my back.
  • Quincy - He's hilarious to be around, and he's a clanmate. Can't complain about this guy.
  • Jakkie - She's a good kid, got her head on right. I'm glad she's in Gainesville.
  • Coop - I have a love-hate relationship with Coop, and lately it's been mostly hate.
  • Piscin - She's been honest with me, even when we've been disagreeing on a subject or two. I had reservations about her at the start, but I've grown to trust her after seeing her commitment.
  • John Russo (in torpor)- John dealt with me very fairly, and though I often butted heads with him due to his misrepresentations of my opinions, I knew he had my back in the end.
  • Mendoza (deceased) – Despite my involvement with his death, I still consider him to have been an ally, and I am sorry with the way things went.

Known Business Associates

  • Archon Erkan Mahir - Anna has been known to operate with the Archon in a pleasant enough manner. She holds him very strictly to the treaty that has been worked out with the Gainesville citizens.
  • Maury - Most people assume that the two Nosferatu have a close relationship, but Anna maintains that she treats him no different than she would treat any other Cammarilla member. She is, however, a staunch supporter of his being allowed to maintain domain at the University and keeping the Gainesville treaty alive.
  • Prince Nathlar Shadowbourne - Although the details of their business arrangement is not fully known by anyone, she has visited his Domain in the past and maintains hospitality there.


  • Those idiots foolish enough to try to run my life for me.
  • Most Sabbat, especially those of the Ocala diocese.
  • Followers of Set, though not necessarily all Setites.


  • Zero



Character Inspirations



  • "We're creatures of the underworld, we can't afford to love." - Zidler from Moulin Rouge
  • "We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world. I've witnessed first hand the power of ideas, I've seen people kill in the name of them, and die defending them..." - Evey from V for Vendetta

By Anna

  • "I know I’ll die someday, but I guarantee I’ll know about it before you even plan it."
  • "They violated my home, of course I'm going to kill them. It's called the Castle Law, even the mortals understand the concept. You enter someone's house uninvited, you get shot in the fucking face."
  • "As those who have lived already, we have nothing to fear."
  • "Some people think the Anarchs have to attack the Cam directly and violently to bring the tower down. I like more subversive methods that let people wake up and think on their own. It's not about fists, it's about ideas."
  • "I used to think kindred couldn't change, at least not fundamentally. Then I met the Anarchs."

About Anna

  • "She got me into the movement, and she's got bigger balls than any cammie who ever lived. She also puts up with my drunken behavior, so it's possible she deserves a medal..." - Phillip Bankrofte
  • Phillip: "..Right, so, Delilah, please remind me not to get on Anna's bad side." Delilah looks wide-eyed and animated: "Duuuuude, totally! I can't even fathom how bad it'd be. You'd hide in fear waiting for her to find you, which she knows that you know that she knows where you are, so she waits patiently for you to hang yourself out of fear of her finding you before you can control your own death. Then she will neatly take your body from the hidey hole, invite the corpse for tea at the parlor, have it write a few blogs until the fingers rot off, then feed the rest to the alligators across a few swamps. And that's the easy route."


  • Anna can get you information on anything.
  • Anna has many contacts among construction workers.
  • She jumped ship from the Sabbat because she was afraid of becoming the subject of a back alley diablerie.
  • She has been offered Acknowledgement by several Princes, no strings attached.
  • She's a member of an unnamed gang whose purpose is to gather information and create contingency plans for dealing with high profile Anarchs should they ever go rogue.
  • Several gangs have approached her about joining their ranks now that she's no longer a member of GE.
  • Anna was executed by the Sabbat in Ocala, in October 2012.
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