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The OWbN Anarch Gazetteer

Baronies & Free States in OWBN

The Barony is the traditional name for Anarch territories. Not all Anarchs like the name, thinking it's too close to the whole "nobility" thing that the Princes of the Camarilla seem to ape badly. Others find it to be a subtly sarcastic dig at the Camarilla, much like the title of Baron is meant to be. Regardless, it is the traditional title and is most commonly used to refer to Anarch turf. Just keep in mind not every Anarch likes, or even uses, the name or even the 'structure.'

The following is a 'living document' and may be updated from time to time as games and players influence actions in and around these areas. As this portion is 'non-binding', look in from time to time to check on changes or check

If you have Anarch aspects of your game, feel free to use the following link to add information, and we’ll edit it in here for you: Anarch Territory

North America


El Dorado Hills, CA (Sacramento by Night)

This affluent, unincorporated community really does not fit the stereotypical area most Anarchs call home. The location sits at the heart of the small area claimed by the local Anarchs, bordered to the West by Folsom, the North by Folsom Lake, the East by small communities until reaching the City of Placerville, with lupine territory beyond and to the South with a veritable no-mans land of sparsely populated hills. This particular place was chosen by the Anarchs due to its out of the way local and general attitude of the population for minding their own business.

It is the site of the Omega Gun Club. An indoor shooting range created by the Omega Corp, who caters to the Camarilla and Anarch community, who wish to have a place to go blow off steam, test their newest ballistic creations and generally mingle. The nominal Baron was the Brujah, Harrison Smith, who never officially took the title, recently the Anarch known as Uncle Remus took the title officially, with the hopes of increasing the neutral opinions of the local Anarchs to a better light, from their Camarilla neighbors.

Recently, in June of 2014, an attack on the Omega Gun Club from unknown, but suspected Sabbat, assailants lead to the destruction of the facilities, the torpor of Harrison Smith, and a relocation of the remaining Anarchs to the formerly Anarch city of F airfield California. As of this update, Baron Uncle Remus has yet to have made any comments or movements on behalf of the Movement, a situation that is not lost on the locals.

Fairfield, CA (Sacramento by Night)

Fairfield was once a thriving Anarch city. However, when the Movement began to expand, creating the Free State, many of the members of the Movement left to be part of the action. Eventually the remaining members moved to the unincorporated area of El Dorado Hills to the North East.

Recently, there was an assault on the Anarchs of El Dorado Hills, causing a few deaths, but most importantly, the torpor of one of their top figures, Harrison Smith. The fallback was to Fairfield, in the hopes that who ever was the cause of the attack would think twice about following those remaining Anarchs through the Camarilla Domain of Sacramento. The plan did not work as intended and up to this point the Anarchs are playing a game of cat and mouse with an unknown group of Kindred with in the city of Fairfield.


The city is Anarch as is most of Kern County. East of LA and the OC, Riverside is nominally Anarch, though it's really debatable who is in charge, between Baron Danny, the Sabbat, the nearby Giovanni of Promise and the supposedly mythical 'werewolves.'

Los Angeles, CA (La Sangre de los Angeles/Muerte Libre)

The Sabbat were overcome and the Camarilla installed its domain in what's essentially the northern half of Los Angeles County. Local Anarch leaders fought for a hard border, which became the 10 Freeway. The relationship started tempestuous, and has had flare-ups, but the Camarilla Domain and Los Angeles Anarchs have coexisted without war, understanding that they have sometimes had to be allies of convenience. Or at the least not engaged in open warfare with each other or the Sabbat would destroy them both.

Los Angeles consists of six Baronies.

The Barony of East Los Angeles remains the bastion of El Hermandad, the biggest Anarch gang in the Free States. Salvador, the former leader, has left to help Anarchs elsewhere and the gang is now led by Consuela who some claim has always been the gang’s true leader. El Hermandad’s territory includes Latino-heavy Pico Rivera, Downey, Norwalk, and Montebello as well as East Los Angeles proper. It is the least friendly barony to outsiders, particularly the Camarilla, and members of the gang have started to push for war against the Tower again.

The Barony of West Los Angeles consists of Venice, Culver City, parts of West L.A., Inglewood, Hawthorne, El Segundo, and Marina del Rey, including LAX and the Anarch Elysium known only as the Coffee Shop. Relatively peaceful compared to other baronies, there has been some unrest as of late due to the Barony of Torrance splitting off. The current Baron is known as Uncle Remus, though some say that another Anarch is actually running the show.

The Barony of Torrance for many years was part of the Barony of West Los Angeles, but as of late it has separated. It isn’t certain why the Baronies split, but many point to the close ties that Uncle Remus keeps with the Camarilla. The Baron of Torrance is Skippy Hate, a Brujah that no one had heard of until recently.

The Barony of South Central was part of the Barony of Los Angeles until the Camarilla pushed hard for more attention after a rift between the worlds of the living and dead seemed to fester in Compton. Conor MacMorna stepped up to lead Anarchs and allies to rectify the problems. The place, which is the former territory of the Crypt's Sons, has seen a lot of turmoil and renewed gang warfare among the mortal population. It seems destined to fall back into chaos unless someone steps up to take the place of MacMorna with him going turncoat. There are even rumors of a rejuvenated Crypt’s Sons, with a new leader.

The Barony of San Gabriel is led by Toreador artiste Kristo, but with strong influences by El Hermandad. Generally insular, the barony stays out of conflicts but follows the lead of the Barony of East Los Angeles.

The Barony of Diamond Bar doesn't have much to offer except access to Raging Waters, but the gang there led by Red Tooth is willing to fight for it and has. Luckily for those who favor stability, Red Tooth tends to stay in his territory unless he's needed elsewhere. It's rumored that the katana he carries and the bike he rides both belonged to Camarilla members - trophies from the early days of the agreement when the sides were more antagonistic.

The Barony of Long Beach was retaken by a former Brujah primogen in the Camarilla territory, Mr. Black. He disappeared a few years back, only to be claimed by Tom Jennings, another former Brujah primogen. There were rumors that the Anarchs lost the territory to the Cathayans in a Fast and Furious-style street race, but it seems entirely unfounded. In recent months however, a small Camarilla contingent has laid claim to Domain in Long Beach and as yet, the Anarchs have been unable to dislodge them. As it stands right now, no Prince or Baron can really lay claim to the second largest city in Los Angeles.

Marysville, CA

Minor hub of Anarch presence. Entrenched around known Sabbat territory, the few gangs it has, have managed to steer away the roaming packs for the time being. A word of advice from the local Baron Pipes "If ya don' wan' no problems, call me. If ya wan' problems with me or those maniacs that call themselves Sabbat, then don' call me. We live rough nights here"

Orange County, CA (Muerte Libre)

Just as Los Angeles started to settle into its agreement between the Camarilla and Anarchs, Orange County was hit again by the Sabbat, leading in from San Diego. The toehold won by the Camarilla in Los Angeles was noted, and opportunistic members of the Ivory Tower were quick to lend their support to the local Anarchs. When the threat was squashed, local Anarchs were pushed out as the ranks of the Camarilla swelled. Deals were broken and domination was the obvious goal. It caused Jeremy MacNeil to return back to Southern California to organize another revolt. It took 47 minutes for the Anarchs to take the entirety of the county back, killing the Domain nearly to a man. And it sent a loud message.

The Barony of Anaheim was the first to pull out of chaos and into a real Barony. An elder Malkavian named Herzog who ascribed to Anarch ideals outmaneuvered another elder, R.I.P., to claim the territory. Herzog was later apparently killed via mob of Brujah torch-wielding villagers, though his successor was his devotee, Lauren Galloway, rather than R.I.P. There is a rumor that he has somehow managed to cheat death, or faked it in the first place, and now resides in the body of Gangrel leader Dan Keller.

The Barony of Santa Ana has been under the reins of Johnny Chang for a few years now. It has a heavy Latino population that's influenced by the local kindred gang, Los Malditos, which is actually larger than Johnny's gang, the Architects of Freedom.

The Barony of Huntington Beach has gone through many hands and Barons, including the "Department of Beachfront Security", the Architects of Freedom, Da Villans, the Knights of Retribution, and a few others that are barely memorable, not to mention the Cathayans. It's long been the weak link in Orange County. Huntington Beach is currently in chaos.

South Orange County - everything Irvine down - was carved out as Gangrel territory, headed by Dan Keller. Sometimes they claim to be Anarchs, but mostly everyone knows they're Independent. Any Independent or Anarch Gangrel are welcome as long as they recognize whose territory it is. Current word on the street is that Keller may be dead and if true, it's not clear who has stepped up to take his place.

Orland, CA and The Eastern Barrio of New Haven, CA (New Haven/Chico, CA territory)

For areas that are Anarch friendly and that Anarchs can possibly be from apart from those above: The Emerald Triangle - which includes the Northern half of Mendocino County, Humboldt County, and Trinity County. The Prince there Adrastia has declared that no Anarchs are to be harmed in her domain. Those caught breaking the Masquerade are to be brought to her. There is a small bar owned by Anarchs in downtown New Haven, called "One Last Shot." They've had Tolerance there since Prince Patron or about a year and a half. There's 3-4 Anarchs residing there these days.

Southern California

The Anarch Free States became the Mecca of the Movement after the Revolt led by Jeremy MacNeil and Salvador Garcia in December of 1944. They took control of Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Behind the scenes, things got more and more factionalized as the decades progressed until it was too volatile to prevent outside forces from breaking up the Free States.

The Sabbat hit hard, dominating San Diego and running north as the Crypt's Sons destabilized Los Angeles further. The Anarchs who were left, led by MacNeil and acting El Hermandad generalissimo Gregory Consuela, were forced begrudgingly to turn to the Camarilla for help against the terror of the Sabbat. The price, of course, was a piece of LA.


Brandon, Manitoba, Canada (Gimli Chronicle Territory)

In real life it is the second biggest city in Manitoba. In OWBN it is the third biggest in Manitoba. The Baron Jean Harvest leads a small coterie or gang of mostly Brujah, but also a stereotypically 'Goth' Toreador with surprising abilities.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Gimli Chronicle Territory)

Several years ago, the Camarilla aided the Anarchs in removing the Sabbat from the city, but little has been heard since. It is unclear what the current situation is, though it is assumed to still be held by Anarchs.

The Mid-Atlantic

Delaware (Philadelphia: Nusquam Territory)

Delaware is entirely Anarch, but major centers of activity are Newark, Wilmington, Dover and the Rehoboth area in the summer. In 2008, a Brujah named David Griffin--known to be a tactician and orator embraced during the Civil War-- gathered a large group of Brujah and other Anarchs together to pressure the then-Prince of Philadelphia, a Ventrue named Tony Angelo to give up Northern Delaware to them. After a much less tense talk with Baltimore, they were able to claim the rest of Delaware as well. The only requirement in the deal was that the Anarchs must stand firm against any Sabbat incursions (especially from New Jersey).

Loudon County, VA (NVA chronicle)

A Free State of the Anarchs, non-Sabbat Gangrel, and non-Sabbat Brujah on the East Coast, this is the home of both Krieger Klein and Svidi the Ironhorse, two of the oldest Anarchs still visibly active east of the Mississippi. It has withstood several Sabbat assaults and even grown as Krieger and Svidi make deals with the Camarilla to vanquish their joint Sabbat foes. Loudon County was a Gangrel Free State until Svidi The Ironhorse arrived. Svidi added that all Anarchs, non Sabbat Gangrel, and non Sabbat Brujah were welcome within the borders of Loudon County. While Svidi is rarely seen within Loudon County. Kreiger's deeds and presence are often felt in the region, as well as the Brujah Jack Twist. The hospitality of Loudon County to its visitors is well known, even others not welcome to live within the borders are granted three nights stay before they must move on.

Southern Maryland (SMD Chronicle)

The area of Southern Maryland, west of the Chesapeake Bay, and south of (but including) Waldorf is known Anarch Territory in this state.Southern Maryland south of Waldorf is considered to be Anarch territory. For years the Baron, Sue (male) was the leader of the Anarchs in the area and had relatively good relations with the Camarilla to the north. In August of 2011 a group of more radical anarchs moved into the area bringing a fire to the local Anarchs. Meanwhile the Camarilla decided that it was their perogative to decide who and how the Anarchs would behave and attacked the Anarchs while they were out and about killing some of the local Anarchs and causing both the new and old leadership to pull back. In the aftermath the local gangs have formed a council that is still finding its feet with Philip, Vicki, Maurice and Ricardo.

The Midwest

Cedar Falls, Iowa

The nearby small town of Dyke has been an Anarch sanctuary for some time now. Frankie Harris, a Brujah, has been Baron for the past several years.

East Peoria Area, IL (TSM)

Everything east of the Illinois River in this region has been claimed or in contention by the Anarchs for the last decade. During their sojourn in Illinois the Ironhorse Gang destroyed all the Sabbat and Setites that were in the region, and set up a base of operations in East Peoria It is rumored they even built the Paradise Casino to fund their wars against the Sabbat in the region. Many remember the wild parties they threw at Club Cabaret for any visitors who were passing through. When they pulled out and headed to the east coast a few gangs stayed behind, and the Giovanni, Setites, and Sabbat muscled their way back in the region. It is rumored that in the last few months a very charismatic Anarch of great power drove all of the Sabbat packs from the region. Word also has it that a chapter of the Sons of Odin has returned to retake what was lost, and is led by the Brujah childe of Kreiger Klein by the name of Esteban. Word of a Camarilla Neo-Nazi Ventrue Prince has also surfaced in the last six months. This region appears to still be a melting pot of all the major sects. Time will tell if the Anarchs of the region can regain all of the territory they once held.

Kenosha, WI

Historically, the Domain of Kenosha is composed of Kenosha and Racine Counties, in southeastern Wisconsin. Traditionally, Sturtevant, one of Racine's suburbs, has been Anarch territory. Former Prince Kharne once ran them out of Sturtevant and took away their territory, but a Camarilla Brujah, Oliver Freigh, secured Sturtevant as his own personal domain under Kharne and moved the Anarchs back in. Since then, the Anarchs have aided the Camarilla against the Sabbat as per the Convention of Thorns, and in doing so negotiated for more territory, recently adding the town of Union Grove (also in Racine County) to their territory. To date, Oliver Freigh remains the Kenosha Camarilla's liaison to the local Anarchs.

Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee territory)

Milwaukee has an NPC Anarch territory that is held over by an Anarch Ventrue. Like many Anarch domains in the middle of Camarilla strongholds, it is a war zone. The Anarchs aid the Gangrel elders of the Anubi in their fight against the Lupines. There is a large motel that everyone is allowed to stay at and it's on the outskirts of town. It is considered a "safe house."

Mt. Vernon, IL

Mt Vernon is a nexus for Anarch activity. Elements from all across America are said to cross paths here. This area is a major intersection of Interstate highway travel, so the Anarchs stepped in to take control. The largest contingent is Roger Wachowski's gang, known loosely by their motorcycle gang affiliations. It should be noted that many Baronies sprang from initial discussions and plans of attack that took place here under Roger's influence. Roger is known as an old Brujah who fought in the Revolt.

Northern Kentucky (Cincinnati chronicle Territory)

Northern Kentucky's Baron is just simply known as Alex of clan Brujah. A place of note in Covington, Kentucky is the bar that he runs that also doubles as an Elysium per current agreement with the Prince of Cincinnati. The bickering between the Anarchs and Cam has finally calmed down and now they watch out for the Rebellion for each other.

Saint Charles, MO.

Traditionally in the Saint Louis area the city of Saint Charles has been controlled or at least populated by rising and falling numbers of Anarchs for years. While the local Camarilla population has scoffed at this "claim" by the Anarchs, very rarely have they tested that claim. From biker gangs to roving groups of Clanless & Malkavians to once political juggernauts, Saint Charles has seen almost every form of Anarch possible. Perhaps not a "Free State," but definitely a sanctum for those seeking to avoid the spotlight of the politics of the Camarilla, Saint Charles has become the home to many an Anarch in the region.

Saint Cloud, MN

Ruled by Grit (NPC), Brujah Biker-gang leader. He and his gang stabilized St. Cloud after a difficult, Sabbat filled, time. Anyone can show up as long as they are willing to take a turn at watching the borders.

Swanton, Ohio (Toledo: Shards of Darkness territory)

Holding about 10-15 Anarchs, most of them NPC's.

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Little is known other than this is an area that the Movement can call home in the midst of Camarilla domains.

The Northeast

Buffalo, NY (Buffalo chronicle territory)

While strictly speaking a Camarilla domain, Buffalo has significant areas claimed exclusively by Anarchs and a Prince that is too weak to do anything about it. Vaux Saladin leads the local Anarchs and has been instrumental in shifting the domain's 'sympathies' and brokering deals to the advantage of the Movement. Some would claim that the domain is Anarch in all but name.

Maine (Portland, ME territory)

Three Cam Brujah declared themselves Anarchs, renouncing all their Camarilla status. Since that time the two in Portland have formally given all of their Territory within the Cities to a Brujah Elder, and all three have claimed the Cities of Bath, Brunswick & Topsham as their Anarch Territory. These cities are not included in the domains currently held by Princes in Maine, so there doesn't seem to be an issue, unless they can't hold it...

Rockland, NY (Under The Rock)

Rockland has been a liberated Barony for the better portion of 3 Centuries. Though for the most part, this was unknown((Get it, Under the Rock?)). Not until the mid 20th century did many other gangs set up shop in the area and the Barony became more of a Freestate. Over population became an issue around 2009 and the youth were not confident Francois Bardonia should be their Baron any longer because of his "old Ways". Before a civil war could happen, Francois renounced his position and gave the choice to the gangs on whom to be Baron. Since 2009, Rockland had half a dozen Barons, and the Camarilla and Sabbat had begun to compromise their ranks. In an effort to protect Rockland before it fell in 2012, Francois and his Gang teamed up with several Refugee Gangs from Coney Island and seized the opportunity to take Orange County from the Camarilla. Since then, the majority of Anarchs have set up shop in Orange County, leaving only a handful of Gangs in Rockland to keep it occupied and fortified and not over crowded.

Orange County has a Council of Three that work together managing the territory, though they are calling it a Free State. It’s history is being written right now. Rockland has once again resumed it's Barony Status under the protection of Francois Bardonia and his gang "The Masons"

Williamsport, PA (Steel Valley By Night)

For a long time, there were no Anarchs in The Lehigh Valley. Corbin Langley killed them all, for reasons lost to time. Then, The Lost Generation moved into this small college town in the foothills of Pennsylvania. They kept mostly to themselves. Piscin's arrival in the summer of 2010, however, changed everything. She challenged the local gang's isolationist stance, traveling often and bringing news and visitors in her wake. This conflict came to a head when she and The Sons of Odin, together with the local Camarilla, attacked and defeated a The Club Kids, a Sabbat pack claiming to be Anarchs. Prince Kelly gifted Bloomsburg to Svidi the Ironhorse, who in turn gifted the land to Piscin. With an influx of neonates recruited from the neighboring Camarilla and allies coming through to lend a hand, Bloomsburg's population continued to grow. Some of the new recruits formed a gang of their own, called The Functionally Insane. Before the year's end, the last remnants of the old regime were swept away when The Lost Generation confessed to treason and were destroyed at a Rant, with the help of neighbors from Rockland. The Functionally Insane disbanded in the early Spring of 2012, around the time that other Anarchs moved in - keeping the population fairly migrant.

This fledgling Free State struggles to maintain its autonomy. Ever since the battle against The Club Kids, relations with neighboring Camarilla territories have been diplomatically friendly, but tensions brew beneath the surface. Its remote location makes it an ideal sanctuary for refugees and new recruits, not to mention the Gangrel and other nomads who wander through unharassed. However, its removal from civilization presents challenges for feeding and supply lines...not to mention what lurks in the surrounding woods. Recently, the Bloomsburg Anarchs claimed and expanded into the nearby city of Williamsport, which used to belong to the Sabbat and is now watched over by Erik Logan. They work nightly to entrench themselves enough to defend and expand what is theirs in the tumultuous nights to come...

The Southeast

Baton Rouge, LA (part of Metarie: Revolt chronicle)

Had been a free state, but presently, this is in contention.

Biloxi/Gulfport, MS (Anarch Coordinator NPC Territory)

Jenny, a Caitiff, started the slow change of power in the South here. Inspired by the Anarch Free States in California, they began to train, to gather resources, and to recruit, until they were ready to take down the relatively weak Camarilla Prince of Biloxi, where the Southern revolution began. They struck at the end of 1999, taking advantage of the mortal fears and confusion of "Y2K", dragging then Prince O'Neal out of his Haven and staking him for the sun. The sudden and decisive strike sent the rest of the Court fleeing or into hiding.

Currently, Biloxi is run by the Council of Nine. Jenny herself is not a part of it, preferring to travel the so-called Hurricane Coast offering her aid to any who ask. Several of her initial rebels are on the Council however. Politics in Biloxi can be quite fractious, but ultimately they have managed to remain responsive to external threats, especially the Sabbat.

The Gulfport-Biloxi Metropolitan area is the largest in mortal population of the Hurricane States, and is a de facto 'capital'. There's a certain amount of ego and pride the Anarchs have here being the 'first' to take a city for themselves, something that often rankles Anarchs of other cities in the HCFS.

Columbus, GA (part of Stolen Hours, Macon GA's territory)

Columbus is situated in and around Ft. Benning and the College of the Americas where the US Government trains officers for other nations' armies. This Anarch Domain is under the purview of the Stolen Hours game located IC in Macon, GA. They use it as an NPC Barony, and any interaction with this area should go through those STs.

Columbus, Georgia is more or less a free state...more or less. Years ago former Prince Yeeves of Middle Georgia struck a deal with the Anarchs that if they would stay in Columbus, and out of the rest of the Domain of Middle Georgia, they would be allowed to exist there more or less unmolested. Officially Yeeves still claimed Columbus as part of her Domain but forbade her citizens to go there. This deal has continued to this day.

Columbus is a city for the moderate Anarch and the peace is watched over by Baron Kipp Jacobs. Kipp stays Baron merely because she has been the constant voice of reason and is more often right than not. Militants have passed through the city but usually don't last that long as the majority of the Anarchs there are happy with the relative peace they have. There is still a point of contention that the Camarilla still claims the city but it is partly that frustration that keeps the city together.

Gainesville, FL (Gainesville: the New Confederacy territory)

Gainesville, Florida is known primarily as the home of the University of Florida. Settled first during the 17th century by Europeans, it was Timucuan Indian territory prior to this. The city remained a sleepy train stop in North Central Florida, and known as 'Hogtown' due to pork production in the area, until the University moved there officially in 1903. Explosive growth followed. The college sports many majors and schools, including a law school, veterinary school, college of journalism and medical program. Practically every mortal power player from Florida has a degree from this University, and the reach of its alumni is great. During the 60s, it was referred to as 'the Berkeley of the South' due to student unrest regarding the Vietnam War, so it has its own history of counter-culture. The college football team routinely outsells the majority of the NFL in sales of merchandise, and is the true heartbeat of the community.

Flanked to the north and south by swamps (Payne's Prairie & San Felasco Hammock), and right along Interstate 75, this liberal city is a blue dot in a sea of red, and an oasis of civilization surrounded by rural living. Practically all commerce in the city, even the county, is as a result of the University. Current population is pushing half a million citizens*, almost all within the city itself.

Far removed from the nearest Camarilla Domain and Sabbat Diocese, the Anarchs here have relative peace, but still face threats from without. For over 100 years, the city was a small Camarilla Domain, ruled first by Tremere, and was stable. From its inception to the turn of the turn of the Millennium, there were only three Princes. With the dawn of the 21st Century, and the death of its last elder Prince, there was a rapid succession of no less than a dozen neonate and ancillae Princes, whose control over their peers was shaky at best. Not able to govern effectively as a Camarilla city, eventually the system collapsed, with no small help or effort from the Anarchs who'd begun flocking to the city. There are still a small handful of Camarilla citizens living in the city, specifically on the campus grounds. The University itself is more or less 'off limits' to the Anarchs, as there are at least two or three powerful Camarilla kindred that live there.

There are also a few independents who live in and around the city. They are those such as Gangrel that come through San Felasco, as well as Giovanni near the city center, and at least one Setite who plies the student population with whatever pleasures they desire. How the Anarchs react to them is more or less on a case to case basis.

A notable NPC who often haunts the Gainesville Barony is Big D. Few know his real name, and many guess at his clan (Ventrue), who set the wheels in motion of the expulsion of the Camarilla in Gainesville. He's a trucker by trade, and spends most of his nights in motion in his big rig with his gang. He has vast resources to pull from, namely in the realms of transportation influence. He fits many stereotypes of a good ol' boy trucker, down to his flannel shirts and trucker caps. The gang he leads is mixed with mortals as well as kindred, so that his truck doesn't stay in one place very long, and runs day and night.

Hurricane Coast Free States (Anarch Coordinator NPC Domain)

This loose affiliation of Anarch Baronies are the second great experiment of the Anarchs in North America.

The Southern United States has a long history of dislike of overriding authority from on high--especially if that authority isn't seated in the South. Politically, this culminated in the US Civil War in the 19th century, and its aftereffects are still being felt today. As much as this war was about slavery, it was also about what authority the federal government has over the individual state governments. Needless to say, this mirrors much of the political struggle the Anarch Movement has had against the Camarilla. The Hurricane Coast is an example of what happens when the Camarilla gets caught napping. Loosely held by the Camarilla for most of the last hundred years, it was of no real import. No one was brutally repressed, but no one really found their way into the upper echelons of the Tower. That was until the early 90s. Several kindred, led by a Caitiff by the name of Jenny, had been inspired by the stories they had heard of the Anarch Free States in California.

Big D, the Ventrue Anarch trucker has been instrumental in the building of the Hurricane Coast Free States. With his gang, they've run material and 'troops' quickly and quietly all along the I-10 corridor from Florida to Mississippi. His ambition is to have the entirety of Interstate 10 as an Anarch freeway, but knows that this might be decades in the making, if it ever happens at all. This is especially true with the Camarilla domains of New Orleans & Phoenix on the route, as well as Texas which is torn between the Tremere and the Sabbat.

The Movement has realized the importance of this region to the Camarilla, namely as it's a large swath of coastline that's uncomfortably close to Mexico. Using their control here as a trump card to leverage considerations from the Ivory Tower is high in the minds of the gangs along this stretch of Interstate 10. Though the Camarilla may have great sway in Coastal Texas, much of Louisiana and on the central coasts of Florida, the center region between them are firmly Anarch Territories now.

Metairie, LA (Metairie ReVolt, OWbN Chronicle)

The Anarchs in the Metairie area near New Orleans left the Camarilla to carve out their own territory free from their elders' clutches. The Camarilla ordinarily would stamp out such rebellion before it would spread but their revolt coincided with increased Sabbat activity making their disobedience the perfect opportunity for the Camarilla to use them as a front line against the Sabbat. Granting conditional semi-autonomy to the Anarchs, conditional on their guardianship of Jefferson Parish from the Sabbat in the west, the Anarchs thrived under the leadership of Douglas Ross, a formidable Brujah leader.

Defiant in the face of Camarilla manipulations, Douglas led his Anarch brothers against the Sabbat safeguarding the newly minted Free State. The golden age of Douglas' rule was short lived, and the Sabbat skirmishes took a heavy toll before the Anarchs eventually prevailed. Haunted by the losses the Anarchs suffered, Douglas went off on a journey of self discovery.

In his absence the Anarchs, influenced by the manipulation of the Camarilla, elected Thistle - a weak caitiff unsuitable to lead. Thistle, off balance from the heady rush of newly obtained power, sought to ingratiate himself with the Camarilla and in so doing was led to reordering the Anarch Free State into poor mimic of proper Camarilla society. The farce led to infighting as Anarchs chafed under the newly minted leash slipped onto their necks by their own hands. The Anarchs broke into factions, and Douglas' gang dispersed. A new wave of Anarchs, hearing the previous glory experienced under Douglas Ross, came into the area. They were greeted with a figurative ghost town - the news of Thistles' dismal reign did not make it to them in time and they were left stranded with no waiting Anarch brothers to take them in.

The newcomers have struggled to find a purpose, fighting with their brothers without a common thread to bind them. The struggle of brother against brother eventually pulled the disparate groups together to gather and make their peace. Born from this conflict came a new united gang, the first true united Anarch front since Douglas left, now going by the name the Platinum Skulls. The militant Platinum Skulls resent the Camarilla and face significant danger from Sigmund, the Tremere Elder, and his machinations.

Mobile, AL (Anarch Coordinator NPC Territory)

Not long after the taking of Biloxi, inspired by Jenny and her Council, and if the rumors are true, led by Jenny herself, the city of Mobile, AL, fell in a brutal series of street fights and mortal gang wars. The Anarch rebellion then quickly spread east, to the Florida panhandle and even into parts of Georgia.

Mobile is a traditional Barony, led by a surprisingly gritty Toreador by the name of Robin. Second of the Hurricane Free States to come into being, it was besieged successfully by Jenny from Biloxi. Fighting here was particularly intense, as it had been an important southern port occupied by the Sabbat, who the Camarilla had unsuccessfully fought to stalemates over the previous few decades. The Rebellion hadn't considered the Anarchs a threat, especially in light of having held off Camarilla incursions before. What they hadn't considered was that the Anarchs, while having less mortal influence to bring to bear as the Cam, had enough to cover themselves and the Masquerade, and unlike the Camarilla, they didn't have any problem with actually being on the ground themselves burning out pack after pack after pack. The end of the Sabbat happened relatively quickly when the first strike of the Anarchs was to bypass the shovel-heads and mid-ranking Sabbat and strike directly at the Lasombra Bishop who'd taken up a haven on Dauphin Island in Mobile Bay. While the body count was high, and many Anarchs died in the battle, when the vinculum to the Bishop was broken, the various packs began fighting amongst themselves. This only sped their demise as the Anarchs used to similar cell type fighting tactics, and picked off the squabbling packs one by one.

Robin, the current Baron, is a tactically sound minded Toreador who's continued to pacify the city. He also has a bit of a soft spot, and has successfully converted a pack of shovel-head Sabbat into an Anarch gang who are more passionate about their Libertas than many other Anarchs (there's no more fanatical follower than a convert).

Orlando, FL

The greater area of Orlando, FL may have gained its fame from its tourist attractions: Disney World and Universal Studios; however, beneath the shiny veneer, the real city pulses beneath. Over the last several years, Orlando’s Anarch populace have successfully banded together to repel a Sabbat invasion, have negotiated several treaties and favor exchanges with the Camarilla, and have protected their borders from internal strife and bickering. Turf wars are common, especially among the outer-bordering areas where militants constantly challenge some of the more established gangs; and each gang and gang-territory has their own unique leadership structure(s). Much like the West Coast original however, vampires stay away from Disney World.

Ormond Beach, FL (NPC, controlled by Ocala Sabbat: Hell is Taken)

NPC Anarch Barony that formed in 2010 after Camarilla took Daytona, FL from the Sabbat.

Panama City Beach, FL (Anarch Coordinator NPC Domain)

PCB as it's referred to, is oft called the 'capital of the Redneck Riviera', and it holds a similar distinction for the Anarchs. Less a barony, and more a liberty station for traveling Anarchs to go to so that they can let their hair down, and not concern themselves with the Jyhad for a few nights. Popular amongst mortal college students as a Spring Break destination, as the mortal revelers population swells and ebbs, so do the Anarchs who follow them in for a good time.

The de facto 'Baron' is a modern day Bacchus Brujah named Marty B who claims to have come from somewhere in Canada on Spring Break in the 90s, and never left. Embraced during that fateful weekend bender, and now in a perpetual eternal Spring of his own, he's less 'in charge' so much as he's the guy who throws the party every night. He keeps in fairly close cahoots with the Followers of Set in the area, allowing them to ply various illicit trades as necessary to keep both mortal and kindred populations 'happy'. What few know is that behind the scenes, there's a war brewing between Marty's gang and the Followers for control over PCB. The Setites see Marty as too high and distracted to mount a cohesive defense, and were he alone, they'd likely be right. Thing is, if Marty goes away, or loses his Libertas to the Setites, the Hurricane Free States will likely turn the party zone into a battlefield tout de suite.

Pensacola, FL (Anarch Coordinator NPC Domain)

Pensacola is a relatively quiet city on the westernmost part of the peninsula of Florida. Known primarily for its naval air base which is home to the Navy's Blue Angels, it's the last stop in the Sunshine State on Interstate 10 before entering Alabama. There had been a small, quiet Camarilla domain here for some time. After the fall of Biloxi and Mobile (and with Anarchs on the march east), the neonate Prince who'd only given lip service to the Justicariate to begin with, and far removed from its closest Camarilla neighbor, did the tactical thing, and abdicated his Praxis and let the city go. That isn't to say that he removed himself from the city or from power however. No, this Brujah, James Farragut (yes, mortal descendant of Adm. David Farragut) stayed nearby and turned his coterie into an Anarch gang. For the better part of the last decade, he's been the 'conservative' voice of the Anarchs in the area, but has slowly built a cult of personality around him. Many don't trust him, knowing he's a former Prince, but his actions to stem several maritime invasions of Sabbat have earned him a grudging respect from the more extreme Anarchs in the area. During its time as a Camarilla Domain, Pensacola's population was always small. Few from the Ivory Tower cared for this sleepy city for good or ill, or sought it out as haven grounds. That has changed with the turnover of governance. Now its population swells with Anarchs, part of what keeps former Prince James in check. More than a few are former military, and still know folks who serve, which allows them a slow but steady trickle of military hardware that gets 'lost' from the Naval station.

Valdosta, GA (NPC, part of Gainesville's territory)

This once sleepy town along I-75 about halfway between Gainesville, FL and Macon, GA started as a nominal Camarilla Domain made mostly of neonates aping what they'd seen from more 'civilized' Camarilla cities. Tired of the pomp and circumstance, and realizing they'd never get any attention from the larger domains... the court simply dissolved. What remained of the Kindred there were Anarchs of the more 'modern' definition--violent, disillusioned, and without direction.

There is no leader in Valdosta by any stretch, and violence between the gangs here is intense. They teeter on the edge of Masquerade breaches on a near nightly basis, and it's only a matter of time before they attract the attention of 'someone' else that will have to deal with them. Some rumblings amongst neighboring Anarchs is that a joint 'force' of gangs from elsewhere should come in and establish some peace before the Camarilla, Hunters, Sabbat or worse comes in to pacify them.

The Southwest

Albuquerque, NM (Anarch Coordintator NPC Domain)

In the middle of the American Southwest, Anarchs have quietly held domain for the last fifty years. The region has generally been too difficult and not valuable enough for the Camarilla, with most of the state being held by the Sabbat or infested with strange shape-changing beasts. Quietly, Anarch refugees from Sabbat assaults all over the Southwest gathered here (when not fleeing to the California Free States) and set up an experiment in vampiric democracy. The domain has an elected Baron and an elected 5-man Council, both of which have authority to veto the other. The Baron does have emergency authority in case of war, but has not had to utilize that power in four years. Voting occurs every two years under normal circumstances.

The current Baron goes by the name of "Walks-With-Coyotes," an elder Gangrel that has been the off-and-on elected Baron for 26 years out of the last 50. The most notable member of the Council is the Ventrue, Samuel Williams, who has been the Barons' rival for the last 18 years, holding the position of Baron for eight of those years.

Flagstaff, AZ (Arizona Anarchs Anonymous OWbN Game)

This relatively small college town nestled in the pine trees of northern Arizona has been an Anarch haven for some time. They have been markedly quiet in recent years however, leading some to wonder if they still exist. They apparently do; they just aren't drawing attention to themselves.


Brazil is a wild place in more ways than one. Stereotyped for their over-the-top Carnival parades and parties, that passion carries over into other aspects of Brazilian life such as politics...and that passion doesn't entirely die with the Embrace. The following provides a good overview of the Brazilian Anarch situation and history.

Northeast Brazil

Cariri / Caucaia-NE

The Anarchs of Ceara began around 1637 with a Gangrel named Hendrick, who was taking refuge from the Blood Hunt imposed on him in Europe. He established a base in the hills of Maranguape and prevented the worst of the onslaughts of Dutch colonization.

In 1802, the Camarilla begins to lay economic and small-scale military siege to the city, led by the Nosferatu Paulo Paes Leme and the Ventrue Ernesto. The Camarilla is able to make significant inroads, but this changes when Philip D'Angola, a Brujah, and X, a Malkavian, meet and organize the city into a Free State. Hendrick takes the mantle of leadership, X spreads the thoughts of the Enlightenment philosophers, and Phillip brought military power. Together they are able to snatch back what is theirs. Not long after Hendrick fell into torpor while fighting the Camarilla.

Today, the Movement exists in Ceara led by an old ally of Philip D'Angola, Victoria Regia, a Toreador. She leads a few members in the cities of micro Cariri, south of Ceará, with the support of Phillip. Victoria has thoughts of promising future for the Cariri cities and has been investing very heavily in the urbanization of the place; so much that the Camarilla is beginning to take a much closer look.

Today, Philip found remaining survivors of the persecution of Anarchs by the Camarilla. These Anarchs are re-organized on the basis of his ideal, with the leadership of an experienced fighter, Erik, a Ventrue that with the support of Philip, took control of the west coast of Ceará State, including the port complex Pecém, the largest in the state of Ceara. The Anarch territory on the West Coast, headquartered in Caucaia are guaranteed through agreements signed between Philip, Hendrick and Crian Lobos, current Camarilla Prince of the time.


The Anarch scene here had its origin in Recife in 1996 with a group of neonates who called themselves as Lost Boys. Led by an Assamite, Samir Beremiz, he had originally intended only to set up a base for Assamites. However, aided by Leonardo Lima an elder of the clan Malkavian and Gato, a Ravnos, the situation changed and it became an Anarch movement. One year after the Lost Boys started to act against the status quo and established a power base in the city, elders began to take the lawless group seriously and began to fight back. Beremiz ended up being destroyed as well as Gato somewhat later.

Currently the Anarchs claim the city of Caruaru, making the city a strategic point between the Camarilla and Sabbat. The current Baron, Artur Andrade, was able through his influence to persuade two Camarilla primogen to support his adviser Sir Davi Falcão as a "Baron of the Camarilla" in the city, making Caruaru a land far from the prying eyes of the Camarilla.

Maceió-AL (NPC Domain)

The Anarchs got their start in Ceará in 1962 when Phillip D'Angola was dismayed to find his master supporting slavery, even owning slaves. Phillip escaped to the northeast, a region less populated with both mortals and Cainites. Fearing reprisal should he be found, he began to disseminate the ideals of Anarchy to both vampires and select mortals as a way to protect himself.

Phillip is responsible for creating several "Quilombos," sort of refugee camps populated by escaped African slaves. He worked the evening campfires, spreading the ideals of liberation and rebellion in these refugees. In some ways, because of this, he is the father of the Anarch Movement in Brazil.

With the start of the Dutch invasion in Brazil, Philip actively participated in the creation of the Palmares Quilombo, along with many former slaves and ghouls. Eventually though, Phillip would become restless and move on, roaming the country and spreading Anarch ideals.

Currently Phillip along with other young Anarchs is cleaning up the city from the remnants of the Sabbat to introduce the Free State's largest domain. Recently arrived in Maceió is a gang led by a revolutionary, Zacarias Manuel de la Rocha, a child of the Smiling Jack himself, to help with the rebirth of this pillar of the Brazilian Anarch Movement. With them several other gangs came from Los Angeles to help assist in the birth, or rebirth of the Free State.

Paulo Afonso - BA

The interior of Bahia has never known any real sort of order, dating all the way back to the 18th Century. Anarch ideals had reached these lands with the embrace of Isabela de Sá, a Malkavian anti-tribu with known multiple personalities. She would embrace several childer into the Movement and convert several Caitiff and organize them in Paulo Afonso, enough so that they were able to influence the city and in July, Padua Ricardo, was announced as Baron of the Free State..

Currently, the Baron is now trying by all means to disrupt the Camarilla and bring their younger members to its Free State, and thereafter destroy what remains of the Sabbat that still inhabits the backwoods. So most of the Free State is working against the Camarilla, but not in a physical way, but instead causing it to destroy itself.

Southern Brazil


The Anarch scene of Concord is directly linked to Chapecó Lodger Chambers, a resident Gangrel for years in the city. He has remained solitary for the most part, trafficking in drugs for his personal profit and generally leaving everyone alone. He did have the informal support of Lucas Bonfim, an independent Nosferatu who also wished to be left alone.

When the Camarilla arrived, Chambers was invited to the structure, and promptly refused. In the chaos that the city became, the Sabbat would eventually attack, invading distribution points and inflicting casualties. Chambers would put aside his independence to aid the Camarilla in ousting the Sabbat. His actions also secured his personal territories with the prince.

But the Sabbat would return, and even stronger, led by Dr. Mortis. The confrontation was violent, as might be expected. The Camarilla chose not to provide support, but the Malkavian Aquilles Mekhet, an old friend of Chambers known for his impetuosity, threw in his support from Santa Catarina, Parana. He would end up taking up residence in the eastern region of Caucaia. With the disappearance of Chambers, Aquilles has stepped up to take the leadership role.

South-Eastern Brazil


The Anarchs have been in Osasca, Sao Paolo since the early twentieth century, with the arrival of several political dissidents from Europe. They were able to influence several neonates, but they were all kept quiet to avoid the attention of the Camarilla. The Anarchs have adapted and survived, taking on social and urban policies of the mortals as their own and generally kept a low profile. In doing so, they have managed to build an Anarch Movement that is likely to survive all but the most disastrous of assaults.

For a brief time, they even managed to create a Free State in the 1990s under the leadership of Ryan Angus. Unfortunately, like many others, he fell in battle during the 'Bloodmoon' and the Free State would quickly crumble without his leadership.

After the 'Bloodmoon' and the loss of many Anarchs, both young and old, the Movement in Brazil is still licking its wounds. Recovering its strength, both in terms of membership and influence among the mortals is of prime priority.

The Anarch Movement can be divided into two camps or factions. They are:

Anarch Classic: The main figure is Giuseppe Agu and the faction is fairly hierarchical and segmented. This faction is generally adherents of the Treaty of Thorns. While Agu is a Baron, he lacks support given that no more than 30% of the Movement follows this philosophy. They are true Anarchs however, as their main political objective is to change the status quo of the Camarilla, seeking a more equitable and modern Camarilla.

Modern Anarch: This faction tends to be younger, and therefore follows more extreme ideologies and has a greater connection with radical mortal groups. They intend to change not only vampiric society, but mortal society too, seeking sociopolitical change at all levels of society. Given the more radical politics of some of these Anarchs, it's not a surprise that some of their tactics are extreme and violent also. They tend to organize in 'cells' made up of three to five Anarchs, self-sufficient as possible. This faction can be divided further into two camps:

Libertarians: The main figure of this philosophy is Joseph Striker, who leads as much as 40% of the Movement. They are the most humanitarian of the various elements, preaching doctrines of self-management and sustainability, creating strong community ties and are perhaps the most 'green' of any of the vampiric factions.

Anarcho-primitivism: The main figure of this group is Montoya. With less than 25% of the Movement under this wing, this far-left group is perhaps the least represented. They are extreme in their politics, violent and unpredictable. Some members are borderline Sabbat, seemingly only in the Movement for the opportunity to blow things up, but most are simply hardcore devotees of their extreme left politics. There are several notable communists within this group.

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