Anabel Bransford

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Gang The Wardens
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige 1
Barony Kern County
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity ••••
Player Christina



Miss Anabel


Real Name: Anabel Bransford

Apparent Age: late 20's

Concept: Civil Rights Attorney

Physical description: Anabel loves being a girl! Her make up is always impeccable with bright red, Marilyn Monroe inspired lip stick. She only wears a skirt or dress and is often seen changing into combat boots from any number of fantastic heels. Anabel also wears large black rimmed, stylish glasses. The sight of her with a sniper riffle is fantastically funny and frightening all at the same time.

Relevant Mechanics: Enchanting Voice (sweet southern accent)

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Anabel just recently moved to Southern California

Current Activities: Settling into So Cal and trying to learn all she can about Kindred "law" and history. She believes that if the movement was just a little more organized the Free States could truly be free!

Merit Details: Anabel has an Enchanting Voice which she is not afraid to use. She will debate anyone and loves to hear opposing opinions.

Grand Elysium 2011.

Background: Anabel was raised in the South Eastern United States in a time where women were expected to marry young and be content in the role of wife and mother. Through a series of happy accidents and with determination she was able to get an education and a degree in law. She left her family and the life she knew to pursue her calling. She represented anyone she could in civil and criminal matters; blacks, immigrants and any who needed her...and would take a woman lawyer. Anabel faced a lot of adversity as the KKK and other groups attempted to teach her what was "white". She was embraced by a Brujah in the Camarilla and after years of straining under its yoke...walked away. Her sire almost killed her for leaving and still harbors great resentment towards her. Anabel has been a loyal Anarch since that night.


The Wardens. It is a gang recently formed with Creeper and F.E.

The Wardens.


Creeper "Oh excuse me *giggle* A Pimp Named simply must say the entire name! *smile*"

F.E. It is better not to mess with F.E.

Adam Petrovich: Adam is what the knights of old aspired to be.

Edmund Sullivan *sweet smile...tilts her head....and does not say a thing*

Ambrosio Valez de Leon: The Brujah are a clan of warrior scholars and he is the best of all these things.

Grand Elysium 2011.

Eddie Darling: He is a member of the Camarilla but do not hold that against him. When something needs to get hit he's your man, and he looks great on my arm.


The man who turned her.


Adopted by Ambrosio May 2011





Character Inspirations

Snow White and Goldylocks from the Fable graphic novel series mixed with any number of attorneys from Law and Order


Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake: Anabel's Theme Song [1]
Ride Up by Disciple: Her song for The Movement [2]
You're My Thrill: Anabel's Secrete [3]
I'm a Woman W O M A N: Remembering the Light Past [4]
Me And A Gun: Remembering the Dark Past [5]
Hallelujah: Looking Into the Future [6]


Beauty, much like freedom, is an action and a choice.

At the Grand Elysium 2011:

Anabel: *squeek...wiggle...reaches between cleavage into corset...pulls out spider* Creeper I believe this is yours.

Creeper: Sorry Anabel he is the adventurous one.

Theo (another Nos): Give me that *Animalism to the spider*...yep they're real.


Her sire is Camarilla and hates her.
She isn’t actually a Brujah.
She has a bunch of judges in her pocket.
She is a little too close to some Camarilla Brujah Elders.
Ever since the night that Anabel and her pimp, Creeper, were revealed as Followers of Set, she hasn't been seen in Los Angeles.

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