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Albequerque, NM (NPC Domain) In the middle of the American Southwest, Anarchs have quietly held domain for the last fifty years. The region has generally been too difficult and not valuable enough for the Camarilla, with most of the state being held by the Sabbat or infested with strange shape-changing beasts. Quietly, Anarch refugees from Sabbat assaults all over the Southwest gathered here (when not fleeing to the California Free States) and set up an experiment in vampiric democracy. The domain has an elected Baron and an elected 5-man Council, both of which have authority to veto the other. The Baron does have emergency authority in case of war, but has not had to utilize that power in four years. Voting occurs every two years under normal circumstances.

The current Baron goes by the name of "Walks-With-Coyotes," an elder Gangrel that has been the off-and-on elected Baron for 26 years out of the last 50. The most notable member of the Council is the Ventrue, Samuel Williams, who has been the Barons' rival for the last 18 years, holding the position of Baron for eight of those years.

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