Alastor Rowe

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Gang Rowe & Associates
Clan Followers of Set
Position NA
Prestige NA
Barony Global
Political Impulse NA
Path ?
Player R



What does a real face matter among vampires, right?

Alias(es): Alastor the Setite, probably many others

Real Name:

Apparent Age: varies

Concept: Salesman, Broker of the Weird

Physical description: Last appearances saw him wearing slacks, velvet vest, white shirt, and cravat.

Relevant Mechanics: Casts No Reflection

Character Information

Known History


Precious little is known about Alastor before he came on the scene in Griffin, GA a few years ago. Always openly admitting to his clan and faith (even to the point of signing his local correspondence as "Alastor the Setite"), Rowe has generally been gregarious and open-handed with gifts and quick wit. He and his Associates adhere to a doctrine he calls "another man's house," whereby he respects the laws of the reigning sect of the city or territory in which he finds himself. A known wanderer, Alastor has conducted business across the nation both individually and through his notorious firm.

Alastor is not a fighter, but has been known to create and accompany ad hoc coteries in various domains on pieces of business, hiring or being hired. His overall objective seems to be his bottom line, but he's known to take short-term losses to firmly establish new relationships (or reinforce old ones).

Current Activities:

Alastor runs auctions, networks, and is generally about his business as wheeler and dealer of the odd and unique on behalf of the Senior Partners of Rowe & Associates. After gaining access to the Freep, Alastor advertises auctions while warding off accusations of infernalism from both Anarchs and Sabbat (the latter of whom may have been tied to Cowl Bratovich). Such accusations are nothing new, and he responds to them much as he always has: denial, dismissal, and disdain.

He and his firm were mostly silent through 2019. In 2020, however, he has been seen in person in several domains, seemingly ending a policy of minimizing public appearances. As usual, most of these appearances quickly turned into business meetings, entirely consistent with the online persona he's cultivated over the years.



Alastor is always looking for new ones...
  • Princes
  • Archons
  • Archbishops
  • Inquisitors
  • Barons
  • Prefects
  • Enforcers
  • Autarks
  • Methuselahs
  • Marcus Giovanni - a public client is an oddity, but there have been stranger things...


They say the Tower is about endings. Doesn't that depend upon the author.


  • Presumably a Senior Partner



Character Inspirations

What's your pleasure?


The finest, most refined broker of the weird you'll ever come across.


We'd quote it, but our mouths can't make the right sounds.
  • "I'm a 'Christmas and Easter' Setite."
  • "If people have demon issues, can I get a cut if I refer them to you?" - Alastor, to Rachel Dubhan
  • "Works for me."
  • "Doubtlessly this poor, enslaved Black Spiral Dancer can be set free because of your philosophical issues as opposed to your taking concrete action when given the chance." -Alastor, to BitterCrown after the latter refused to participate in the auction for the Dancer
  • "*laughs in snake*"
  • "The best revenge is living well, and I never settle."


  • Alastor is an infernalist. After all, "Rowe" is the middle of "Crowley."
  • Is rarely seen, as multiple races and sects want him dead.
  • Alastor diablerized a baby.
  • Auctions off an awful lot of things related to Black Spiral Dancers and the Wyrm.
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